Monday, November 02, 2009

Tej's Analysis of the 40-man roster + Some Rule V Stuff

40-Man Roster
** = 60 day DL

Pitchers (17) + 4

Lance Broadway
Elmer Dessens
Jack Egbert
Pedro Feliciano
Nelson Figueroa
Sean Green
Eddie Kunz
Arturo Lopez
John Maine
Pat Misch
Jon Niese**
Fernando Nieve**
Bobby Parnell
Mike Pelfrey
Oliver Perez**
JJ Putz**
Tim Redding
Francisco Rodriguez
Johan Santana
Brian Stokes
Tobi Stoner

Catchers (3)

Omir Santos
Brian Schneider
Josh Thole

Infielders (7) + 3

Luis Castillo
Alex Cora**
Carlos Delgado**
Andy Green
Anderson Hernandez
Ramon Martinez**
Daniel Murphy
Jose Reyes
Fernando Tatis
David Wright

Outfielders (8) + 1

Carlos Beltran
Chris Carter
Nick Evans
Jeff Francoeur
Fernando Martinez**
Angel Pagan
Jeremy Reed
Gary Sheffield
Cory Sullivan

As requested, my look at the 40 man roster. The roster currently stands at 35 active players, and 8 players on the 60 day DL (for a total of 43, for the mathmatically challenged). Following is a list of players I would DFA/cut/release, to free up room on the 40 man roster, in preperation for the Rule V draft.

Pitchers: Lance Broadway, Elmer Dessens, Jack Egbert, Sean Green, Arturo Lopez, Tim Redding (6)
Catchers: Brian Schneider (1)
Infielders: Alex Cora, Andy Green, Ramon Martinez, Fernando Tatis (4)
Outfielders: Jeremy Reed, Gary Sheffield (2)

That frees up 13 spots on the roster, taking it down from 43 to 30. Keep in mind you need to add 2005 HS and 2006 college players to the 40 man, or risk losing them in the Rule V. Here is a list of Met candidates (who I deem even slightly intriguing) for the 2009 Rule V draft

2005 draft: Hector Pellot (2b, 4th round), Nick Carr (P, 41st round)
2006 draft: Phillips Orta (P, 10th round)

Not alot there, huh? Mainly because the guys who we need to protect are already on there (Fernando, Thole, Niese, Stoner). Of the 3 on the short list, I'd protect Nick Carr. Hard throwing righty who hit 100 MPH a few times this past season in St. Lucie, still young, was pitching lights out as a reliever.

That puts 31 on the 40 man, figure we will resign Tatis for a 1 year deal, and also bring back Green and Cora, that put 34 on the roster. FIgure 2 or 3 FA signings, and then 2 spots open for the Rule V, putting the spring training 40 man roster at 38 or 39, leaving you room for a waiver pickup, or in case a NRI surprises you enough to merit addition to the 25 man.

So there you go, the 40 man roster.

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