Thursday, April 05, 2007

Confirmation that Guerra is hitting 96(!!!)mph, and some Fernando stuff

Via, insider

---------------------Deolis Guerra----------------------

Justin (Queens, NY): Welcome Chris, I know the Mets have a plethora of outstanding position players down on the farm, but what do you know about their pitching prospects?

SportsNation Chris Kline: Plethora?
Not exactly a word I would chooseto use when discussing that system, but . . .
I can tell you that RHP ','white')" onmouseout="kill()">Deolis Guerra (who turns 18 on the 17th of this month) was hitting 96 mph this spring . . . He could be a beast. Young, raw, but huge upside.

----------------------Fernando Martinez-------------------------

Eric (Orlando, FL): Is ','white')" onmouseout="kill()">Fernando Martinez a cant miss prospect? How good can he be? Do you think he could be a starting RFer for the Mets in 2008?

SportsNation Chris Kline: I wouldn't say can't miss for his age--and there are a lot of things that can go wrong . . . but I think if he continues on his current path he could certainly be in that mix.
Unlike a lot of people, I'm kind of lukewarm on Martinez. I like the power, like the way he goes about it--very mature kid. But I like the old-school GM approach to guys like him: Prove it in Double-A.
If Martinez puts up numbers in Binghamton this year, he'll firmly establish himself as one of the best prospects around.

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