Friday, November 30, 2007

As per WFAN...Milledge traded for garbage...

WFAN has learned that the New York Mets have traded Lastings Milledge to the Washington Nationals for LF Ryan Church and C Brian Schneider.

I guess Metsblog, SNY are also going with this. My reaction:

This trade rivals the Kazmir trade in terms of stupidity and retardation of the one pulling the trigger on our side. I do not care if that's PC or whatever. Lastings Milledge is going to be a STAR in this league, very quickly. He's going to hit .280/.350/.500 next year, very good production for a corner OF. Unbelieveable. I am just beyond angry, I am in a RAGE about this. This goes down as one of the top 10 stupidest trades in Met history.

11/29 Winter Leagues Report! FONZIE!

What, already, is it 1994?

Ruben Gotay (ph, 2b) 0 for 1, .171
Edgardo Alfonzo (3b) 3 for 5, 2 runs, 2 RBI, .333
Ivan Maldonado IP, K, 1.50 era
Matias Carrillo IP, 2 H, 6.75 era

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Dear Isiah Thomas:

Kill yourself. You suck.

11/28 Winter Leagues Report!

Jose Reyes (C) 1 for 3, K, .200
Anderson Hernandez (2b) 2 for 4, run, .213, SB (3), CS (1)

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

11/27 Winter Leagues Report!

Carlos Gomez (cf) 0 for 1, K, .247, HBP
Edgardo Alfonzo (3b) 1 for 3, 2 RBI, 2 BBs, .320
Ruben Gotay (pr, ss)
Anderson Hernandez (2b) 1 for 5, 2 runs, 2b, RBI, K, .200

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

As per 'mwuc06fan' on NYFS...Carlos Gomez was just hit in the head

with a breaking ball. Updates as they become available.

11/26 Winter Leagues Report!

Carlos Gomez (rf) 0 for 4, K, .250 (2 for 20 skid)
Anderson Hernandez (2b) 2 for 5, run, 2b, 3 RBI, K, .200

Monday, November 26, 2007

11/25 Winter Leagues Report

Miguel Negron (cf) 0 for 1, .221
Carlos Gomez (cf) 0 for 4, .263 (in a 2 for 16 slump)
Willie Collazo 4.2 IP, 10 H, 3 ER, 2 BBs, K, 5.24 era, L (0-2) (last 3 GS: 11.1 IP, 23 H, 13 ER, 5 BBs, 4 Ks, 0-2, 10.32 era)

Sunday, November 25, 2007

11/24 Winter Leagues Report

Carlos Gomez (cf) 0 for 4, .278
Anderson Hernandez (2b) 1 for 5, K, .187
Ryan Cullen IP, 2 H, R, K, 5.87 era
Ruben Gotay (ph) 0 for 1, .176

Saturday, November 24, 2007

11/23 Winter Leagues Report! Gomez!

Anderson Hernandez (2b) 1 for 5, run, 2 RBI, .203
Carlos Gomez (cf) 2 for 4, 2 runs, RBI, BB, .294
Ruben Gotay (ph, ss) 0 for 2, K, .182
Edgar Alfonzo 0.1 IP, 4 H, 3 ER, 81 era

Thursday, November 22, 2007

11/21 Winter Leagues Report

Various IWLs

Anderson Hernandez (2b) 1 for 3, .185
Miguel Negron (cf) 0 for 2, K, .238
Carlos Gomez (cf) 0 for 4, .281

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

11/20 Winter Leagues Report + Info

Carlos Gomez (dh) 1 for 4, run, BB, .300, SB (6)
Ruben Gotay (2b) 0 for 2, K, .194
Edgardo Alfonzo (3b) 0 for 4, K, .291
Anderson Hernandez (2b) 2 for 4, K, .177
Ryan Cullen IP, 6.75 era, 1:2:0

The regulated American winter leagues are over. Over the next two months, we'll be working hard on our second System Audit, which should be out sometime around the last week of January or the first week in February. For an idea of what to expect, check out last year's version, here is a link to parts 1 and 2:

Part 1
Part 2

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

OMG! MOTA traded for Estrada

Good riddance you sack of fucking garbage. Try shooting some more roids.

11/19 Winter Leagues Report...or something like that

Various IWLs

Carlos Gomez (ph, rf) 0 for 1, IBB, .304

Yes, that's it. And whoever is managing Escogido should be killed. You don't put a red white hot Gomez in the lineup off 4 straight multi-hit games? FUCK YOU!

Monday, November 19, 2007

11/18 Link

Boxscore HWL @ 11pm
Gameday HWL

Edit @ 1115pm: The game has been postponed due to rain. It most likely will be played tomorrow.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

11/18 Winter Leagues Report! Murphy! Gomez!

Waikiki 6, Honolulu 3

Hector Pellot (2b) 0 for 4, 2 runs, BB, 3 Ks, .275
Dan Murphy (3b) 2 for 3, 2 runs, 2b, HR, 3 RBI, 2 BBs, K, .274
Lucas Duda (1b) 2 for 5, RBI, .340

Licey 7, Escogido 5

Anderson Hernandez (ss) 2 for 4, .160
Carlos Gomez (cf) 2 for 5, run, 2b, K, .309 (4th straight multi-hit game)
Ambiorix Concepcion (ph, rf) 1 for 1, run, HR, 2 RBI, BB, .250

Various IWLs

Ruben Gotay (2b) 2 for 5, 2 runs, .207
Edgardo Alfonzo (3b) 3 for 4, 2 runs, 3b, 3 RBI, BB, .307

Mets resign Luis Castillo: 4 yeas, 25 mil


This is a TERRIBLE contract. Absolutely terrible. I am very quickly losing faith in Omar.

11/18 Links

Boxscore HWL @ 5pm
Gameday HWL

And in the 'try this and see if it works' category:

Escogido @ Licey @ 5pm AST (which I believe is the same as EST, but I'm not sure)

Saturday, November 17, 2007

11/17 Winter Leagues Report! Gomez!

Waikiki 7, Honolulu 8

Hector Pellot (2b) 1 for 5, RBI, BB, 2 Ks, .286
Jose Coronado (ss) 0 for 4, run, BB, 2 Ks, .118
Brant Rustich 1.2 IP, H, 3 ER, BB, K, 5.82 era, L (3-1), 33:18:15, 4:0:1

Various IWLs

Anderson Hernandez (ss) 1 for 3, run, RBI, BB, .130, E (5)
Carlos Gomez (cf) 2 for 5, run, HR, RBI, .300 (12 for his last 33, 2b, HR, RBI, 3/3 SBs, 1/4 BB/K)

Tejesh's Offseason Plan

It's not sexy, but it's effective.

1. Sign Tad Iguchi for 2 years, 11.5 mil. Install him into a platoon with Ruben Gotay. 2b is taken care of.
2. Sign David Riske for 3 years, 14.5 mil to 16 mil. He becomes your 7th inning setup man.
3. DFA Guillerblow Blowta
4. Sign Kerry Wood for 1 years, 6.75 mil with tons of incentive clauses and options. Use him as your long man (could there be any better long man in baseball? - remember all those games we won in 06? How many times did you find yourself wishing for Darren Oliver in 2007?)
5. If Gomez for Garza is possible, you have to make that trade. Now, I'm a HUGE Gomez fan, I am unashamed to admit I have a mancrush on him. Not as large as John Manuel's mancrush on Fernando (did you read BA's Met Chat? That was scary), but if you compare ceilings, and then think about how much more value Garza would have at his ceiling compared to Gomez at his...pitching is becoming increasingly scarce, and we have X-factor Rick Peterson. I don't think I'd add anything of value to the deal, unless we were getting a couple A ball prospects back, or another relief pitcher, I'd try to keep it at a 1:1 swap.

Your team looks like this:

Reyes, Milledge/Gotay, Wright, Beltran, Alou, Delgado, Gotay/Iguchi/Milledge, Torrealba/Castro
Pedro, Perez, Maine, Garza/Duque, Pelfrey
Wagner, Heilman, Riske, Feliciano, Show, Smith, Wood/Duque
Anderson, Easley, Castro, Chavez, Iguchi/Gotay

And if you do trade for Garza, you can trade Duque for prospects.

As I said, not sexy, but effective.

11/17 Links

Boxscore HWL @ 5pm
Gameday HWL

Friday, November 16, 2007

Some knowledge regarding payroll and Mets vs Yankees...

what matters to me right now is that D-wright and Reyes love the team and give away FA years below market.

I personally didn't see a fit for Rodriguez here, and I don't want to have anyone locked up through age 42 at 28 per year. We won't ever have the payroll to shrug it off like the skanks. Steinbrenner bought the team for i think 13 million in 1973, it's now valued at 962 million, 40% more than what the mets are valued at. Wilpon had to pay 361 million for Doubleday's share and is financing a stadium.

There is a rule in baseball -- always has been -- but a rule that bud selig decided to only enforce in 2002 -- that a team can only have debts equal to 40% of the value of the team -- and the value isn't the forbes valuation, but a lower number. 2x gross annual revenues -- that was based on 2001 originally, and I cannot find anything that says whether this valuation is re-set every year -- but gross revenue is ticket sales and local TV revenue and net profits from concessions (what they take per the agreement with aramark or whomever) --

The union was really pissed by this development as it occurred, as it meant that even big market teams might have to effectively cap payrolls to avoid having huge long term fixed debt.

Wilpon probably has a lot of outstanding debt on both the franchise purchase and the stadium financing -- I believe he gets tax breaks that make it even out down the line, but he had to borrow sums up front to pay for construction.

MLB is very serious about compliance and can take your team into trusteeship if you fail to get into a compliant situation within a certain time. So, even if you have record attendance, if you're accruing record large liabilities, you have less money to spend on large contracts -- especially ones that span the whole term of your debt, because if we sign A-Rod to a 300 mil deal, and the team stinks in 2 years, and no one comes to the park and ad rates go down on sny (and we only have 1/3 of that while yanks own YES outright) the team would be screwed. They'd have to dismantle their team to keep a-rod or pay someone half of a-rod's salary to take the remaining half. No owner is ever going to say "we had to trade him to stay in 60-40 compliance" so there's going to be odd moves by teams to hold fire sales at times when the public can't see why. Not signing a-rod is a good building block to future flexibility, a move that may mean we can re-sign the left side of our infield to their next contracts.

People often say -- we're in the same city and draw the same almost as the Yankees, we deserve an owner as generous. Well, if Fred literally had a 9000% return on the price of purchase and no debt as a result, that would make sense, but he doesn't. he paid 70% of Forbes' 2007 valuation of the entire franchis for doubleday's shares. So, he hasn't seen any return yet and won't until the franchise is valued at over 722 million.

Wilpons are likely, given Fred's long term debt , as generous as the 60-40 rule allows them to be.

But I'm sure many people will pretend that there is no difference between the Yankees' and Mets situation and that 300 million to move a young star way out of position was a commitment and risk the mets could blithely experiment with.

This was posted on NYFS by "jpkmets" in a thread about Mets vs Yankees. I figured I'd post it here (with permission), so as to hopefully offer up a rational explaination for why we cannot have an astronomical payroll.

11/16 Winter Leagues Report! GOMEZ!

Waikiki 5, Honolulu 2

Dan Murphy (3b) 1 for 4, RBI, K, .261
Lucas Duda (dh) 0 for 3 run, BB, .333
Jose Coronado (ss) 1 for 4, run, .133

Various IWLs

Carlos Gomez (cf) 3 for 4, run, .289, 2 SB (5)
Anderson Hernandez (ss) 1 for 4, RBI, .118
Ryan Cullen 0.0 IP, H, ER, 7.94 era, BS (1)
Miguel Negron (cf) 3 for 4, K, .254
Ivan Maldonado 0.l IP, 1.08 era, SV (7)

11/16 Links

Boxscore HWL @ 5pm
Gameday HWL

11/15 Winter Leagues Report! CARP!

Scottsdale 11, Peoria Javelinas 4

Mike Caarp (1b) 3 for 4, 2 runs, 2 2b, 3 RBI, BB, .243
Mike Nickeas (c) 1 for 5, 2 RBI, .196
Eddie Camacho 2 IP, 2 H, 2.31 era, 24:18:6, 4:2:0
Eddie Kunz IP, H, 2 BBs, 10.13 era, 21:8:13, 3:0:0

Waikiki 5, North Shore 4

Hector Pellot (2b) 1 for 4, run, HR, 2 RBI, 2 Ks, .290
Lucas Duda (1b) 0 for 4, K, .356
Nick Carr 3 IP, 6 H, 3 R, 2 ER, K, 3.65 era, W (1-0), 61:44:17, 5:3:1

Various IWLs

Rogelio Del Campo (c) 0 for 1, (1st AB)

Thursday, November 15, 2007

11/15 Links


HWL @ 1130pm
AFL @ 235pm



11/14 Winter Leagues Report!

Scottsdale 1, Mesa 0

Caleb Stewart (dh) 0 for 3, 2 Ks, .318
Mike Carp (1b) 1 for 3, K, .223

Waikiki 0, North Shore 8

Hector Pellot (2b) 2 for 4, K, .292
Dan Murphy (3b) 0 for 4, K, .261
Jose Coronado (ss) 0 for 3, K, .115

Various IWLs

Carlos Gomez (rf) 2 for 4, 2b, RBI, K, .244,
Ruben Gotay (2b) 0 for 5, 2 Ks, .167, E (2)
Anderson Hernandez (ss) 0 for 3, BB, .106

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

SOUNDOFF: Site Improvements

How can we make this place better? What more would you like to see? Let us know...

11/14 Links


HWL @ 1130pm
AFL @ 915pm



11/13 Winter Leagues Report! DUDA!

Scottsdale 5, Phoenix 0

Caleb Stewart (lf) 1 for 4, K, .341
Mike Carp (1b) 1 for 3, run, .220
Carlos Muniz IP, 2 H, K, 3.27 era, 22:17:5, 2:0:1

Waikiki 5, North Shore 1

Lucas Duda (1b) 2 for 3, 2b, 3b, RBI, BB, .390
Jose Coronado (ss) 0 for 3, run, K, .130
Brant Rustich 2.1 IP, 2 Ks, 4.70 era, 25:15:10, 1:4:2

Various IWLs

Carlos Gomez (rf) 1 for 3, run, .216, SB (3)
Ruben Gotay (2b) 0 for 2, BB, .211
Anderson Hernandez (ss) 0 for 3, run, .114
Ryan Cullen 0.1 IP, H, 6.35 era, H (4)

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Monday, November 12, 2007

11/12 Winter Leagues Report! Stewart!

Scottsdale 11, Peoria Saguaros 7

Caleb Stewart (dh) 3 for 5, 2 runs, HR, 3 RBI, BB, .351
Mike Carp (1b) 1 for 3, run, 2 BBs, K, .216
Mike Nickeas (c) 2 for 5, run, HR, 3 RBI, K, .195
Adam Bostick 4 IP, 8 H, 5 R, 4 ER, BB, 5 Ks, 2.74 era, W (2-0) 83:54:29, 3:4:5

Various IWLs

Carlos Gomez (rf) 1 for 4, .206
Anderson Hernandez (ss) 0 for 6, 2 Ks, .122

Sunday, November 11, 2007

11/11 Winter Leagues Report!, 11/12 Links

Waikiki 5, Honolulu 7

Hector Pellot (2b) 1 for 4, K, .283
Dan Murphy (3b) 1 for 4, 2 runs, 2b, 2 Ks, .274

Various IWLs

Anderson Hernandez (2b) 0 for 4, 2 Ks, .143
Ryan Cullen 0.1 IP, H, 2 ER, BB, K, 6.75 era
Ruben Gotay (2b) 2 for 4, 2b, .235
(Tej sentimental!) Edgardo Alfonzo (3b) 0 for 3, run, BB, .276
AFL Boxscore @ 230pm
AFL Gameday

11/10 Winter Leagues Report! DUDA! ; 11/11 Links

Scottsdale 1, Surprise 5

Mike Carp (1b) 0 for 3, K, .213, HBP

Waikiki 5, Honolulu 7

Hector Pellot (2b) 1 for 4, 2 Ks, .284
Dan Murphy (dh) 1 for 4, K, .275
Lucas Duda (1b) 3 for 4, 2 runs, 2b, HR, 2 RBI, .368
Jose Coronado 0 for 3, run, BB, 2 Ks, .150
Nick Carr 2 IP, H, ER, 2 BBs, 2 Ks, 2.89 era, BS (1), 35:19:16, 1:3:2

Various IWLs

Jose Sanchez 4 IP, 5 H, 3 ER, BB, 2 Ks, HR, 3.55 era
Angel Calero 0.0 IP, H, 2 ER, BB, 5.40 era, L (0-1)
Anderson Hernandez (2b) 0 for 4, RBI, BB, K, .161

HWL Gameday @ 5pm
HWL Boxscore

Saturday, November 10, 2007

11/9 Winter League Report, 11/10 Links

Scottsdale 10, Peoria Saguaros 3

Caleb Stewart (lf) 1 for 4, 3 runs, 2b, 2 RBI, BB, K, .313
Mike Carp (1b) 0 for 4, .220
Mike Nickeas (c) 1 for 4, 2 Ks, .167
Eddie Camacho 2 IP, BB, 3 Ks, 2.79 era, 25:13:12, 0:3:3
Eddie Kunz IP, 2 Ks, 11.17 era, 11:8:3, 1:0:2

Waikiki 2, Honolulu 2

Dan Murphy (3b) 0 for 4, .276
Jose Coronado (ss) 0 for 2, BB, K, .176
Brant Rustich IP, 2 H, ER, BB, 2 Ks, 5.54 era, 22:12:10, 1:0:2

Various IWLs

Ambiorix Concepcion (ph) 0 for 1, K, .182


HWL @ 1130pm
AFL @ 9pm



Friday, November 09, 2007

BAs top 10 Met prospects...

1. Fernando Martinez, of
2. Deolis Guerra, rhp
3. Carlos Gomez, of
4. Kevin Mulvey, rhp
5. Eddie Kunz, rhp
6. Brant Rustich, rhp
7. Philip Humber, rhp
8. Jon Niese, lhp
9. Nathan Vineyard, lhp
10. Robert Parnell, rhp

Kunz and Rustich 5, 6 is a joke. I really doubt Phil Humber's stock has fallen that dramatically. My(Tejesh) top ten would be as follows:

1. Carlos Gomez
2. Fernando Martinez
3. Deolis Guerra
4. Philip Humber
5. Kevin Mulvey
6. Jon Niese
7. Mike Carp
8. Nick Evans
9. Bobby Parnell
10. Francisco Pena


I(David) like the list except for maybe Kunz being too high...
My top 10 would be:
1. Fernando Martinez
2. Carlos Gomez
3. Deolis Guerra
Philip Humber
Kevin Mulvey
6. Brant Rustich
7. Jon Niese
8. Bobby Parnell
9. Tie-Nathan Vineyard/Scott Moviel
10. Eddie Kunz
Evans and Carp finish just outside the top 10

11/9 Links


HWL @ 1130pm
AFL @ 9pm



11/8 Winter Leagues Report! Collazo!!!

Scottsdale 1, Peoria Saguaros 9

Mike Carp (1b) 1 for 4, .230

Waikiki 6, Honolulu 1

Hector Pellot (2b) 1 for 4, run, HR (2), 2 RBI (9), K, .286
Lucas Duda (1b) 1 for 3, run, HR (2), RBI (9), .324

Various IWLs

Jesus Gamero (lf) 0 for 2, .267
Willie Collazo 7 IP, 2 H, BB, 3 Ks, 0.00 era, 10:7:3, 23 Batters Faced
Angel Calero 0.1 IP, H, 1.80 era

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Trade Rumour...

Yes, with an extra 'u'.

Carlos Gomez (maybe +) for Matt Garza.

Interested? I haven't seen any of Garza (don't believe he pitched vs us last year), but from a couple of scouting reports I've seen, he's got tremendous upside. Here is a scouting report from 'j0elee' on NYFS, who gets to see many Twins games:

Matt Garza

Repetoire: 94-97mph 2 seam fastball (has tremendous lateral movement) in a 12-1 O'Clock slot. Best comparable to Schilling in his hay-day.
82-84mph power curveball (hides very well to compliment his fastball) and can throw for strikes at a high rate. 86mph slider (his arm slot changes to more of a 1-2 O'Clock angle) however this is his strikeout pitch. Never throws it for strikes and is usually in the dirt but gets high K-rate. Change-up is in progress, but nothing more than a show me pitch.

Summary: Matt projects to be a top of the rotation starter with minimal risk of arm injury. Very smooth delivery (after the initial herky-jerk motion that he uses in the beginning). Personally he projects to be along the lines of Matt Clement (when Matt has everything working) which is by no means an insult. He can do for a team what Beckett has done for the RedSox.

I think I'd be down with this, what say you?

11/8 Links


HWL @ 1130pm
AFL @ 9pm



11/7 Winter League Report

Scottsdale 5, Phoenix 6

Caleb Stewart (dh) 1 for 4, run, BB, .296
Mike Carp (1b) 0 for 4, RBI, .229
Mike Nickeas (c) 0 for 4, .156
Carlos Muniz IP, H, ER, 2 BBs, K, 3.60 era, 24:15:9, 1:1:1

Various IWLs

Ryan Cullen 0.1 IP, 2 H, 2 ER, 3.60 era, L (0-1), (another pitcher allowed both Cullen's IHR to score)
Miguel Negron (cf) 0 for 2, BB, .204

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

And for Post Eddie Kunz article from the AFL

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. -- Eddie Kunz didn't know much about the Mets when he was drafted in June. But Oregon State's closer was well aware of Omar Minaya's predilection for drafting relief pitchers and quickly putting them in a position where they could help the Major League club.

New York's general manager had no problem with his staff giving 2006 third-round pick Joe Smith a long look this spring, one that resulted in his beginning the season on the Major League roster. And when Minaya was the general manager in Montreal in 2003, he made a few headlines by drafting Chad Cordero in the first round out of Cal-State Fullerton, then bringing him to the big leagues before the end of that season.

So when New York grabbed Kunz with its first selection (42nd overall) in this year's First-Year Player Draft, he figured his chances of working his way into the Mets' bullpen before too long were good. Kunz will have every opportunity to reward Minaya and team brass for their faith next February, when he arrives in Port St. Lucie for his first Major League Spring Training.

Considering how New York's bullpen fell apart over the final six weeks of the 2006 season, the chances of Kunz earning one of the coveted setup roles in front of closer Billy Wagner isn't far-fetched. He certainly has the resume for such a position, having pitched on back-to-back College World Series championship teams at OSU, including serving as the club's closer in 2007.

"I heard a lot about Joe Smith and actually played against him when I first started at Oregon State," said Kunz, who is currently pitching for Scottsdale in the Arizona Fall League. "That was on my mind when the Mets drafted me. But, I still have to pitch well and work hard and see if I can get a spot on the 40-man roster.

"I definitely think I can go to the big-league camp and make the big-league team. Just to be there will be huge to face big-league hitters and see the difference."

If Kunz can tweak his power game just a bit and adapt to the better hitters in the pro game, finding a place for him on the Major League roster, let alone the 40-man, shouldn't be much of a problem. A mammoth right-hander, he's 6-foot-5 and 250 pounds and presents an image that's more middle linebacker than middle relief.

Kunz uses that powerful frame to produce a mid-to-high 90s fastball. While he was able to just blow the ball by hitters in the Pac-10, he found out last summer that he'd need a bit more moxie as he moves up the professional ladder. Kunz was 0-1 with a 6.75 ERA with Class A Short-Season Brooklyn of the New York-Penn League. He struck out nine and held the opposition to a .190 batting average in 12 innings, but he also walked eight after issuing 45 free passes in 100 1/3 career innings at OSU.

"You can't fool people here," Kunz said. "You have some good hitters who you just can't overpower. I finished up strong and I'm working on the same stuff here that I was working on at the end of the season. I want to develop three pitches, keep throwing the fastball for strikes while working on my slider and changeup to put things together.

"I have to be able to throw my changeup and slider for strikes. I usually try to get ahead with the fastball. But here if you don't have two good pitches, they'll hit you really well."

Kunz has had a rough time of it in Arizona though. He's 0-1 with a 14.09 ERA through six appearances. He walked five, surrendered 14 hits (including two homers) and allowed the opposition to hit .400 off him over his first 7 2/3 innings. While those numbers aren't encouraging, the atmosphere in Arizona is one of learning. And that's what Kunz is doing, hoping to compliment his education enough that he'll see some benefits in February.

"Knowing that I'm going to Major League camp is a little bit of a push," he said. "I still have to work hard, though. I have to work my butt off and show them I know what I'm doing."

It would seem that based on how the Mets scouted him, and when they drafted him, they are well aware that Kunz knows what he's doing.

L to the Izzo I to the Rizzo N to the Slizzo K to the Gizzo

11/6 Winter Leagues Report, 11/7 Links

Scottsdale 1, Phoenix 0

Mike Carp (1b) 2 for 3, 2b, .241
Adam Bostick 5 IP, 5 H, 2 BBs, 3 Ks, 1.42 era, 85:55:30, 6:5:3

Various IWLs

Ambiorix Concepcion (dh) 0 for 3, run, BB, K, .200
Miguel Negron (cf) 0 for 3, run, BB, .213

Boxscore AFL @ 9pm
Gameday AFL

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Mike Carp update

Article from

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. -- Mike Carp didn't realize there was anything wrong. He felt the same at the plate, and though his numbers upon his return from a broken finger this season weren't spectacular, he had no reason to be concerned.

Then Carp saw videotape of himself and what he saw surprised him. The player some consider the Mets' first baseman of the future checked out that little strip of celluloid last month while working with Tim Teufel, who managed New York's South Atlantic League affiliate Savannah Sand Gnats this season and is currently coaching with the Scottsdale Scorpions in the Arizona Fall League. The player on the tape was clearly Carp, but what he saw in the swing was unrecognizable.

Carp broke the ring finger on his right hand on May 3 while Double-A Binghamton was playing at New Britain. He didn't return until June 19, hitting .292 in 48 at-bats through the end of that month. But he hit .214 in July and ended the season batting .251 with career lows in home runs (11) and RBIs (48).

"I saw that video and it didn't look like me," Carp said. "The injury resulted in some bad habits that you just can't feel. When I was up there at the plate, I had the same mindset. But when I broke it down I realized that it wasn't me. And I've noticed the last couple of weeks that it wasn't me."

Carp says his finger was still tender when he came off the disabled list in June. While much of that tenderness has subsided, he subconsciously began to compensate for what had been lacking in his grip as a result of the injury. He said he wasn't as strong holding the bat, so he attempted to use his body more to generate power and that eventually led to him moving his hands too much.

The domino effect was obvious on the video, but not in his approach at the plate, so now he's in Arizona working on correcting the problem. Carp was hitting .206 with 10 RBIs through 68 AFL at-bats so all the kinks still haven't been worked out.

"It's been frustrating the last couple of weeks," he said. "I just have to figure out how I was swinging in 2006 [when he was named New York's organizational Player of the Year] and in Spring Training this year and do that here."

If Carp can regain the form he displayed for much of Spring Training, it certainly would benefit him and the Mets. He spent almost the entire spring in Major League camp because of nagging injuries to first basemen Carlos Delgado and Julio Franco. Though he finished with a .233 average, he had a homer and seven RBIs in 43 at-bats, impressing manager Willie Randolph and the front office with his approach.

Carp was hoping to use the time with the parent club as a springboard for the season, but bad weather in upstate New York limited Binghamton to 17 games in April. Still, he was hitting .267 through 20 games with a pair of homers and seven RBIs before getting hurt.

"It was a tough April because I was excited to have a good first month," Carp said. "But between the snow and getting hurt, it took a toll on my swing. I don't know if I came back too soon. But there was too much anxiety just sitting around. I can't be in the middle of the season and not playing.

"I don't see this as a setback. It would have been different if this were a hamstring or an oblique. You can't control a ball hitting your finger. I'm still young and I've had successes. Hopefully I can carry it into next year and earn a callup."

Whether that happens remains to be seen. Delgado has a year left on his contract and those feeding the fires in the hot stove league would like nothing more than for the Mets to sign Alex Rodriguez and move David Wright to first to accommodate him, as unlikely a scenario as that appears to be.

Still there could be a place for Carp with the Mets by the end of the 2008 season. But one American League scout who saw a great deal of Carp this season, both before and after the injury, isn't entirely convinced where he will fit in or when.

"I got to see him a lot in Spring Training and then in Binghamton and he was swinging the bat well," the scout said. "I think he's going to be a lefty bat off the bench. He has a chance at being a regular because his defense is adequate, he can hit, has some power and a good idea of the strike zone.

"I kind of have some doubts about some of his numbers. I think he could be along the lines of someone like Mike Jacobs. But I think he's a better hitter than Mike was at this stage. He recognizes pitches a little better. I think they are similar offensive guys, though Carp might hit for a better average and Jacobs for more homers."

Carp was amused by the Jacobs comparison. He doesn't want to be Mike Jacobs, though. He wants to be Mike Carp and right now that's not the player he sees when he looks at the tape.

11/6 Links

Boxscore AFL @ 230pm
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Monday, November 05, 2007

11/5 Winter Leagues Report!

Scottsdale 7, Mesa 3

Caleb Stewart (dh) 1 for 4, run, HR, 2 RBI, K, .304
Mike Carp (1b) 2 for 4, run, 2b, 2 RBI, .224
Mike Nickeas (c) 1 for 3, BB, K, .179
Eddie Kunz IP, BB, K, 12.46 era, 19:11:8, 2:0:1

Various IWLs

Ryan Cullen 0.2 IP, H, 0.00 era
Ambiorix Concepcion (rf) 1 for 3, run, 2b, .286
Ruben Gotay 2 for 3, 2b, 2 RBI, 2 K, .182

MPH Interviews: 2 of 2 with Mark Gildea

During the season, I had a few opportunities to sit down and talk with Mark Gildea, who is playing in the Washing Nationals chain, and get his thoughts and observations on our prospects in Brooklyn. Mark played for the Vermont Lake Monsters, and hit .247/.362/.348/.710

Today, I'll post Mark's thoughts on Nick Waechter, who the Mets drafted in the 23rd round of the 2006 draft.

MPH: Tell me about Nick Waechter

Mark: He's a mad good pitcher. He throws a fastball, curveball, and either a forkball or sinker, but that's a weak offering. His fastball is great, and so is his curve.

MPH: How hard does he throw his fastball?

Mark: About 97 MPH. He's good, actually.

MPH: And his curve?

Mark: In the 81-84 range. He doesn't have a specific speed he throws his curve, we were all fooled because he threw it at varying speeds.

MPH: Thanks again for doing this.

Mark: No problem.

Edit: Just talked to Mark, and he did in fact tell me he meant 87, not 97, when talking about Nick's fastball. He also said: "oops, but I have seen him throw in the low 90s few times"

I apologize for that, I don't have access to the scouting reports.

11/5 Links

Boxscore: AFL @ 235 or 335pm
Gameday: AFL

11/4 Winter Leagues Report

Quiet night.

Various IWLs

Anderson Hernandez (2b) 0 for 4, K, E (2)
Ruben Gotay (2b) 0 for 3, run, BB, K, .000 (0 for 9, BB, 2 Ks)
Ambiorix Concepcion (ph, rf) 1 for 2, K, .250
Matias Carrillo 0.2 IP, R, 3 BBs, 9 era

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Tonight's HWL game has been canceled

Just an FYI.

MPH Interviews: Mark Gildea

During the season, I had a few opportunities to sit down and talk with Mark Gildea, who is playing in the Washing Nationals chain, and get his thoughts and observations on our prospects in Brooklyn. Mark played for the Vermont Lake Monsters, and hit .247/.362/.348/.710

Today, I'll post Mark's thoughts on Dillon Gee, who the Mets drafted in the 22nd round of the 2007 draft.

MPH: So give us your impressions of Dillon Gee.

Mark: Gee is pretty decent, he's a hard thrower. Features a 4 seam fastball around 93 mph, topping out at 96. He needs to work on control if he expects to dominate. Most of us didn't make good contact because his delievery is very much like K-Rod.

MPH: What sort of offspeed stuff does he have?

Mark: He's got a curveball around 74 mph, he got me with that once. He also throws a slider which I'd compare to Olliver Perez'.

MPH: Well, thanks for taking the time to talk with us after the game.

Mark: Anytime.

11/3 Winter Leagues Report!, 11/4 Links

Scottsdale 7, Mesa 1

Mike Carp (1b) 1 for 4, run, K, .208

Waikiki 7, North Shore 8

Hector Pellot (2b) 1 for 3, run, BB, .287
Dan Murphy (3b) 0 for 5, RBI, .292
Lucas Duda (1b) 0 for 3, run, BB, .323
Jose Coronado (ss) 1 for 4, 2 runs, K, .200
Brant Rustich 0.2 IP, 2 H, 2 R, BB, 2 Ks, 5.25 era, BS (1), 30:17:13, 0:0:2

Various IWLs

Anderson Hernandez (2b) 2 for 4, RBI, E (1)
Miguel Negron (cf) 1 for 4, run, 2b
Ryan Cullen 0.1 IP

HWL Boxscore @ 8pm or 9pm
HWL Gameday

Saturday, November 03, 2007

SOUNDOFF: Carlos Gomez - to trade or not to trade

(AAA New Orleans .286/.363/.414, 36 games, 40 for 140, 24 runs, 8 2b, 2 3b, 2 HR, 13 RBI, 15/23 BB/K, 17/21 SBs, MLB New York Mets .232/.288/.304, 58 games, 29 for 125, 14 runs, 3 2b, 2 HR, 12 RBI, 8/27 BB/K ratio, 12/15 SBs)

What do you think should happen? If you say trade him, where, and for what? If you say keep him, why? Answer in the comments section. Lets get a discussion going!

11/3 Links


HWL @ 1230am
AFL @ 1005pm



11/2 Winter Leagues Report!

Scottsdale 2, Phoenix 3

Mike Carp (1b) 0 for 4, .206
Mick Nickeas (c) 0 for 3, 2 Ks, .167
Eddie Camacho 2 IP, 2 H, 2 Ks, 3.52 era, 24:15:9, 2:2:2
Carlos Muniz 2.1 IP, 4 H, ER, 3.00 era, BS (2), L (0-1) 36:24:12, 3:3:0

Waikiki 4, North Shore 0

Hector Pellot (2b) 1 for 4, .286, SB (3)
Jose Coronado (ss) 1 for 3, run, 2b, RBI, K, .182

Various IWLs

Anderson Hernandez (2b) 1 for 4, .158
Ryan Cullen 0.1 IP, H, 0.00 era
Ruben Gotay 0 for 1
Carlos Gomez (rf) 1 for 4, run, BB, K, .200
Marcelo Perez 1.1 IP, 5 H, 3 ER, BB, K, 16.20 era

Friday, November 02, 2007

Prospect Focus: St. Lucie 3B Daniel Murphy

Murphy was selected in the 13th round of the 2006 draft out of Jacksonville University, where as a junior, he hit .398/.470/.534/1.004 with 10 2b, 3b, 6 HR in 221 ABs. He also stoles 15/22 bases, and had a ridiculous 34/13 BB/K ratio. His K rate was an absurdly low .0588, and his BB/K ratio was an equally absurd 2.6154. He throws right and bats lefty.

He has shown a history of vast improvement in his plate discipline. His freshman year at Jacksonville, he hit .377/.455/.506/.961, with 5 2b, 3b, HR, in 77 ABs. He struck out 13 times, a K rate of .168, and a 9/13 BB/K ratio, or 0.6923. His sophomore season, he hit .329/.381/.429/.810, with 12 2b, 2 3b, 2 HR in 219 ABs, and a 11/23 BB/K ratio. His K rate was .105, and his BB/K ratio was 0.4783.

After the Mets took him, he played at 3 levels, Kingsport, Brooklyn, and the GCL. Overall, he batted .213/.315/.300/.615 in 80 ABs. He had a 12/7 BB/K ratio, and a 0.0875 K rate, and a 1.7143 BB/K ratio.

This year, Murphy was in St. Lucie, and he batted .285/.338/.430 in 502 ABs, with 34 2b, 3 3b and 11 HR. He had a BB/K ratio of 42/61, or 0.6885. His K rate was .122. His lefty/righty splits show that he is more adapt at hitting RHP.

Murphy hit .257/.317/.368/.685 vs LHP, 37 for 133, with 5 2b, 3b, 3 HR, and an 11/19 BB/K ratio, or 0.5789. His K rate vs LHP was .132. Versus RHP, he hit .295/.345/.454/.799, 106 for 359, with 29 2b, 2 3b, 8 HR and a 30/44 BB/K ratio, or 0.6818. His K rate vs RHP was .123.

THE FUTURE: Murphy should be manning third base for the Binghamton Mets in 2008, and as with Mike Carp, how well he hits lefties will determine his future. Both Carp and Murphy can abuse RHP, however, how they fare vs LHP will determine whether they truly emerge as serious contenders to man 1b for the Mets in 2009.

11/2 Links


HWL @ 1230am
AFL @ 1005pm



Thursday, November 01, 2007

11/1 Carp + IWL Report!

Winter baseball is wonderful, lol.

Scottsdale 6, Surprise 0

Mike Carp (1b) 1 for 3, run, 2b, .219, HBP

Various IWLs

Anderson Hernandez (2b) 1 for 4, 2b, 2 Ks, .133

11/1 Links

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