Thursday, July 26, 2007

Joe Smith sent to AAA New Orleans

According to Adam Rubin's blog the Mets have sent Joe Smith to New Orleans and according to Metsblog, the Mets have promoted Jon Adkins

According to Tej, Jon Adkins is a pile of crap and won't last 2 weeks in the majors.


  1. That's kinda dissapointing...apparently he was a favorite in the clubhouse...hopefully he will be back soon

  2. Yeah, he hasn't pitched this much in his life, and you could see his stuff was getting very flat, plus he was losing a bit of velocity on his fastball.

    I don't know if the prescription is more work to force him through this dead arm, or no work to help him recuperate. You can't be giving him 2-3 week breaks in the middle of every season if he's going to be one of our main cogs.

  3. i think theyll work him but give him more time in between to recuperate. basically spreading out his work so he can get his arm back and then give him a little extra rest so he can come back up here and do what he did in the beginning which was pitch terrifically (also giving the league a little less time to figure him out which wouldnt hurt). he was pitching what would have been to much for a veteran to early in the season, let alone a rookie right out of college.