Monday, July 30, 2007

The Mets make a trade for Luis Castillo

According to several sources, the Mets have traded AA catcher Drew Butera and A+ OF Dustin Martin to the Minnesota Twins for 2B Luis Castillo.

I don't really understand this move, at this point in Castillo's career, he's not the elite basestealer he once was, and he's a very light hitter. Unless the Mets were that concerned about Gotay's defense, this deal doesn't make a whole lot of sense. The only consolation is we didn't trade even B prospects. Maybe D prospects, at best.

Still, this is a deal that reeks of just making one to make one. I dislike it.


  1. i believe this could be a decent move. i don't like seeing dustin martin go, because it seemed like he could be coming into his own. at this point in gotay's career, he needs a bit more seasoning. he's come through in the clutch and been a spark for this team, but he does honestly need to improve his defensive abilities. having him on the bench and spot-starting the remainder of the year could afford him the time to work with his coaches. if castillo doesn't perform, he's gone next year. it seems like a playoff push move, but i'm not in the slightest bit worried about next year since a-hern will be in the mix by then (who has also come into his own offensively in AAA). i can't wait to see what happens tomorrow

  2. umm im sorry but this really was a terrible post...we gave up nothing, and if you consider dustin martin something then realize that he's in single-A. and since this team revolves around reyes, what better player to have around him then castillo. he will sacrifice himself for reyes, move him over, get bunt singles, take a pitch for reyes to steal. oh and great defense to at a premium position. he's not the power we're looking for but he brings so much to the table and works perfectly with our main player (reyes). also, if castillo doesnt sign with us at the end of the season, we will be getting a first round pick which im gonna take a chance (and a really good one at that) and say that our first rounder we get for him if he doesnt sign will be better then martin or butera

  3. im sorry also forgot to say, how can you believe that gotay will keep this up?? are you kidding me, he's hitting in the .330's!!! he was known as a good bat, no glove in the minors but not to this extent. he'll probably come down to earth with his bat but his defense will still be bad...great move by omar