Thursday, June 02, 2011

Chat Transcript 6/2/11

[19:24] [ikedavis68] what up tejdog
[19:24] [@Tejesh] lol nm, u?
[19:24] [@David] hey is that the real ike davis?
[19:25] [@Tejesh] it'd be 29 if it was
[19:25] [ikedavis68] im ok
[19:25] [ikedavis68] no its not lol
[19:25] [@David] well we can get more people in here if you pretend you are
[19:25] [@David] sound good? lol
[19:25] [ikedavis68] exactly lol
[19:26] [ikedavis68] looks like harvey game is being delayed
[19:26] [ikedavis68] oh u guys aren't having tday?
[19:27] [@Tejesh] huh?
[19:27] [@Tejesh] we were, but... there's no audio
[19:27] [@Tejesh] and i moved the chat
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[19:27] [@Tejesh] from 645 to 8pm
[19:27] [@Tejesh] lol hi...
[19:27] [@Tejesh] twins nation representing
[19:27] [Klew721] is there way to have the be a pop out
[19:27] [@Tejesh] uhhh
[19:28] [@Tejesh] no
[19:28] [@Tejesh] lol
[19:28] [Klew721] well its on the side of your blog there isnt a way to have it be its own page
[19:28] [ikedavis68] yeah like the old one
[19:29] [Klew721] yeah
[19:30] [@Tejesh] there might be
[19:30] [@Tejesh] but idk how
[19:30] [@Tejesh] i tried making it it's own page, but i'm not sure how to code that
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[19:31] [@Tejesh] um
[19:31] [@Tejesh] lol
[19:31] [TwinNation] i found out how
[19:31] [TwinNation] can u boot Klew721, lol
[19:31] * Klew721 ( Quit ( Quit: ajax IRC Client )
[19:32] [TwinNation] thanks
[19:32] [@Tejesh] np
[19:33] [TwinNation] hopefully u get more people to show up than last time
[19:33] [@Tejesh] that would be nice, yeah
[19:35] [TwinNation] yea
[19:35] [TwinNation] il be back later
[19:35] [@Tejesh]
[19:36] [@Tejesh] anyone else not hearing the game?
[19:38] [ikedavis68] im just hearing music
[19:39] [ikedavis68] ok the game juststarted
[19:45] [@Tejesh] ip, k, 17:11:6
[19:47] [ikedavis68] tej u will chatting about the draft right?
[19:47] [@Tejesh] when joey gets here, yeah
[19:48] [ikedavis68] ok ths
[19:51] [@Tejesh] np
[19:53] [TwinNation] okay back
[19:53] [@Tejesh] hi
[19:53] [TwinNation] nice comeback win for Mets today
[19:54] [@Tejesh] yep
[19:54] [ikedavis68] i was shocked
[19:54] [TwinNation] yeah
[19:54] [TwinNation] first time in 11 seasons the Mets cameback from 7 or more down to win the game
[19:54] [@Tejesh] i haven't been watching the mets for like, the last 5 weeks
[19:54] [TwinNation] haha
[19:54] [TwinNation] im the same way with my Twins
[19:54] [ikedavis68] it was fun to watch
[19:55] [@Tejesh] they're just unwatchable
[19:55] [TwinNation] Twins are awful
[19:55] [ikedavis68] they should bench bay
[19:56] [TwinNation] u think Mets regret signing him?
[19:56] [ikedavis68] def
[19:56] [ikedavis68] yeah
[19:56] [TwinNation] if you had your choice, would u keep Reyes or Wright?
[19:56] [ikedavis68] reyes
[19:56] [@Tejesh] both
[19:57] [ikedavis68] wright is overrated
[19:57] [@David] both
[19:57] [TwinNation] Tej and David, u can only pick one, who do you keep
[19:57] [@David] this is new york, why can we only pick one?
[19:57] [TwinNation] becuz its more fun that way, lol
[19:57] [@David] lol
[19:57] [@David] theyre equally valuable to this organization
[19:58] [@David] saying wright is overrated is NOT an argument
[19:58] [TwinNation] so lets say you had 24 guys locked in on your 25 man roster and HAD to choose just one, who would u choose
[19:58] [@Tejesh] lol
[19:58] [ikedavis68] strikes out way too much
[19:58] [@Tejesh] reyes
[19:58] [@David] there are less reyes' in the mlb than wright's
[19:58] [TwinNation] i was just gonna say that
[19:58] [@David] so reyes
[19:58] [ikedavis68] exactly
[19:58] [TwinNation] far less stud SS than 3B
[19:58] [@David] but I would say both are equally valuable to the Mets
[19:58] [@David] and both should be kept until they retire
[19:59] [@Tejesh] agreed
[19:59] [TwinNation] yeah
[19:59] [ikedavis68] wright can be replaced
[19:59] [@David] by who?
[19:59] [@David] murphy?
[19:59] [@Tejesh] lutz, murphy, wilmer
[19:59] [@Tejesh] marte
[19:59] [ikedavis68] flores in 3
[19:59] [@David] I could say Reyes can be replaced
[20:00] [TwinNation] damn where is Joe when we need him for this discussion, lol
[20:00] [@David] by Tejada
[20:00] [ikedavis68] by who
[20:00] [@David] Tejada
[20:00] [ikedavis68] he can't hit
[20:00] [@David] orly?
[20:01] [@David] he's 21, has 14 career xbh in 260 mlb ab's
[20:01] [@David] he's hitting .313 in his time up this season
[20:01] [@Tejesh] he's not reyes
[20:01] [ikedavis68] but he can't replace reyes
[20:01] [@Tejesh] and will never be
[20:01] [ikedavis68] yep
[20:01] [@Tejesh] wright 09-11 is an infinitely easy player to replace
[20:02] [ikedavis68] even i can do better lol
[20:02] [@David] Wright is still a top 5 3b in baseball
[20:02] [ikedavis68] not anymore
[20:02] [@David] name 5 better
[20:02] [@David] that youd rather have
[20:02] [@David] than Wright
[20:03] [@David] 5 that you'd rather have
[20:03] [ikedavis68] longoria
[20:03] [ikedavis68] zimmerman
[20:03] [@David] go on
[20:03] [ikedavis68] i take even polanco
[20:03] [@David] LMAO
[20:04] [@Tejesh] ...
[20:04] [@David] alright I'm done with that discussion
[20:04] [@David] lmfao
[20:04] [@Tejesh] polanco =/ wright
[20:04] [@David] polanco is also 35
[20:04] [ikedavis68] seriously
[20:04] [@David] youd rather have him on your team than Wright?
[20:04] [ikedavis68] he doesn't strike out
[20:04] [@David] oh god
[20:04] [@Tejesh] wow
[20:04] [@David] such a terrible argument man
[20:05] [ikedavis68] rolen
[20:05] [@Tejesh] ...
[20:05] [@David] lol?
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[20:06] [@Tejesh] is this 2001?
[20:06] [@Tejesh] lol
[20:06] [@Tejesh] rolen
[20:06] [ikedavis68] lol
[20:06] [@David] wright is arguably the 4th best 3b in baseball
[20:06] [@Tejesh] longoria
[20:06] [@David] and he's the 3rd best in terms of age/contract
[20:06] [ikedavis68] i just take u guys are too emotional
[20:06] [@Tejesh] lol
[20:06] [@Tejesh] no
[20:06] [@Tejesh] ask david
[20:06] [@David] longoria, arod, zimm when healthy (which isn't often), wright
[20:06] [@David] and I take wright over arod on my team
[20:06] [@David] 1000000%
[20:06] [@Tejesh] we've fought over wright
[20:06] [@Tejesh] a TON
[20:07] [@David] so name 3 3b youd rather have than wright
[20:07] [@David] in the major leagues
[20:07] [@David] jose bautista doesnt count
[20:07] [ikedavis68] wright can bring good prospect in a trade
[20:07] [ikedavis68] prospects
[20:07] [@Tejesh] wright is 28 years old
[20:07] [@Tejesh] why would i trade him
[20:07] [@David] and the chances any of those prospects become a top 3 3b
[20:07] [ikedavis68] pujols counts?
[20:07] [@Tejesh] especially coming off an injury?
[20:07] [@David] are .00001%
[20:07] [JoeDeMayo] David Wright is part of the solution
[20:07] [JoeDeMayo] not the problem
[20:07] [@David] pujols doesnt count lmao
[20:07] [@Tejesh] and coming off subpar seasons, too
[20:08] [@Tejesh] i mean
[20:08] [ikedavis68] i say problem not too tought
[20:08] [@Tejesh] there is NO good time to trade wright
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[20:08] [JonPresser] What's up party people
[20:08] [ikedavis68] i say he is a goner in the offseason
[20:09] [@David] wright is here to stay if our front office is smart
[20:09] [@Tejesh] no way
[20:09] [JoeDeMayo] well the Wright talk is fun and all. Let's get to the draft.
[20:09] [@Tejesh] sounds good to me
[20:09] [@David] if wright were on the phillies
[20:09] [ikedavis68] ok
[20:09] [@David] he'd hit .320/40 hr/130 rbi
[20:09] [@David] every season
[20:09] [ikedavis68] small ballpark
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[20:09] [@Tejesh] that's cause their park is a driveway
[20:09] [@Tejesh] lol
[20:09] [@David] doesnt matter
[20:09] [@David] put him on any good offensive team
[20:10] [@David] red sox
[20:10] [@David] yankees
[20:10] [ikedavis68] its a possible we draft taylor guerrieri
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[20:10] [JonPresser] so hey
[20:10] [TwinNation] Joe, who are the top 3-5 prep arms?
[20:10] [JoeDeMayo] they scouted Guerrieri .. but makeup issues have pushed him likely out of the top 15.
[20:10] [JonPresser] i may be getting credentialed to attend the first day of the draft, and i have no idea what the enviornmnet is going to be like
[20:10] [@Tejesh] they took kazmir cause of "makeup" issues, right?
[20:11] [@Tejesh] and milledge
[20:11] [DWrightsDr] Should Mets take Mahtook if Jungmann is gone?
[20:11] [ikedavis68] the kid is young
[20:11] [JoeDeMayo] top prep arms in order I'd say are 1. Dylan Bundy 2. Archie Bradley 3. Taylor Guerrieri 4. Daniel Norris 5. Jose Fernandez
[20:11] [JoeDeMayo] they took those guys because they fell to them .. Guerrieri wouldn't be falling to 13 ..
[20:11] [@Tejesh] you just said he would?
[20:11] [JoeDeMayo] the Mets IMO should not be taking Mahtook unless Taylor Jungmann,Sonny Gray,Matt Barnes,Jed Bradley and Alex Meyer are off the board
[20:12] [@Tejesh] [20:10] [JoeDeMayo] they scouted Guerrieri .. but makeup issues have pushed him likely out of the top 15.
[20:12] [JoeDeMayo] i said he would what?
[20:12] [ikedavis68] be there
[20:12] [JoeDeMayo] how is that saying 13 would be getting him as he falls ?
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[20:13] [DWrightsDr] Will Mets take best Available guy at #44?
[20:13] [@Tejesh] you said he'd be out of the top 15
[20:13] [@David] the first round is not the question
[20:13] [@David] this draft is deep, we will get someone very talented at 13
[20:13] [ikedavis68] like who
[20:13] [@David] #44 is more interesting to look at
[20:13] [JoeDeMayo] Everything I have been told is 44 is a spot where they are willing to spend.
[20:14] [JoeDeMayo] and everyone says best player available as if there is a universal list . Baseball there is not
[20:14] [DWrightsDr] Thats good to hear.
[20:14] [JonPresser] hope so
[20:14] [@David] Springer, Barnes, Jungmann, Mahtook, Guerrieri, Norris
[20:14] [JoeDeMayo] but best available could be a college player .. who knows how the draft will fall
[20:14] [@David] one of those will be there at 13
[20:14] [JoeDeMayo] what about those guys david?
[20:15] [JoeDeMayo] more than one.
[20:15] [JoeDeMayo] i dont think Guerrieri and Norris are under very serious consideration.
[20:15] [TwinNation] are mlb mock drafts worth looking into? MLB is such a different animal when it comes to the draft rather than like NFL, NBA. You have such a good idea of who people are taking in those two sports as in MLB its not a crap shoot, but u have no idea.
[20:15] [ikedavis68] how about archie
[20:16] [JoeDeMayo] they are certainly worth looking into .. I mean it's a real crap shoot .. but if you stick with certain people it's more of an informed guess.
[20:16] [JoeDeMayo] don't just google mlb mock draft and expect to get all good stuff
[20:16] [JoeDeMayo] and Archie is expected to go in the 8-11 range
[20:16] [ikedavis68] that not fair i really wnt him
[20:17] [ikedavis68] will fisher be there at 71
[20:17] [DWrightsDr] Would Mets have interest if Lindor,Starling or Spandenberg fell to them at 13? What about Javier Baez?
[20:17] [TwinNation] draft trivia question coming in a few minutes...
[20:17] [@David] at 44 I hope we can land someone like Nimmo, Bell, Meo, Tilson, Kelly, or the catcher out of OSU
[20:18] [JoeDeMayo] Derek Fisher?
[20:18] [ikedavis68] yeah
[20:18] [DWrightsDr] Isn't he a Laker?
[20:18] [@Tejesh] lol
[20:18] [ikedavis68] lmao
[20:18] [@Tejesh] #fuckkobe
[20:18] [JoeDeMayo] if he's there at 71 it's because he's really hard to sign
[20:18] [DWrightsDr] i thought he used up his amatuer status
[20:18] [ikedavis68] then we go overslot
[20:19] [JoeDeMayo] Lindor and Starling yes. Spangenberg no. Baez wouldn't be falling
[20:19] [DWrightsDr] Wilpon just had a heart attack, ikedavis68
[20:19] [ikedavis68] lmao
[20:19] [ikedavis68] then we can have einhorn take over
[20:19] [TwinNation] since 1965, what team(s) has had the most #1 overall picks?
[20:19] [JoeDeMayo] look .. the Mets will spend more than they have everything I've been told .. but they aren't going to go over-slot a ton.
[20:20] [@David] nationals/expos?
[20:20] [@David] lol
[20:20] [TwinNation] nope
[20:20] [TwinNation] two times are tied for most
[20:20] [TwinNation] teams
[20:20] [ikedavis68] that sucks
[20:20] [ikedavis68] who
[20:20] [DWrightsDr] sd?
[20:20] [@Tejesh] den dekker HR
[20:20] [TwinNation] Sd is one
[20:20] [@Tejesh] oh nevermind
[20:20] [@Tejesh] just got robbed
[20:20] [@Tejesh] lol
[20:20] [TwinNation] Sd with 5
[20:20] [TwinNation] name the other team
[20:20] [DWrightsDr] hmmm
[20:20] [@David] 5 is the most?
[20:21] [@David] rays have probably had 5 lol
[20:21] [TwinNation] nope, they have had 4
[20:21] [DWrightsDr] gotta be tb or seattle
[20:21] [@David] orioles?
[20:21] [TwinNation] seattle has 4
[20:21] [TwinNation] nope
[20:21] [JoeDeMayo] Mets
[20:21] [JoeDeMayo] lol
[20:21] [DWrightsDr] who else has sucked worse?
[20:21] [TwinNation] yup
[20:21] [DWrightsDr] figures lol
[20:21] [TwinNation] Mets and SD
[20:21] [@David] also the only 2 teams to not have a no hitter
[20:21] [@David] well
[20:21] [DWrightsDr] i picked 3 of top 4 i feel good bout that
[20:21] [JoeDeMayo] coincidence?? I think not!
[20:22] [TwinNation] haha
[20:22] [JoeDeMayo] everyone here .. need to do a shameless plug
[20:22] [JoeDeMayo] Sunday night at 6PM I will be appearing on Mike Silva's NYBD radio to discuss the draft from 6-7 with Mike and's Frankie Piliere
[20:22] [@Tejesh] go for it
[20:22] [DWrightsDr] Any chance guy like Johnny Eiermann falls to #44?
[20:23] [JoeDeMayo] Monday morning I will be posting my final mock draft over at
[20:23] [JoeDeMayo] and Monday night at 6 PM I will be appearing with Matt Pignataro on 7 Train To Shea
[20:23] [ikedavis68] i thought u would have by monday
[20:23] [JoeDeMayo] and then when the draft starts at 7 I will be hosting a live in-draft chat to talk all things draft over at my site
[20:23] [DWrightsDr] any live chats during draft?
[20:23] [DWrightsDr] ok
[20:23] [TwinNation] maybe i should skip work damn
[20:23] [@Tejesh] lol
[20:24] [JoeDeMayo] Eiermann has a good shot to be there at 44 .
[20:24] [ikedavis68] i will
[20:24] [ikedavis68] would he be a reach
[20:24] [DWrightsDr] Would mets have interest?
[20:24] [JoeDeMayo] absolutely not a reach . some like him in the 1st round
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[20:24] [JoeDeMayo] would mets have interest ? million dollar question. I know they have a very extensive board that includes college and high school kids
[20:24] [DWrightsDr] TB has interest right?
[20:24] [TwinNation] TB is gonna have a sick draft
[20:24] [TwinNation] so many picks
[20:25] [JoeDeMayo] yes. there really isn't much buzz out there outside of Nimmo honestly for 44 if he's there
[20:25] [TwinNation] what is it like 9 in the first 2 rounds or something
[20:25] [DWrightsDr] i see his name linked to TB a lot
[20:25] [ikedavis68] 10
[20:25] [JoeDeMayo] if Nimmo is there at 44 .. which I doubt .. the Mets will take him
[20:25] [@Tejesh] 12 in the top 88 i thionk
[20:25] [JoeDeMayo] TB has 10 among first 60
[20:25] [TwinNation] how many of those 10 u think they sign tho? lol
[20:25] [@Tejesh] they'll get all 10
[20:25] [JoeDeMayo] they will draft people that they have confidence they will sign .
[20:25] [ikedavis68] all
[20:25] [TwinNation] true
[20:25] [JoeDeMayo] you'll see a lot of college kids .. or over-drafted HS kids
[20:25] [JoeDeMayo] among those 10
[20:25] [@Tejesh] ok back to charting harvey
[20:26] * mib_o3avsc ( Quit ( Quit: ajax IRC Client )
[20:26] [JoeDeMayo] i would bet against them going for a kid that falls to them ala Josh Bell
[20:26] [ikedavis68] should the mets draft mostly hs arms and bats?
[20:26] [DWrightsDr] Any thoughts on CJ Cron? 1B from Utah. Seems like safe pick $$ wise and a lot of power
[20:26] * Cisrow ( has joined #MetsProspectHub
[20:26] [@Tejesh] i'd want a college SP 13th
[20:26] [ikedavis68] we dnt wnt safe picks no more
[20:26] [@Tejesh] and a HS bat 44th
[20:26] [JoeDeMayo] if you ask Tej .. he wants HS kids .
[20:26] [JoeDeMayo] I don't care if it's HS or college
[20:26] [JoeDeMayo] I want talent
[20:27] [JonPresser] i hope we get ridiculously good players
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[20:27] [JoeDeMayo] Jon I am sure a few people will agree with you.
[20:27] [DWrightsDr] lol
[20:27] [@Tejesh] i just said college
[20:27] [@Tejesh] lol
[20:27] [JoeDeMayo] i mean outside of 13
[20:27] [@Tejesh] oh
[20:27] [@Tejesh] yeahg
[20:27] [ikedavis68] i'll go pitching pitching pitching and pitching
[20:27] [@Tejesh] then 49 HSers, please
[20:27] [JoeDeMayo] I want mostly pitching
[20:28] [ikedavis68] dnt we all
[20:28] [JoeDeMayo] but Mets system is not that great where they can be overly picky
[20:28] [DWrightsDr] Mets need to do something good with this draft.
[20:28] [JoeDeMayo] it's a great opportunity .. one thing I'd like to remind everyone
[20:28] [ikedavis68] we can draft bats internationally
[20:28] [JoeDeMayo] hindsight is 20/20 .. the draft may look good on draft day and suck 5 years from now
[20:28] [JoeDeMayo] or vice versa
[20:29] [DWrightsDr] Hey Joe...Do you think Duda will be called up soon?
[20:29] [JoeDeMayo] you just want them to make the right picks at the time and hope it works.
[20:29] [ikedavis68] i hope so
[20:29] [JoeDeMayo] he should be up .. but if Rubin is right Acosta is coming
[20:29] [@Tejesh] harvey 5 Ks thru 3.2 innings
[20:29] [ikedavis68] bay should rot on the bench
[20:29] [@Tejesh] 60 pitches
[20:29] * Nick ( Quit ( Quit: ajax IRC Client )
[20:30] * NMig ( has joined #MetsProspectHub
[20:30] [@Tejesh] O.o
[20:30] [DWrightsDr] ikedavis68, i agree
[20:30] [JoeDeMayo] Nick's here
[20:30] [@Tejesh] i thought he quit
[20:30] [JoeDeMayo] from writing for you lol
[20:30] [ikedavis68] why do we have a hitting coach im curious
[20:31] [NMig] Ya, pretty much Joe lol
[20:31] [@Tejesh] that's cause he couldn't handle it
[20:31] [JoeDeMayo] or said screw this
[20:31] [JoeDeMayo] lol
[20:31] [JonPresser] i was doing mock lineups today and i kept putting bay 7th
[20:31] [NMig] Nah its just so dull
[20:31] [ikedavis68] how about not not and hust bench him
[20:31] [ikedavis68] or 9th
[20:33] [DWrightsDr] Isn't it sad that our best starter right now is Gee.
[20:33] [ikedavis68] i like gee
[20:33] [@Tejesh] yes, yes it is
[20:33] [JoeDeMayo] i like Gee too
[20:33] [DWrightsDr] i do too
[20:33] [@Tejesh] niese and dickey need to get their heads out of their asses
[20:34] [@Tejesh] pelfrey needs to go away
[20:34] [JonPresser] gee knows how to pitch
[20:34] [ikedavis68] we should trade pelfrey
[20:34] [JonPresser] i think cappy does too
[20:34] [JoeDeMayo] if the Mets end up with Taylor Jungmann for instance .. you could theoretically have 4 homegrown guys in the 2013 rotation
[20:34] [JonPresser] niese seems to overthink a bit sometimes but i love his potential
[20:34] [DWrightsDr] but a rookie as most reliable starter? thats not good for future of the season
[20:34] [JoeDeMayo] this is a lost season.
[20:34] [TwinNation] not as lost as the TWins
[20:34] [TwinNation] sorry had to say that, lol
[20:34] [DWrightsDr] noo noooom dont say that
[20:34] [NMig] Niese has been fine.. 3.92 ERA, 3.75 xFIP
[20:34] [JoeDeMayo] yes
[20:35] [JoeDeMayo] to me Santana will be only non home-grown arm in 2013
[20:35] [ikedavis68] he need to work on that changeup
[20:35] [JoeDeMayo] in rotation
[20:35] [NMig] would like to see more whiffs though.. not as many swinging strikes this yr
[20:35] [DWrightsDr] Tell me about Peavey
[20:35] [JoeDeMayo] you'll probably have Matt Harvey .. you'll probably have Jon Niese .. you probably have a college arm assuming they go that route at 13 .. could have Jenrry Mejia or Jeurys Familia
[20:36] [DWrightsDr] So u writing off Gee?
[20:36] [JoeDeMayo] nope he's in the discussion
[20:36] [JoeDeMayo] Peavey i like as a #4 starter type
[20:36] [DWrightsDr] Gee reminds me of Bobby Jones
[20:36] [DWrightsDr] the white one
[20:36] [JoeDeMayo] doesn't have anything stand out .. but knows how to pitch and locates 4 pitches
[20:36] [JonPresser] lol, the white one
[20:37] [DWrightsDr] well there was 2 bobby jones'
[20:37] [DWrightsDr] 1 white,1 black
[20:37] [NMig] I hope Goeddel is okay, hes the guy with most upside on that staff
[20:37] [JoeDeMayo] he's in NY for tests .. we'll see
[20:37] [JonPresser] i know, but that was pretty funny
[20:37] [@Tejesh] everyone's sleeping on chase huchingson
[20:38] [@Tejesh] but he's a good prospect
[20:38] [@Tejesh] francisco pena RBI single
[20:38] [ikedavis68] he heard he trows 94
[20:38] [JoeDeMayo] i like Josh Edgin too
[20:38] [@Tejesh] after zapata singles, steals 2nd, and takes 3rd on an error
[20:38] [JoeDeMayo] though he's a reliever
[20:38] [@Tejesh] huchingson?
[20:38] [@Tejesh] he's been going 4-5-6 innings
[20:38] [@David] Gee will be a solid starter for many years
[20:38] [@Tejesh] this season
[20:38] [@David] but not much upside
[20:38] [@Tejesh] i need to go get some OJ, i'm parched
[20:38] [@Tejesh] brb
[20:38] [JoeDeMayo] I really am of the belief Jenrry Mejia is the long term closer for the New York Mets
[20:39] [NMig] yeah Huch is interesting .. would rather hear more about his stuff though.
[20:39] [@David] I agree
[20:39] [ikedavis68] yeah pelf had upside what u got out him
[20:39] [NMig] I'd put Goeddel ahead of him for now
[20:39] [@David] Mejia might be better suited put into a closers role
[20:39] [DWrightsDr] Pelfrey's "stuff" is so overrated
[20:39] [JoeDeMayo] Pelf never had much as far as secondaries
[20:39] [@David] we need some home grown bullpen arms
[20:39] [NMig] Pelf has no stuff, frankly
[20:39] [NMig] hes got a good sinker
[20:39] [NMig] thats pretty much it
[20:39] [JoeDeMayo] yeap
[20:40] [DWrightsDr] Mets are terrible at trading guys when value is so high...TB is master at that.
[20:40] [JonPresser] does pelfrey have any decent trade value?
[20:40] [ikedavis68] parnell ,beato should be our next closer
[20:40] [DWrightsDr] nope
[20:40] [NMig] not much right now if at all
[20:40] [NMig] probably could have gotten back a solid return if they sold high on the offseason
[20:40] [JonPresser] i mentioned on twitter that they should try to trade izzy before his peripherals catch up to him
[20:40] [DWrightsDr] yepp
[20:41] [NMig] I dont think much comes back anyway with Izzy
[20:41] [DWrightsDr] no need for a laste 30's guy when we not winning anything
[20:41] [JonPresser] yes but at least we get something forhim, even a C level prospect
[20:41] [DWrightsDr] we could get decent prospect for izzy..wait for contender to panic
[20:41] [JonPresser] all it takes is one stupid desperate team, like teh casey blake-carlos santana deal
[20:41] [ikedavis68] beato as closer ?anybody/
[20:41] [ikedavis68] ?
[20:41] [JonPresser] i do like beato as a closer
[20:42] [ikedavis68] he threw 97 last time
[20:42] [@Tejesh] he's got 3 pitches
[20:42] [ikedavis68] and command it unlike parnell
[20:42] [JonPresser] not just his velocity, but beato seems like he's got 3 legit pitches and can throw them any time
[20:42] [@Tejesh] i had someone on twitter tell me the mets would be co nverting him next year
[20:42] [JonPresser] right
[20:42] [NMig] Beato has a good mix, throws strikes, keeps the ball on the ground
[20:42] * TwinNation ( Quit ( Quit: ajax IRC Client )
[20:42] * tdawg56 ( has joined #MetsProspectHub
[20:43] [JonPresser] incredible steal for alderson
[20:43] [JoeDeMayo] i'd say Beato is probably the closer on August 1.
[20:43] [JoeDeMayo] K-Rod and Isringhausen both out the door
[20:43] [ikedavis68] yeah i really like him
[20:43] [JonPresser] agreed
[20:43] [NMig] I love Parnell's stuff so much .. just wish he'd show an ounce of control over it .. last year he was alright
[20:43] [JoeDeMayo] i'd guess K-Rod to the Rangers and Isringhausen to the Diamondbacks
[20:43] [tdawg56] Manny Acosta will be the closer
[20:43] [JoeDeMayo] he just throws the ball real hard
[20:43] [ikedavis68] k rod almost look like he going to reach that option
[20:44] [NMig] hes also been really "hittable" for his career, but i still think its bad luck.. heath bell had the same shit goingo n
[20:44] [JonPresser] i'd rather parnell throw 94 with control than 99-100 like he does now
[20:44] [JoeDeMayo] Harvey gets K # 7
[20:44] [JonPresser] altho, to be fair, he looked significantly better today
[20:44] [DWrightsDr] Parnell reminds me of Farnsworth for some reason
[20:44] [NMig] eh idk, he fell behind again
[20:44] [ikedavis68] i know he is hust a thrower
[20:44] [NMig] buccos helped him out
[20:44] [JonPresser] farnsworth's having a good year with tampa lol
[20:45] [DWrightsDr] he'll fall apart soon
[20:45] [@Tejesh] harvety
[20:45] [NMig] parnell is pretty much joel hanrahan
[20:45] [JonPresser] TB has the midas touch, i loe them
[20:45] [@Tejesh] 72:46:26
[20:45] [JoeDeMayo] to me Parnell will never be any better than a set up man.
[20:45] [JoeDeMayo] which is fine
[20:45] [JonPresser] i'll take a joel hanrahan, shit
[20:45] [JonPresser] my bad on the language sorry
[20:45] [ikedavis68] we be lucky if he is a good set up man
[20:45] [NMig] he was quite dominant last yr
[20:45] [@Tejesh] 8th K
[20:45] [JoeDeMayo] K #8
[20:45] [DWrightsDr] "we be" lol
[20:46] [NMig] hes just been off this year.. who knows.. relievers are always funky and unpredictable.
[20:46] [ikedavis68] lmoa
[20:46] [@Tejesh] 9:7:2 for harvey in this inning
[20:46] [ikedavis68] not paying attention to grammar
[20:46] [JonPresser] do you think they're keeping harvey down there for the all-star game, then immediately promoted
[20:46] [JoeDeMayo] i think very shortly after that he'll be up
[20:46] [tdawg56] who are the good relievers we have in the minors?
[20:46] [ikedavis68] holt
[20:46] [DWrightsDr] it was just funny cause i read it and i laughed cause i sounded funny saying it
[20:46] [ikedavis68] well should be
[20:47] [NMig] theres still positive for parnell this yr though: still getting lots of whiffs and still getting groundballs. im confident he'll get the walks in check, even if it sits around ~4 BB/9
[20:47] [@Tejesh] no one cares if you curse, btw
[20:47] [@Tejesh] :p
[20:47] [JoeDeMayo] there isn't really much in relief prospects
[20:47] [JonPresser] haha ok
[20:47] [DWrightsDr] i do..i have my cat on my lap..she's catholic
[20:47] [NMig] i like nick carr
[20:47] * mib_wketfk ( has joined #MetsProspectHub
[20:47] [@Tejesh] rustich :p
[20:47] [JoeDeMayo] i like Josh Edgin .. I like Nick Carr .. I like Brant Rustich if he's EVER healthy
[20:47] [tdawg56] lujan?
[20:47] [NMig] oh yes
[20:47] [NMig] brant [3
[20:47] [DWrightsDr] what about Urbina?
[20:47] [ikedavis68] he hasn't even pitch yet
[20:48] [JonPresser] wow i forgot about rustich
[20:48] [JoeDeMayo] he's still coming back from TOS surgery
[20:48] [@Tejesh] back to back first pitch singles
[20:48] [@Tejesh] i think
[20:48] [ikedavis68] what are u kidding me?
[20:48] [ikedavis68] he is 18
[20:48] [@Tejesh] 17, no?
[20:48] [JoeDeMayo] Urbina won't pitch until short-season ball starts
[20:48] [NMig] yeah urbina is a SP prospect, no way relief
[20:48] [JoeDeMayo] probably Kingsport
[20:48] [ikedavis68] he just turned 18
[20:48] [NMig] his dad was a reliever though
[20:48] [ikedavis68] that's his dad not him
[20:49] [tdawg56] Any word on Matz?
[20:49] [DWrightsDr] i know..he just popped in my mind so i thought id ask before i forgot
[20:49] [JoeDeMayo] they expect Matz to be ready come short-season starts
[20:49] [JoeDeMayo] i wouldn't be surprised to see Matz in Brooklyn
[20:49] [tdawg56] good i will see him then
[20:49] [NMig] i dont think you'll really see the "true" matz until next year
[20:49] [JoeDeMayo] nice NY story
[20:49] [JoeDeMayo] agreed .. that's how TJ works
[20:49] [NMig] in terms of stuff
[20:49] [@Tejesh] i really like akeel moris
[20:49] [NMig] especially his breaking stuff
[20:49] [@Tejesh] as for the short season prospects
[20:49] [JoeDeMayo] Akeel is a big time sleeper
[20:49] [ikedavis68] me too
[20:50] [NMig] so does keith law
[20:50] [DWrightsDr] hows the dude we got for that scrub eddie
[20:50] [NMig] who hates everyone
[20:50] [JoeDeMayo] Dykstra is playing well .
[20:50] [ikedavis68] strikes too much
[20:50] [NMig] yeah dykstra has been good but its hard to consider him much of anything because of the strikeouts
[20:50] [tdawg56] Any catchers playing well in the minors?
[20:51] [JoeDeMayo] i truly think K-Rod is a good comp for Akeel
[20:51] [@Tejesh] lol no
[20:51] [DWrightsDr] lol
[20:51] [@Tejesh] no catchers
[20:51] [JoeDeMayo] the Mets catchers are not good.
[20:51] [DWrightsDr] pena sucks,forsythe sucks
[20:51] [JonPresser] go thole!
[20:51] [tdawg56] Thole stinks
[20:51] [NMig] juan centeno has been hitting whenever he plays but thats not much
[20:51] * mib_wketfk ( Quit ( Quit: ajax IRC Client )
[20:52] [JoeDeMayo] Wilmer Flores to me is so overrated .
[20:52] [ikedavis68] any harvey updates?
[20:52] [JoeDeMayo] he's not a good fielder .. not a good runner .. not a smart player .. his game is his bat speed
[20:52] [JoeDeMayo] but he isn't showing any power
[20:52] [@Tejesh] gave up a run on... uh
[20:52] [@Tejesh] a double steal
[20:52] [@Tejesh] wilmer was stupid
[20:52] [NMig] i like a-rod a lot
[20:52] [JoeDeMayo] aderlin?
[20:52] [JoeDeMayo] armando?
[20:52] [JoeDeMayo] lol
[20:52] [NMig] even though hes hitting like .200 in sav
[20:52] [ikedavis68] the catcher's fault
[20:52] [DWrightsDr] i'd trade flores in a hearrbeat
[20:52] [ikedavis68] for who
[20:52] [@Tejesh] no, it was wilmer's fault, lol
[20:53] [NMig] yeah aderlin
[20:53] [JoeDeMayo] honestly Aderlin is the only LEGIT offensive prospect on Savannah.
[20:53] [JoeDeMayo] i don't love Vaughn or Ceciliani
[20:53] [@Tejesh] lol why?
[20:53] [NMig] hes already showing some nice power for a young kid.. i really think he has 30-40 HR potential.
[20:53] [NMig] but thats still wayssss away
[20:53] [JoeDeMayo] yes long away
[20:53] [DWrightsDr] i like Cesar Puello
[20:54] [NMig] i like ceciliani but i want to see less K's
[20:54] [NMig] I like Vaughn too but I'm not a true believer until he hits advanced pitching
[20:54] [NMig] #keithlaw'd
[20:54] [@Tejesh] lol
[20:54] [JoeDeMayo] Vaughn really is doing what he should be at that level .. maybe not THAT good
[20:54] [JoeDeMayo] but he should be dominating
[20:55] [@Tejesh] K
[20:55] [@Tejesh] 9th K of the night
[20:55] [DWrightsDr] Has anyone heard of a NY HS Senior named "William Jerez". He's CF. Most likely going JUCO route cause of grade issues but Yankees have been interested.
[20:55] [NMig] well, i mean he is dominating..
[20:56] [ikedavis68] is he done for the night
[20:56] [NMig] check out his may slash line: .356/.496/.510
[20:56] [JoeDeMayo] Vaughn doesn't have bigtime bat speed
[20:56] [JoeDeMayo] he has trouble with big FB's
[20:57] [@David] anyone watching the nba finals?
[20:57] [JoeDeMayo] i am putting it on
[20:57] [tdawg56] Guess its safe to say we need to start re tooling this system
[20:57] [ikedavis68] no
[20:57] [JoeDeMayo] go LeBron
[20:57] [DWrightsDr] little kid singing heart out
[20:57] [@David] a midget is singing the national anthem
[20:57] [ikedavis68] yeah we do
[20:57] [@David] lol
[20:57] [JoeDeMayo] the system needs work . that's why we are paying almost 6M to our big 3 in the FO
[20:57] [@Tejesh] #fuckbron
[20:57] [DWrightsDr] GO MAVS
[20:57] [@Tejesh] TEAMDIRK
[20:58] [JoeDeMayo] Dirk Noringski
[20:58] [DWrightsDr] whats this i hear about 1st round draft pick compensation ending?
[20:58] [JoeDeMayo] Nobody knows what's going to happen in the new CBA
[20:58] [ikedavis68] i know right
[20:58] [JoeDeMayo] i don't believe FA compensation will be eliminated .. but will be changed.
[20:58] [JoeDeMayo] i could see type B going away
[21:00] [NMig] the system w/ relievers is junk
[21:00] [tdawg56] what r we going to do with pelfrey?
[21:00] [ikedavis68] trade
[21:01] [tdawg56] rosin bags in return?
[21:01] [JonPresser] gotta go
[21:01] [JonPresser] see ya
[21:01] * JonPresser ( Quit ( Quit: ajax IRC Client )
[21:02] [JoeDeMayo] Pelfrey is sticking around for now
[21:02] [tdawg56] he is a bad pitcher in every aspect.
[21:02] [ikedavis68] he is
[21:02] [@Tejesh] hope he does well
[21:02] [@Tejesh] then get rid of him
[21:02] [@Tejesh] he's arb eligible, i think, in the offseason
[21:02] [@Tejesh] he'll get like 4 mil, right?
[21:03] [ikedavis68] back to the draft joe who do u think we take at 13
[21:03] [tdawg56] i would love to know his WHIP not including the pitchers hitting
[21:04] [@Tejesh] harvey done
[21:04] [JoeDeMayo] i will let you know in my mock on Monday :)
[21:04] [tdawg56] what teams will be in on beltran?
[21:04] [JoeDeMayo] AL ones
[21:04] [ikedavis68] cant wait bart scott style
[21:05] [JoeDeMayo] ha
[21:05] [tdawg56] mets luck he will get hurt and we get nada for him
[21:05] [JoeDeMayo] look for it .. if you don't follow me on Twitter it's @PSLToFlushing
[21:05] [JoeDeMayo] expect it 9-10 AM Monday
[21:05] [tdawg56] how is Roy Merritt pitching?
[21:05] [ikedavis68] i go to ur website everyday
[21:06] [ikedavis68] but i dnt have twitter
[21:06] [@Tejesh] not good
[21:06] [@Tejesh] tdawg
[21:06] [@Tejesh] his ERA is north of 6
[21:06] [@Tejesh] yah yah lawl using ERA for relief pitchers
[21:06] [ikedavis68] i was thinking me not twitter was not good lol
[21:06] [@Tejesh] the periphs aren't good, either, i don't think
[21:07] [ikedavis68] having twitter lol
[21:07] [JoeDeMayo] i appreciate the support ike!
[21:07] [ikedavis68] np
[21:07] [tdawg56] ike twitter is great
[21:07] [@Tejesh] 6.33 era, 18 games, 21.1 ip, 38 h, 16/15 r/er, hr, 6/19 bb/k, .384 BAA
[21:07] [tdawg56] wow
[21:07] [ikedavis68] ok i'll try it
[21:08] [ikedavis68] is harvey done?
[21:08] [@Tejesh] yeah
[21:08] [@Tejesh] 5 ip, 6 h, er, 2/9 bb/k
[21:09] [tdawg56] What happened to Javier Rodriguez?
[21:09] [ikedavis68] that's great right?
[21:10] [JoeDeMayo] Rodriguez got put into extended ST
[21:10] [tdawg56] any upside?
[21:12] [ikedavis68] i really want guerrieri or archie
[21:13] * TwinNation ( has joined #MetsProspectHub
[21:13] [@Tejesh] mets falling apart in the 6th
[21:14] [ikedavis68] harvey should've pitched the 6th
[21:15] [ikedavis68] are u all watching basketball or what?
[21:15] [DWrightsDr] yea lol
[21:15] [JoeDeMayo] i am
[21:15] [TwinNation] nope, watching the classic movie S.W.A.T. on HBO
[21:15] [JoeDeMayo] here's what i'll say for you that wants the HS kids
[21:15] [NMig] TNA wrestling and some rerun of a Florida/Vandy college baseball game.
[21:15] [JoeDeMayo] they have scouted them and have interest
[21:16] [DWrightsDr] tna wrestling?
[21:16] [JoeDeMayo] but they are behind college arms
[21:16] [DWrightsDr] it's iMPACT WRESTLING, BUDDY
[21:16] [NMig] yeah im a casual wrestling fan... never watch tna too much though
[21:16] [NMig] yeah yeah w/e they suck
[21:16] [DWrightsDr] lol
[21:16] [ikedavis68] but they have more upside
[21:16] [DWrightsDr] "impact wrestling" where we talk, talk, talk
[21:16] [DWrightsDr] lol
[21:16] [JoeDeMayo] upside isnt everyhing ..
[21:17] [JoeDeMayo] safe is fine .. as long as it;s quality safe
[21:17] [DWrightsDr] yo....thoughts on robbie shields?
[21:17] [DWrightsDr] jeff keppinger?
[21:17] [JoeDeMayo] not awful comp
[21:17] [NMig] probably a utility player type
[21:17] [NMig] too old for the SAL.. he really should be in the FSL
[21:18] [ikedavis68] that's why we have a bad farm for going safe
[21:20] [JoeDeMayo] no
[21:20] [JoeDeMayo] the mets have a below avg farm because they draft the wrong guys
[21:22] [ikedavis68] i cnt wait for ur mock so i can see who u have us taking
[21:23] [NMig] doesnt jim callis' mock come out tomorrow?
[21:23] [NMig] wonder where he goes with that... keith law and frankie piliere seem to firmly believe it will be college P
[21:23] * Joe ( has joined #MetsProspectHub
[21:24] * JoeDeMayo ( Quit ( Quit: ajax IRC Client )
[21:24] [Joe] my name got booted off
[21:24] [Joe] Law and Callis both tomorrow
[21:24] [Joe] and I appreciate the support of my mock .. I did a lot of research and phone calls to come to it
[21:24] [ikedavis68] they have us taking jungmann
[21:24] [Joe] ?
[21:24] [NMig] law will probably have us with jung or j-brad
[21:24] [ikedavis68] pillierre
[21:25] [NMig] piliere is like locked in to it too
[21:25] [Joe] piliere is firm on it
[21:25] [ikedavis68] i know
[21:25] [Joe] i will be with piliere sunday night on silva's show
[21:25] [NMig] he said hes "supremely" confident and its the most confident he is in any 1st rd pick
[21:25] [ikedavis68] he said he is pretty sure
[21:25] [Joe] me silva nad piliere .. trust me ill get everything out to him that fans want
[21:26] [@Tejesh] jungmann sounds meh, a #3 or borderline #2?
[21:26] [NMig] yeah
[21:26] [ikedavis68] he couldn't be worse than pelf?
[21:26] [NMig] but who knows, everybody likes him
[21:26] [@Tejesh] that...
[21:26] [@Tejesh] shouldn't be the goal
[21:26] [@Tejesh] at all
[21:27] [@Tejesh] "he couldn't be worse then pelf" is a bad goal
[21:27] [NMig] honestly, i see him settling in as a 6 K/9 with low walks and a good amount of groundballs.. that
[21:27] [NMig] would be fine
[21:27] [ikedavis68] lmao
[21:27] [ikedavis68] he should be a real 2
[21:27] [NMig] hes really advanced .. law and piliere both say he should go to AA.. piliere thinks he can get to the Majors quick
[21:27] * TwinNation ( Quit ( Quit: ajax IRC Client )
[21:28] [Joe] Nobody is truly comp'ing him to Pelfrey .
[21:28] [NMig] the secondaries seem questionable.. below avg change, but law says his curve is a plus..
[21:28] [tdawg56] whos piliere? does he have twitter?
[21:28] [Joe] the problem is .. people demand a potential ace .. you aren't getting that at 13.
[21:28] [Joe] @FrankiePiliere
[21:28] [tdawg56] thanks
[21:28] [Joe] the draft is deeper .. but it truly isn't top end heavy
[21:28] [NMig] he used to be with aol fanhouse .. covered the draft a lot last yr
[21:28] [Joe] it's good throughout
[21:29] [Joe] there isn't even a consensus #1
[21:29] [NMig] yeah theres like #3 or #4 starters you can plug in the 2nd round
[21:29] [Joe] i also think people underrate a #2/#3 innings eater starter .. that is SO valuable
[21:29] [@Tejesh] what's a #3
[21:29] [@Tejesh] like a 4.10 era?
[21:29] [ikedavis68] how about meyers?not that i like him or anything
[21:30] [@Tejesh] 210-215 innings?
[21:30] [Joe] Alex Meyer ?
[21:30] [ikedavis68] yeah
[21:30] [NMig] i like meyer a lot
[21:30] [Joe] they scouted him .. he's on the list
[21:30] [Joe] not at top though
[21:30] [Joe] tej there isn't #'s per rotation spot .. that's old .
[21:31] [NMig] meyer has plus to plus plus stuff... just varying control
[21:31] [@Tejesh] oh, lol
[21:31] [NMig] he pretty much sounds like AJ Burnett to me; good FB, great spike curve (meyer really throws one), with meh control
[21:32] [ikedavis68] like harvey before?
[21:32] [NMig] better stuff IMO
[21:32] [NMig] barnes profiles more like harvey
[21:32] [Joe] Harvey has a better arsenal .. Meyer has 2 pitches but both are very good .
[21:32] [NMig] a better harvey is barnes*
[21:33] [@Tejesh] no way he falls to 13, then?
[21:33] [ikedavis68] harvey is a potential ace
[21:33] [NMig] i think you either like him a lot or dont ... BA has him like 19th overall
[21:33] [NMig] law has him 6th
[21:33] [NMig] yes he could certainly be there at 13
[21:33] [Joe] Meyer will probably go AFTER 13 .
[21:33] [Joe] control and delivery concerns
[21:34] [@Tejesh] barnes, i meant
[21:34] [@Tejesh] not meyer
[21:34] [Joe] i have Barnes gone long before Mets
[21:34] [NMig] probably
[21:34] [ikedavis68] at 8 right joe
[21:34] [NMig] i like meyer more though
[21:34] [Joe] i can't say where
[21:34] [ikedavis68] lol
[21:35] [ikedavis68] i was trying to see
[21:35] [ikedavis68] get u to say more
[21:36] [Joe] lips are sealed!
[21:37] [ikedavis68] ok i'll just wait till monday
[21:38] [ikedavis68] joe are u on mets merized
[21:38] [tdawg56] How many minutes in between picks monday? I get out of work at 6
[21:39] [Joe] i am not on mets merized but they have linked me
[21:39] [Joe] the draft starts at 7 so youre in good shape
[21:39] [Joe] i dont know MLB's time between .. i want to say 5
[21:39] [ikedavis68] ok
[21:39] [tdawg56] ok good
[21:39] [NMig] 1st rd and suppl round right?
[21:40] [Joe] yes
[21:40] [NMig] good so we see both of our picks in 1 night ..
[21:40] [Joe] so mets will have two guys
[21:40] [Joe] yes
[21:40] [@Tejesh] i thought it was the first 3 rounds
[21:40] [@Tejesh] on the first day?
[21:40] [Joe] and itll make for some healthy discussion Tuesday
[21:40] [Joe] no
[21:40] [tdawg56] i called out sick the last two draft mlb finally got smart
[21:40] [Joe] haha
[21:40] [@Tejesh] so it's most likely going to be either jungmann, or springer?
[21:41] [@Tejesh] like the odds of one of them is high?
[21:41] [ikedavis68] no
[21:41] [ikedavis68] plz
[21:41] [@Tejesh] why not?
[21:41] [ikedavis68] the swing
[21:41] [NMig] i like springer more than jungmann
[21:41] [@Tejesh] barnes sounds like he'll be gone
[21:41] * Cisrow ( Quit ( Quit: ajax IRC Client )
[21:41] [tdawg56] my main concernis what prospects alderson gets from our current roster
[21:41] [NMig] hes a top 10 guy IMO
[21:42] [NMig] love the upside and hes avoided strikeouts really well this year. swing is a concern but i think hes good enough to make adjustments and worth the risk at 13
[21:42] [ikedavis68] i'll take jungmann
[21:43] [Joe] my understanding is the Mets are not really high on Springer .
[21:43] [ikedavis68] me neither
[21:44] [@Tejesh] i want an upside college pitcher
[21:44] [@Tejesh] ala harvey
[21:44] [@Tejesh] but i guess we won't likely get one
[21:44] [@Tejesh] so i'd go with guerreri (sp?)
[21:44] [ikedavis68] y not?
[21:44] [ikedavis68] love him
[21:44] [@Tejesh] they'll all be gone
[21:45] [@Tejesh] before 13
[21:45] [@Tejesh] i'd take guerreri 13th
[21:45] [Joe] Mets lucked out with harvey
[21:45] [ikedavis68] yeah i love him
[21:45] [Joe] he was a HUGE risk
[21:45] [Joe] i wouldnt test that too much
[21:45] [NMig] there still might be a good college arm there at 13 .. meyer, gray, jungmann, or j-brad
[21:45] [Joe] take risks at 44
[21:45] [Joe] 71
[21:45] [Joe] not 13.
[21:45] [NMig] one of them is bound to be there
[21:45] [Joe] atleast one
[21:45] [Joe] likely more than one
[21:46] [@Tejesh] idk anything about j-brad
[21:46] [@Tejesh] fill me in
[21:46] [NMig] i think bradley is the one who could fall... i think jungmann is too safe to fall out of top 12
[21:46] [NMig] i could see the pads or dbacks plugging him with their unprotected picks
[21:46] [Joe] Jungmann could go as high as 7 or as low as 13
[21:46] [ikedavis68] he going at 8 for bradley jed
[21:46] [Joe] anywhere in between other than Cubs
[21:46] [Joe] Bradley could go anywhere from 5-13
[21:46] [tdawg56] Ive seen Joe Panik-2b play would like to get him in the later rounds. Good power and decent speed.
[21:46] [Joe] that's how well balanced this class is
[21:47] [NMig] Tej:
[21:47] [Joe] Panik is OK .. most see as utility
[21:47] [@Tejesh] what kinda stuff/control for bradley?
[21:47] [@Tejesh] nick?
[21:47] [NMig] Jungmann is one of several three-year performers among college pitchers in this year's draft, and he does it while looking like he isn't even breaking a sweat. Jungmann can sit 91-93 but go back for 94-95 whenever he wants it, and he pairs it with a hammer curveball at 75-78 with two-plane break. He's a strike-thrower who commands the ball to both sides of t
[21:47] [tdawg56] What round you see panik going
[21:47] [@Tejesh] only 2 pitches?
[21:47] [NMig] no i was just giving u law's report on jung
[21:47] [NMig] kinda
[21:47] * TwinNation ( has joined #MetsProspectHub
[21:47] [NMig] he has a change
[21:47] [@Tejesh] oh ok
[21:47] [Joe] its just not good because he has no need with a good fastball and plus curve
[21:48] [NMig] but law says hes rarely needed to use it
[21:48] [@Tejesh] whatcha got on bradley?
[21:48] [Joe] panik is probably rd 3-5
[21:48] [NMig] callis says he can do really well with just his fastball, or something to that effect
[21:48] [Joe] bradley : good fb good change lackluster slider
[21:48] [Joe] great mechanics
[21:48] [@Tejesh] fastballvelo?
[21:48] [Joe] fb has touched 97 earlier .. now is low 90s
[21:48] [NMig] im talking about jungmann still, btw
[21:49] [@Tejesh] yeah, i know nick
[21:49] [@Tejesh] and joe's talkin about bradley
[21:49] [@Tejesh] s'all good
[21:49] [Joe] back when Bradley was touching 97 he wasn't considered someone to fall out of top 4
[21:49] [ikedavis68] which one
[21:49] [@Tejesh] meh
[21:49] [Joe] Jed
[21:49] [NMig] bradley doesn't really have a plus pitch, maybe his FB at times, but it seems like above avg FB and above avg CH
[21:49] [NMig] slider has been junk per everyone this year
[21:49] [@Tejesh] i'd rank em: gray, meyer, bradley, jungmann
[21:49] [@Tejesh] 1-2-3-4
[21:49] [Joe] i hve heard Cole Hamels comps for Bradley .
[21:49] [@Tejesh] if i had a board
[21:50] [Joe] if I had a board ..
[21:50] [NMig] if his changeup is good enough, maybe
[21:50] [Joe] Jungmann-Gray-Bradley-Meyer
[21:50] [@Tejesh] and i'd prolly put springer ahead of bradley
[21:50] [NMig] i actually put together a top 50, ha
[21:50] [Joe] oh yeah?
[21:50] [Joe] that would be cool to see
[21:50] [NMig] i have them meyer-gray-jung-bradley
[21:50] [@Tejesh] and of course didn't put it up on MPH
[21:50] [@Tejesh] :p
[21:50] [NMig] ........
[21:51] [@Tejesh] lol
[21:51] [NMig] ill give u my top 15
[21:51] [@Tejesh] sure
[21:51] [NMig] this might be long
[21:51] [NMig] 1. Anthony Rendon, 3B 2. Gerrit Cole, RHP 3. Dylan Bundy, RHP 4. Bubba Starling, OF 5. Trevor Bauer, RHP 6. Danny Hultzen, LHP 7. Francisco Lindor, SS 8. Alex Meyer, RHP 9. George Springer, OF 10. Matt Barnes, RHP 11. Archie Bradley, RHP 12. Sonny Gray, RHP 13. Taylor Guerrieri, RHP 14. Josh Bell, OF 15. Taylor Jungmann, RHP
[21:51] [ikedavis68] let hear it
[21:51] [NMig] ok cool no
[21:51] [NMig] yeah obviously im not all that crazy on jung... and i recently moved him up some too
[21:51] [tdawg56] any catchers we are looking at? Ogle or Casali in the later rounds?
[21:51] [Joe] thats not a bad list
[21:52] [ikedavis68] i like it
[21:52] [Joe] guy to watch is Pratt Maynard
[21:52] [Joe] as a C
[21:52] [NMig] yup i mentioned him
[21:52] [NMig] in one of the draft threads
[21:52] [NMig] on nyfs
[21:52] [Joe] this isnt a strong catcher draft unless youll pay Swihart or Hedges a lot
[21:52] [NMig] sounds like he could be an everyday guy.. i like more than james mccann
[21:52] [NMig] nick delmonico might be a C
[21:53] [NMig] could be a nice supp. round pick
[21:53] [Joe] people act like the Rays having so many picks is bad for the Mets in supp
[21:53] [Joe] I think the opposite
[21:53] [ikedavis68] i heard he wouldn't stick at c
[21:53] [Joe] they wont go BPA every pick
[21:54] [Joe] they will need to over-draft some guys .. or take college guys because they cant just pay everyone
[21:54] [NMig] ike - yeah thats pretty much been the big knock on delmonico .. not a lock he stays there
[21:54] * TwinNation ( Quit ( Quit: ajax IRC Client )
[21:54] [NMig] i like swihart a lot but hes in that middle group that is too high for 13 and wont last long enough for 44
[21:54] [@Tejesh] what happened to purke?
[21:55] [NMig] unless signability pushes him
[21:55] [NMig] injuries
[21:55] [@Tejesh] could he last to 44/71?
[21:55] [ikedavis68] i'll take purke at 44
[21:55] [NMig] i still like him... wouldnt be opposed to talking him at 44
[21:55] [NMig] he can be this year's ranaudo pretty much
[21:55] [NMig] draft him... watch him in the cape.. if hes good, go for him
[21:56] [NMig] but hes risky... he might want to go back to TCU for 1 more yr
[21:56] [Joe] here's what a source i spoke to said to me today
[21:56] [Joe] I wouldn't take Matt Purke in the 3rd round
[21:56] [NMig] yeesh
[21:56] [Joe] but someone will bite at the name
[21:56] [ikedavis68] i would and we vshould
[21:57] [@Tejesh] why not, joe?
[21:57] [@Tejesh] what'd your source say on why
[21:57] [NMig] probably b/c of his injury and his stuff was down the entire yr
[21:58] [Joe] injury
[21:58] [Joe] is biggest thing
[21:58] [Joe] price tag is another
[21:59] [NMig] yeah i think hes going back
[21:59] [NMig] hes a soph
[21:59] [Joe] and the fact he's come back and not looked at all comfortable .. with most FB in the 84-85 range
[21:59] [Joe] he got crap luck that Texas was bankrupt
[21:59] [Joe] he got screwed out of 6M he'll never see that
[22:00] [NMig] honestly im not even sure i'd put purke ahead of jed bradley when healthy.. law says he sits 92-94 with an above avg slider and a "feel" for a CH
[22:00] [NMig] combine that with his arm slot... good luck vs righties.
[22:01] [Joe] whos that
[22:01] [Joe] jed bradley ?
[22:01] [NMig] ^ purke
[22:01] [Joe] oh
[22:01] [NMig] when healthy
[22:01] [NMig] people considered him like top 10 talent
[22:01] [NMig] or top 5
[22:01] [Joe] the top 3 coming in was unanimously involving cole rendon purke
[22:01] [NMig] but really... i dont know if i would put him over jed
[22:02] [Joe] me either
[22:02] [Joe] jed has the FB/CH combo you love
[22:02] [NMig] low arm slot with slider as top secondary isnt conductive to success vs righties
[22:02] [Joe] agreed
[22:02] [Joe] and Jed probably has the smoothest delivery in the draft .. him or Hultzen
[22:02] [NMig] and jed has same velo, same above avg secondary (except its a CH not SL, which is better against opposite-handed batters)
[22:03] [@Tejesh] so my board is gray, meyer/bradley, springer, bradley/meyer, jungmann
[22:03] [@Tejesh] for the mets pick'
[22:03] [Joe] i am a real big jed bradley fan .. i know Chad MacDonald has looked at him a few times
[22:04] [ikedavis68] who jed?
[22:04] [NMig] i wouldnt complain about gray at all, i doubt he even falls to us, but he sounds more like a reliever to me
[22:04] [Joe] yes.
[22:04] [@Tejesh] really?
[22:04] [@Tejesh] i thought he was consensus top 5?
[22:04] [NMig] above avg FB, plus to plus-plus curve... thats pretty much it
[22:04] [NMig] small size, not very good change
[22:04] [@Tejesh] oh
[22:04] [@Tejesh] blah
[22:05] [NMig] control has been off
[22:05] [NMig] even his FB isnt anything special
[22:05] [Joe] Gray isnt a consensus top 5.
[22:05] [NMig] law called it a grade 55
[22:05] [@Tejesh] sounds like theres' a ton of blah in this draft
[22:05] [NMig] he was
[22:05] [ikedavis68] yeah heard same thing
[22:05] [Joe] by youre weird standards yes
[22:05] [NMig] beginning of the yr law had him high iirc
[22:05] [@Tejesh] lol
[22:05] [Joe] but this draft is deep in very strong talent
[22:05] [NMig] lol
[22:05] [@Tejesh] lol @ joe
[22:05] [NMig] its loaded tej
[22:05] [@Tejesh] no i mean
[22:05] [Joe] its really loaded
[22:05] [Joe] the best draft ive covered .
[22:05] [@Tejesh] sounds like you could get a similiar player at 44
[22:05] [@Tejesh] and 71
[22:05] [@Tejesh] that you can at 13
[22:05] [@Tejesh] basically?
[22:05] [Joe] granted ive only covered since 03
[22:06] [Joe] i disagree there .. 13 is different
[22:06] [NMig] i wouldnt say that, no
[22:06] [@Tejesh] everyone we've talked about today
[22:06] [Joe] 44 and 71 is a little closer ...
[22:06] [@Tejesh] has gotten some form of "blah" from me
[22:06] [Joe] put it this way
[22:06] [NMig] more like u can still get a good prospect at 44 and 71
[22:06] [NMig] opposed to generally getting a "meh" guy
[22:06] [Joe] when i ask people .. if matt harvey had the same scouting report as he did last year
[22:06] * mib_1utc1n ( has joined #MetsProspectHub
[22:06] [Joe] and was in this years draft
[22:06] [Joe] i was told hes probably a 17-21 range guy
[22:07] [NMig] harvey would probably go late teens or early 20's
[22:07] [@Tejesh] huh
[22:07] [Joe] obviously hes made great strides now
[22:07] [NMig] pomeranz probably same range as jed brad
[22:07] [Joe] tej people dont have your diluted mindset that its stuff stuff stuff
[22:07] [Joe] lol
[22:07] [@Tejesh] lol
[22:07] [Joe] teams take a lot more than that into consideration
[22:07] [@Tejesh] stuff = the best chance
[22:07] [NMig] dont worry
[22:07] [NMig] cuz kyle allen has plus plus stuff!!!!!
[22:07] [@Tejesh] 87-91 wirth plus control isn't as exciting
[22:07] [@Tejesh] *with
[22:08] [NMig] #Tej'd
[22:08] [Joe] hahahahahaha
[22:08] [@Tejesh] hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaa
[22:08] [@Tejesh] ahahahaha
[22:09] [tdawg56] What OF are we looking at at possibly #44 or beyond?
[22:09] [NMig] lots
[22:09] [Joe] I talked to a Mets source who told me .. we lucked out with Matt Harvey
[22:09] [Joe] we didn't know what we were getting
[22:09] [Joe] there could be a lot of prep OF's there at 44 worth taking
[22:09] [Joe] I heard Josh Bell wants top 5 money to sign
[22:10] [NMig] brandon nimmo, derek fisher, charles tilson, maybe josh bell if he falls, tyler goeddel
[22:10] * Tejesh giggles
[22:10] [Joe] therell be plenty of prep guys to tae
[22:10] [NMig] theres many more too
[22:10] [Joe] without quetsion
[22:10] [Joe] there'll be prep arms too
[22:10] [@Tejesh] ok so if jungmann is the guy at 13
[22:10] [Joe] Dillon Howard
[22:10] [@Tejesh] i shouldn't boo
[22:10] [@Tejesh] is what you're telling me
[22:10] [Joe] correct.
[22:10] [@Tejesh] ok
[22:11] [NMig] not many SS prospects
[22:11] [@Tejesh] i will take your word for it
[22:11] [Joe] i think you are getting a fast riser with two VG pitches
[22:11] [Joe] and one that just needs work
[22:11] [@Tejesh] sounds like harvey, lmao
[22:11] [Joe] most experts say Jungmann doesnt even need any A ball
[22:11] [@Tejesh] harvey = fastball, slider, curve, change needs work
[22:11] [Joe] straight to AA Law said
[22:11] [NMig] yeah i mentioned law and piliere says he shld go right to AA
[22:11] [@Tejesh] jungmann = fastball, curve?
[22:11] [Joe] yes
[22:11] [@Tejesh] oh, harvey got 2/3 Ks on his change
[22:11] [tdawg56] Im in barbados right now and i can tell u nobody plays baseball out here.
[22:11] [@Tejesh] tonight
[22:11] [NMig] throws strikes with them really well
[22:12] [@Tejesh] lol @ tdawg
[22:12] [Joe] FB he controls great down in the zone very well
[22:12] [Joe] and the curve is his strike out pitch
[22:12] [Joe] or swing and miss pitch
[22:12] [@Tejesh] that's cause they're all on the beaches
[22:12] [NMig] and callis likes him enough to say he can pitch well enough with just his FB
[22:12] [Joe] his command is excellent .. i read on perfectgame today about him .. he is one of the best college pitchers ever .. that doesnt really necessarily mean hes going to be the best pro pitcher
[22:12] [@Tejesh] if you're 14, you wanna be a) on the baseball field b) on the beach with myriad girls in bikinis?
[22:13] [tdawg56] i even went to see a cricket game to find a guy to hit it out of citifield.
[22:13] [@Tejesh] cricket is awesome
[22:13] [@Tejesh] LOVE cricket
[22:13] [@Tejesh] great sport
[22:13] [Joe] Jungmann is polished and experienced to go with above average stuff. He has an impressive track record at Texas, posting a 32-6 record with a 1.63 ERA. In 337 1/3 career innings, Jungmann has struck out 346. Here are some thoughts on Jungmann
[22:13] * David ( Quit ( Quit: ajax IRC Client )
[22:13] [NMig] heres the callis quote
[22:13] [NMig] "The stuff is very good. Fastball is 91-93 to 95 mph with good sink, angle and depth, his slider is solid and his changeup has promise. He's the type of guy who can really pitch off his fastball and get lefties and righties out with it."
[22:14] [Joe] as a freshman at Texas .. he pitched game 1 of CWS and threw CG 2 hitter
[22:14] [@Tejesh] -yeah... uh
[22:14] [NMig] the "slider" thing is weird - i think he means curve.
[22:14] [Joe] my understanding is he doesnt throw a slider ..
[22:14] [Joe] so callis must be off
[22:14] [@Tejesh] how is that not similiar to the scouting report from harvey last year?
[22:14] [NMig] jung?
[22:14] [@Tejesh] obv harvey throws harder
[22:14] [@Tejesh] yeah
[22:14] [NMig] wayyyy better control
[22:14] [Joe] harvey also has 4 pitches
[22:14] [@Tejesh] ok i'm sold
[22:14] [Joe] jung 3
[22:14] [@Tejesh] lol
[22:15] [@Tejesh] jungmann it is
[22:15] [@Tejesh] if not guerrei
[22:15] [NMig] harvey was questioned for inconsistent stuff and control
[22:15] [tdawg56] i just want a pitcher to go with harvey familia and mejia
[22:15] [ikedavis68] that who i wnt
[22:15] [Joe] my understanding is unless things go haywire .. which they can .. guerrieri probably will not be the guy
[22:15] [tdawg56] i see that bum pelf as our ace and i vomit
[22:16] [@Tejesh] tht's dumb, lol
[22:16] [@Tejesh] sounds like he'd be BPA
[22:16] [Joe] not really
[22:16] [NMig] more callis jung-le love (get it?):
[22:16] [NMig] "would you rather have Jungmann, Gray or Barnes? .. Jim Callis: It's a tossup, but I'd take Jungmann. "
[22:16] [Joe] Law has Jungmann 8th in his top 100
[22:16] [NMig] they all have him top 10
[22:16] [Joe] Guerrieri 11th
[22:17] [NMig] KG has him like 7 8 or 9
[22:17] [tdawg56] my friend emailed me and asked if i would trade beltran for swish and romine?
[22:17] [ikedavis68] hell yeah
[22:17] [Joe] tell your friend yes.
[22:18] [tdawg56] is swish a FA too?
[22:18] [ikedavis68] has an option i think
[22:18] [NMig] tell your FA he is crazy
[22:18] [NMig] friend* lol
[22:18] [tdawg56] lol
[22:18] [NMig] that would be a steal for the mets... good C prospect and a really, really good outfielder
[22:18] [NMig] even though hes struggled this yr
[22:19] [tdawg56] swish cant hit good pitching
[22:19] [NMig] mets wont do that good with a trade
[22:19] [NMig] its going to be a salary dump kind of deal i bet
[22:19] [Joe] and by the way .. for the record i am pretty certain Jungmann is pronounced Youngman
[22:19] [NMig] it is
[22:19] [ikedavis68] didn't know
[22:19] [tdawg56] we gotta get a good prospect for beltran
[22:19] [NMig] i didnt find that out until last week heh .. i saw law talking on a video
[22:20] [DWrightsDr] dude he needs the village people song as anthem then
[22:20] [NMig] i wish it was "Jung" though.. sounds cooler.
[22:20] [Joe] yes
[22:20] [DWrightsDr] hes not japanese
[22:20] [tdawg56] are we having a chat after monday nights draft?
[22:20] [@Tejesh] not in here
[22:20] [@Tejesh] that's joey's domain
[22:20] [@Tejesh] i'm not gonna upstage him
[22:20] [tdawg56] where then
[22:21] [@Tejesh]
[22:21] [tdawg56] ok
[22:21] [DWrightsDr] no coincidence that i'm back chatting when finals are at half
[22:21] [@Tejesh] score?
[22:21] [ikedavis68] do u have to register there?
[22:21] [DWrightsDr] tied
[22:21] [DWrightsDr] 51-51
[22:21] [@Tejesh] #TEAMDIRK
[22:21] [NMig] ill try to make it then ..
[22:22] [Joe] I am actually doing a live in draft chat 7 PM
[22:22] [NMig] but probably to speak during
[22:22] [NMig] yeah thats better
[22:22] [tdawg56] nice
[22:22] [NMig] ill probably go to sleep after the draft so yeah
[22:22] [Joe] it will be on for the entirety of the 1st and sandwich
[22:22] [DWrightsDr] so we can all be dissapointed at mets and voice it at same time
[22:22] [Joe] and end right after it or until activity is gone
[22:22] [@Tejesh] the turnout was good for this one
[22:22] [@Tejesh] i think
[22:22] [Joe] it wasnt bad
[22:23] [DWrightsDr] if someone got naked..hits would of went up
[22:23] [tdawg56] not bad it was good
[22:23] [@Tejesh] uhhhhh...
[22:23] [DWrightsDr] we need anthony weiner's weiner
[22:23] [@Tejesh] and now we take a left turn into the twilight zone
[22:23] [DWrightsDr] did i just type that?? opps
[22:23] [NMig] i dont remember this many people in ur chat tej
[22:23] [NMig]
[22:24] [@Tejesh] so who's going to tweet goldstein tonight
[22:24] [@Tejesh] Gorski ] Harvey
[22:24] [ikedavis68] joe do u have register for u live draft chat?
[22:24] [DWrightsDr] yo..any gossip on who met players are banging?
[22:24] [DWrightsDr] they at least hitting something off the field?
[22:24] [ikedavis68] are u kidding teh?
[22:24] [@Tejesh] nope
[22:24] [ikedavis68] tej?
[22:24] [NMig] lol
[22:24] [@Tejesh] gorski is our #1 prospect
[22:24] [@Tejesh] easily
[22:24] [NMig] yes he is...
[22:24] [@Tejesh] right nick?
[22:24] [NMig] its a running joke on a website
[22:24] [NMig] no
[22:24] [@Tejesh] lol
[22:24] [ikedavis68] i lol at that notion
[22:24] [NMig] ur joke is stupid
[22:24] [@Tejesh] ur stupid
[22:25] [NMig] it got old u and MJ created it
[22:25] [DWrightsDr] FIGHT!
[22:25] [@Tejesh] ahhaha
[22:25] [NMig] the night u and MJ created it*
[22:25] [@Tejesh] i'd win in a fight
[22:25] [NMig] no way
[22:25] [DWrightsDr] INTERNET FIGHT!
[22:25] [Joe] Goldstein :
[22:25] [ikedavis68] i read on nyfs that he is better than familia lmao
[22:25] [tdawg56] so what players will be traded by the deadline?
[22:25] [NMig] keith law would beat u all up in an internet fight
[22:25] [@Tejesh] lol
[22:25] [Joe] Names I'm hearing there don't thrill me
[22:25] [Joe] thats what Goldstein said about Mets
[22:25] [NMig] ikedavis u read nyfs?
[22:25] [Joe] K-Rod,Beltran,Isringhausen
[22:26] [DWrightsDr] Law is too busy following Brian Cashman's twitter account
[22:26] [NMig] u a member there?
[22:26] [ikedavis68] yeah im there
[22:26] [ikedavis68] yeah but i have ikedavis29 there
[22:26] [DWrightsDr] is ike davis jewish? (real player)
[22:26] [ikedavis68] yeah
[22:27] [tdawg56] the hebrew gimp
[22:27] [DWrightsDr] is he part irish?
[22:27] [ikedavis68] dnt know
[22:27] [NMig] davis runs like the tree dudes in the lord of the rings
[22:27] [ikedavis68] i feel offended lol
[22:27] [DWrightsDr] i hope reyes and wright get traded too
[22:27] [Joe] fun chatting folks
[22:28] [Joe] Sunday listen in to me on NYBD radio
[22:28] [ikedavis68] u out?
[22:28] [DWrightsDr] SELF PROMOTER!!!
[22:28] [tdawg56] my cousin told me that HSS is a cursed hospital
[22:28] [NMig] arent u ontheblack?
[22:28] [Joe] and Monday look for my mock, appearence on 7 train to shea and my in-draft chat
[22:28] [ikedavis68] nybd?
[22:28] [NMig] or.. er.. on ontheblack
[22:28] [Joe] yes ontheblack will be posted tomorrow
[22:28] [Joe] i did video with kerel cooper on the draft last night thats up tomorrow
[22:28] [NMig] ok cool
[22:28] [Joe] NYBD =
[22:28] [@Tejesh] joey
[22:28] [DWrightsDr] ontheblack..and the guys black..i get it
[22:28] [NMig] we can all laugh at joe's mug then
[22:28] [Joe] 6 PM sunday with mike and frankie piliere
[22:28] [@Tejesh] your livechat
[22:29] [Joe] yes
[22:29] [ikedavis68] ok
[22:29] [@Tejesh] is on PSL2F, right?
[22:29] [Joe] yes
[22:29] [NMig] not gonna lie, i thought ontheblack was a name b/c he was black
[22:29] [@Tejesh] ok
[22:29] [@Tejesh] i will be there
[22:29] [DWrightsDr] yo joe...tell your girl i'll be over tomorrow
[22:29] [Joe] i will :)
[22:29] [NMig] ill be there for sloppy seconds
[22:29] [ikedavis68] joe how ols are u?
[22:29] [Joe] ill take the 3rds
[22:29] [@Tejesh] that's nasty
[22:29] [@Tejesh] and nick is like 14
[22:29] [Joe] im 23 .
[22:29] [@Tejesh] :p
[22:30] [ikedavis68] ok
[22:30] [NMig] pahah
[22:30] [NMig] no
[22:30] [ikedavis68] 22 here
[22:30] [@Tejesh] 14, 19, 20
[22:30] [@Tejesh] same diff
[22:30] [NMig] 20
[22:30] [DWrightsDr] 29
[22:30] [NMig] tej is like 69
[22:30] [ikedavis68] lol
[22:30] [Joe] good night all .. hope to speak to all of you and more Monday!
[22:30] [tdawg56] later boys
[22:30] [@Tejesh] night joey
[22:30] [@Tejesh] i'm 27
[22:30] [ikedavis68] ok
[22:31] [@Tejesh] asshat
[22:31] [ikedavis68] nick what username at nyfs
[22:31] [NMig] nmigliore lol
[22:31] * Joe ( Quit ( Quit: ajax IRC Client )
[22:31] * DWrightsDr ( Quit ( Quit: ajax IRC Client )
[22:31] [ikedavis68] oh that you
[22:31] * tdawg56 ( Quit ( Quit: ajax IRC Client )
[22:31] [NMig] yeah im really active there

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