Friday, November 27, 2009

11/26 Winter League Report + 11/27 Links!

Francisco Rodriguez IP, 2 H, ER, 3 Ks, 9 era
c Josh Thole 2 for 5, run, 2 2b, RBI, 2 Ks, .388
Comprehensive Winter League Scoreboard

VWL: Caracas Boxscore @ 730pm ish


  1. I no people really like Ike davis but to be honest i dont see whats such a big deal about him. of course i no he has tru power but he gets to the ball late in his swing which will take some away from it. he also doesnt make enough contact. i definitely think he will be a good player with a year in the minors but maybe an extra half or whole season on top of that can do him real good. he must learn to hit lefties better, and get those offspeed pitches and at the same time to be honest, refine that swing. he can also fill out a little bit more (not that his size is a problem). if he gets to the majors in 2 years instead of one, i think that will be such a huge benefit to his game. i think with only 1 year in the minors, he wont be the star that everyone thinks he will become

  2. btw, i like him, im just saying that everyone should temper their excitement. while we're on that note, i think bradley holt should be in the minors for AT LEAST 2-3 more years (1 in AA and 1 or 2 in AAA, the more the better). his fastball isn't as good as pelfrey's and pelfrey's struggling because he doesn't have other pitches than his 2 fastballs. i seriously think that 1 extra season in the minors for pelf would have done him wonders, all he needed was for his pitches to be average or even a little below because his 2 fastballs are so good. im of the adage that prospects should be over prepared before they get in depending on the player (davis and holt yes, someone like fernando can do well although he didn't do so well this year i feel he just needs pitches). it all depends on the combination of skill level, skill maturity, mental maturity, physical maturity, mental ability, health, and a couple of other things that i cant remember now

  3. Davis should spent all of 2010 in Buffalo, as should Fernando, Niese and Thole. Bring them up in a wave for 2011.

  4. hmmm, although i feel that thole's bat is ready, his defense isn't

  5. Well, we thought Murphy's bat was ready, too...and while a 95 OPS+ isn't terrible for your rookie year...