Friday, December 18, 2009

A Disgusting Borderline racist pile of pig slop written by Phil Mushnick

Jose, can you see?

Jose Reyes, 27 in June and a major leaguer since 2003, seems eager to sustain his reputation as a knucklehead. Reyes, in town on Wednesday, was seen on the YES simulcast of Mike Francesa’s radio show. Wearing a wool ski cap pulled down low, throughout the (indoor) studio interview, Reyes looked like a squeegee man who used to stand outside the Lincoln Tunnel.

Yeah, I know, you can’t judge books by their covers and clothes don’t make the man. But they can offer a pretty good clue. Is there no one — his agent, someone with the Mets — who can provide one of the team’s best known players with some basic social guidance, especially in public?

By comparison, new Yankee Curtis Granderson yesterday met the media in tie and jacket.

Hey great job, Phil. Way to:

a) completely and totally ignore anything Jose actually SAID on air, and instead focus on his outfit (um...does that even matter? Forgive me if I'm being naive here, but isn't what comes out of Reyes' mouth much more important then what he's wearing?)

b) come off as racist.

c) compare a radio (it's still RADIO first, Phillip) interview to an actual PRESS CONFERENCE

And, lastly, as someone on NYFS pointed out, I wonder what our buddy Philly thinks of this picture:

Get off yourself, Mushy (as in - what's in between your ears is mushy and non-functional), and issue an apology. And stick to critiquing WHAT is said, and not how people look.


  1. I want to say that I really like the website, but I'm not too sure about this. If you want to criticize Mushnick for not commenting on the content of the reyes interview, that's one thing. But why weaken that point with an (indirect) suggestion of racism. Especially when his counterpoint is Curtis Granderson. It's an anti-Met piece from someone who prefers the (historically) more traditional/professional philosophy of the Yankees.

    Would it have represented the organization better if Reyes dressed up a little? I tend to think so, and does Wright look ridiculous wearing that hat in an interview? I think so. I feel I can look past it to what they say, but frankly, there are a lot of people in the world who can't, so why chance it?

    Also, I'm not sure you can call the interview a radio interview much more accurately than calling it a TV interview, just because it's "radio first".

  2. Well, comparing Reyes to the "squeegee guy" isn't racist? I think it is, but maybe that's just me.

    And really, it's the offseason, and it was a one-off interview, who cares what Jose Reyes was wearing?

  3. I agree who cares what Reyes was wearing in fact his atire is what the majority of twenty-somethings wear what I enjoyed about the interview was Reyes candor and his exciment to get back to playing baseball

    why would you shocked by Mushnick's cranky old man attiutde he still thing crimes are commited becuase kids wers blck Nike's

    As for Wright's cap he visted a childrens hospital last year and I believe the a child with cancer wearing the cap and Wright told him he's wera the cap on TV in solidarity

  4. Yeah, exactly. I knew the story behind the cap.

  5. I like the comment that implies Phil isn't a racist because he mentions Granderson in a positive way. Because that's totally how being a non-racist works.

    Thanks for the picture of D. Wright though, ha. That's great.

  6. I think he was mentioning some Yankee thing in a positive way.