Sunday, November 29, 2009

11/28 Winter League Report + 11/29 Links! THOLE!

dh Fernando Martinez 0 for 3, BB, 2 Ks, .167
c Josh Thole 3 for 4, RBI, .403
ss Jose Coronado 0 for 4, .247
c Luis Alen 1 for 4, .357
2b Argenis Reyes 1 for 4, run, BB, .210

Fernando Nieve 2 IP, 2 H, 4 Ks, 0.00 era, 1:1:4
Jose Sanchez 5 IP, 6 H, 2 ER, 2/4 BB/K, HR, 2.84 era, W (2-0), 8:3:4
Manuel Alvarez H, 2 BBs, 3.31 era
Jim Warden IP, H, K, 3.12 era, 2:0:1
Marcos Tabata 0.2 IP, 4 H, 5/2 R/ER, K, 3.18 era, 0:1:1
Comprehensive Winter League Scoreboard

VWL: Caracas Boxscore @ 530pm ish


  1. I know many people want halladay but at the same time don't want to kill the farm. i really do feel that taking back vernon wells is a good deal if we dont give up anything of true value. this will help the mets long term with the farm also. at the same time vernon wells just had surgery on his wrist because of messed up cartilage, it this helps get him back to where he was then this could be steal. of course i'm not saying that he will but even if he doesnt get back to his best, he is still an upgrade over what we have.

    also, not a fan of holliday. he, of course, is very good but he's not a true superstar and he wants to get paid that way. we should stay away from that, someone worth that kind of money would be joe mauer and arod(most complete baseball players), pujols (best bat), hanley ramirez as an outfielder (best overall offensive player because he has the speed also, don't like his defense as a shortstop so thus i do still feel he is overrated a little bit but that bat is tremendous), and others and yes I do feel that Reyes is the best overall shortstop in the game because of his multiple abilities. matt holiday is not of this caliber and shouldn't be paid as much.

  2. i also dont like selling the farm for adrian gonzales because although i do feel he is a terrific player, he is a first baseman and a first basemans bat has to be huge and i dont think people realize that. only 1b i would do that for is pujols. in this day and age without steroids youth becomes the most important thing and so does being MLB ready

  3. people talk about going over slot but this is another way of using our financial power. this isn't for some mediocre player, this is for teamming up one of the top 5 pitchers (CC, santana, lincecum, greinke, halladay not in any order) in the game with another one of the top 5 pitchers in the game. he also will not get as much as johan/cc.

    and since we're on the topic of money, aroldis chapman will not get as much as strasburg. he probably will not even get close. people say because he's on the open market he will get big up but the fact is, these teams don't have to face the pressure of signing him as the nationals had to with strasburg and even he got less than he wanted. 60 million for a 21-year old with control problems of his best pitch (although it has tremendous potential and is already a terrific fastball even with the control problems) and no secondary offerings. ya, compared to the bonuses of other guys he should be getting around 4-6 million

  4. Taking back Vernon Wells contract would probably rank #1 on the list of stupid things Omar could do this offseason.

    That contract is an albatross, 5/107 for a player who is probably worth half.

  5. um it also helps save the farm system, upgrades our left field position, gets us one of the best pitchers in baseball to team up with the one that we have. we're the new york mets, not the florida marlins. you know they aren't going over slot, so this is a way to help the farm. no one is saying the contract isn't terrible, it is, but look at the benefits of doing so.

  6. That contract is a crippler for ANYONE not named the Yankees, and even they wouldn't touch it.