Sunday, December 28, 2008

Input needed from readers/followers...

So I mentioned in passing (I think on the chat box) that I'd be updating our guys stats in the winter leagues for the playoffs, since won't be. I'll be using Excel to keep up - but we have a ton of players in the winter leagues, and only a few that pertain to this blog, so I've created a list of those (+ veterans who normally wouldn't fall under our jurisdiction, but why the hell not?), and a list I won't be updating. I need input from you guys as to who to place in what category. So I'll post the lists below, and you guys can pick additions, subtractions. Here it is:

Guys I will update

Fernando Martinez (AA), Fernando Tatis (MLB), Jose Coronado (AA), Brahiam Maldonado (A+), Francisco Pena (A), Dillon Gee (AA), Michael Antonini (AA), Tobi Stoner (AA), Jose Rojas (R), German Marte (A+), Pedro Feliciano (MLB), K Rod (MLB)

Guys I will NOT update

Victor Mendez, Jesus Feliciano, Rene Rivera, Robinson Cancel, Michel Abreu, Gustavo Molina, Rogelio Del Campo, Michael Hernandez, Hector Pellot, Juan Centeno, Cesar Cordido, Roy Merritt, Nelson Figueroa, Carlos Muniz, Junior Guerra, Edgar Alfonzo, Jose Sanchez, Eddie Camacho, Matias Carrillo, Julio Polanco, Juan Padilla
Eric Brown


  1. I would like to see Hector Pellot, Rot Meritt, Junior Guerra, and Jose Sanchez added.

  2. I'd like to see guys that we have a chance to see in the new stadium added - figueroa, muniz