Saturday, April 07, 2007

First Hand Scouting Report on Deolis Guerra

We had someone give us a first hand scouting report of Deolis Guerra, he was there on Thursday night to see him pitch in person. Good stuff:
"I was at that game - first time I've seen him.

And it looks to me like he's throwing a slider, moreso than a curve. It's coming in in the 80's with some good lateral break, rather than straight drop. He got alot of his swings and misses with this. There were also few slower breaking balls.

Fastball was good, but mostly induced contact, as nothway suggests was the case last year. I have no idea about velocity, didn't get any gun readings. But it does look like an MLB caliber pitch to me. I'd guess he was sitting more like 90-92, though possibly touched 93-95--but my guess may be even less accurate than an SNY ragar gun. But the best hit balls of the night probably came off the fastball.

The change, at times, was just fantastic. That was his best pitch.

I have no idea how much upside is there from here, given he's only 17. But with the stuff he's showing now, with a bit more refinement and experiece, he could be a good #3 on the order of a John Maine or El Duque. That's with no further improvement in raw stuff, just consistent command of what he's already showing. (meaning if/when he improves, he can easily be an Ace #1/#2

It's tough for me to judge the breaking ball at this level, as most hitters here would look bad against even an average MLB slider. But I think the fastball and breaking ball are likely both at least average, with a plus changeup."
thanks to
acerimusdux of NYFS.