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MPH System Audit IV Part III: Middle Infielders


1. A SS Wilmer Flores R/R 8/6/91 (A Savannah .264/.305/.332/.637, 129 for 488, 44 runs, 20 2b, 2 3b, 3 HR, 36 RBI, 22/72 BB/K)

Flores was the Mets prize signing out of the three big name IFAs they signed in 2007. He arrived with a splash in 2008, torching the Appy League as a 16/17 year old, to the tune of a .850 OPS. The Mets rightfully pushed Wilmer to the Sally League in 2009, and he had mixed results.

Flores opened the 2009 season in Savannah, where he had his ups and downs. His K rate (.148) was excellent, his BB/K (.3056) was good for his age, but he hit for no power whatsoever (68 IsoP). However, much like Jefry Marte, he had stretches of season where he was downright impressive with his ability to hit for a high average and not strike out. Combining his months of April, June, July and September, Flores hit .296/.330/.378/.708 in 307 ABs, with just 40 Ks (.130 K rate), and a 11/40 BB/K (.2750). Conversely, in his down months (May and August), he hit just .210/.263/.254/.517 in 181 ABs, with 32 Ks (.177 K rate), but a better BB/K ratio (11/32, .3438).

Flores is an advanced hitter, as evidenced by his holding his own for the majority of the 2009 season, and his flat out domination in 2008. He has a strong line drive approach which is conducive to hitting for power, and he can also hit for a high average. Flores doesn't strike out, which bodes well for the future, as he fills out and begins to hit the ball with more authority. Flores will likely have to be moved off shortstop in the future, but he doesn't have the speed/range to play the outfield. A move to either corner infield spot is the best option, however, with David Wright and (hopefully) Ike Davis entrenched there, it will be interesting to see what happens.

THE FUTURE: Flores likely showed enough with the bat to warrant a promotion to the FSL, but we'll say he spends two seaons there before moving up, putting him 4 years out, sometime in the 2013 season.

2. A+ SS/2B Reese Havens L/R 10/20/86 (A+ St. Lucie .247/.361/.422/.784, 89 for 360, 53 runs, 19 2b, 3b, 14 HR, 52 RBI, 55/73 BB/K, AFL Surprise .368/.478/.658/1.136, 14 for 38, 9 runs, 3 2b, 3b, 2 HR, 5 RBI, 8/9 BB/K)

Total 2009 Stats: .259/.372/.445/.817, 103 for 398, 62 runs, 22 2b, 2 3b, 16 HR, 57 RBI, 63/82 BB/K, .206 K rate, .7683 BB/K ratio

The Mets picked Havens with the 2nd of their 3 first round picks in 2008, 22nd overall out of South Carolina, and sent him to Brooklyn, where he showed considerable power (11 XBH in 85 ABs, .471 SLG, 8th in the NYPL). He was hampered by injuries, however, and therefore couldn't get into a consistent rhythm. Injuries followed him up to the FSL in 2009, but he performed very well there.

The Mets sent Havens to the FSL for 2009, where he did well, outside of a low batting average, all of his periphals were extremely good (114 IsoD, 175 IsoP). During the Arizona Fall Leauge, the Mets began the process of moving Havens to 2b, a process which will continue during the 2010 season, in Binghamton.

Havens has very good power for his position, and yet, he is also a very disciplined hitter (55/73 BB/K in St. Lucie, 63/82 overall), who doesn't strike out a lot (.203 K rate), and draws a very healthy amount of walks (114 IsoD). He's iffy defensively, which is why the Mets are moving him to 2b (well, along with Jose Reyes blocking SS's in the organization for the next decade (we hope)). Havens has the arm and range for 2b, and should be adequate at the position.

THE FUTURE: Havens will open 2010 in Binghamton, and should be in a position to challenge Luis Castillo and/or Ruben Tejada for the 2b job sometime in 2011.

3. AA SS/2B Ruben Tejada R/R 9/1/89 (AA Binghamton .289/.351/.381/.732, 141 for 488, 59 runs, 24 2b, 3 3b, 5 HR, 46 RBI, 37/59 BB/K, 19/22 SBs, AFL Surprise .254/.338/.373/.711, 15 for 59, 9 runs, 4 2b, HR, 9 RBI, 6/9 BB/K, 4 SBs)

Total 2009 Stats: .285/.350/.380/.730, 156 for 547, 68 runs, 28 2b, 3 3b, 6 HR, 55 RBI, 23/26 SBs, 43/68 BB/K, .124 K rate, .6324 BB/K ratio

The Mets signed Tejada out of Panama in the summer of 2006, and he began the 07 season in the Venezuelan Summer League, but performed at such a high level that the Mets secured a visa for him and brought him stateside, assigning him to the rookie level Gulf Coast League. 2008 saw Tejada in St. Lucie where he struggled bigtime. However, the Mets (IMO, foolishly) promoted Tejada to Binghamton in 2009, where he had a very good season, batting .290/.350 at age 19.

Tejada was sent to Binghamton for the 2009 season, and he performed very well, showing off a very good eye, and knowledge of the strike zone (.121 K rate, .6271 BB/K ratio). Tejada also showed off some good power with 24 2b and 5 homers in 488 ABs, and a very good success rate in steals (86.36%). Factoring out his awful April (.222/.347/.286/.632), Tejada hit an impressive .299/.351/.395/.746 in 425 ABs

Tejada is a line drive gap hitter who should rack up doubles and triples, but not many HRs. His big value will be getting on base and then using his speed to steal bases and wreak havoc atop a batting order. Tejada likely is going to move to 2b in 2010, playing in Buffalo.

THE FUTURE: Tejada will open the season in the majors playing shortstop while Jose Reyes is on the DL, then likely go down to Buffalo and move to 2b.

Edit: And now it looks like he won't, lol. He should open 2010 in Buffalo playing 2b.

4. R/A 2b Alonzo Harris R/R 11/16/89 (R Kingsport .273/.321/.447/.768, 69 for 253, 49 runs, 4 2b, 5 3b, 10 HR, 39 RBI, 17/59 BB/K, 15/21 SBs, A Savannah .200/.259/.200/.459, 5 for 25, 3 runs, 3 RBI, 2/8 BB/K)

Total 2009 Stats: .266/.316/.424/.740, 74 for 278, 52 runs, 4 2b, 5 3b, 10 HR, 42 RBI, 19/67 BB/K, 15/21 SBs

Harris was drafted by the Mets in the 39th round of the 2007 draft out of McComb High in Mississippi, and began his pro career in the GCL in 2008. The Mets conservatively sent Harris to Kingsport in 2009, where he performed well, before a late season 23 AB cameo in Savannah to end his season.

Harris spent the bulk of his 09 with rookie level Kingsport, where he hit well. 7 of his 10 HRs came in the month of July, when he ripped the Appy League up to the tune of .306/.366/.541/.906 in 111 ABs. Consistency was Harris' big downfall in 2009, as in August, he hit just .232/.275/.357/.632 in 112 ABs.

Harris is an all or nothing hitter at this point in his career, which leads to Ks and HRs. Harris' best tool offensively is likely his speed, he is one of the fastest minor leaguers the Mets have. Harris is shaky defensively at 2b, so a move to CF is not out of the question.

THE FUTURE: Harris should open 2010 in Savannnah, and ascend a level per season thereafter, putting him in AAA in 2013, and in a position to be called up that season or the next.

5. All Over 2b Jordany Valdespin 12/23/87 L/R (A Savannah .322/.366/.480/.846, 49 for 152, 30 runs, 9 2b, 3 3b, 3 HR, 18 RBI, 11/32 BB/K, 7/9 SBs, R DSL .333/.421/.600/1.021, 5 for 15, 2 3b, 5 RBI, 3/1 BB/K, 1/2 SBs, R GCL .174/.208/.174/.382, 4 for 23, 1/3 BB/K, SB, A- Brooklyn .279/.338/.397/.735, 19 for 68, 10 runs, 3 2b, 3b, HR, 5 RBI, 5/16 BB/K, 4/7 SBs, DWL Licey .300/.300/.450/.750, 6 for 20, 4 runs, HR, 2 RBI, 3 SBs)

Total 2009 Stats: .299/.346/.439/.784, 83 for 278, 44 runs, 12 2b, 6 3b, 5 HR, 30 RBI, 16/22 SBs, 20/52 BB/K, .187 K rate, .3846 BB/K ratio

Valdespin got off to a roaring start in April, prompting people from all over the prospect community to scower the web/their sources for information on the sudden sensation. Valdespin, who played the whole season at age 21, got off to a .385/.406/.615/1.021 start in April, before disciplinary issues landed him on the suspension list. After that, he went on a tour of the system, with stops in the DSL, GCL, and then Brooklyn. He's got talent, but whether he can mature (read: get his head extracted from his ass) is the question.

Valdespin has most of his power to the pull side, and much like Alonzo Harris, he is a feast or famine hitter, though he seemed to make strides in that department this season. Valdespin has decent speed, as evidenced by his 16 steals, but nothing earth-shattering. He's athletic and fluid when playing 2b, but isn't a good defensive shortstop. He does have a strong arm, which leads him to try and make plays he shouldn't.

THE FUTURE: Valdespin played in both Savannah and Brooklyn, meaning he should open 2010 in St. Lucie, and then ascend a level per season, making his debut sometime in the 2013 season.

6. A+ 2b Hector Pellot R/R 2/8/87 (A+ St. Lucie .277/.352/.373/.725, 98 for 354, 48 runs, 17 2b, 4 3b, 3 HR, 39 RBI, 37/70 BB/K, 15/26 SBs)

7. A- SS Robbie Shields R/R 12/7/87 (A- Brooklyn .178/.273/.267/.540, 26 for 146, 14 runs, 4 2b, 3 3b, HR, 9 RBI, 16/32 BB/K, 2 SBs)

Shields was drafted in the 3rd round of the 2009 draft, and after signing he was sent to Brooklyn where he had a dreadful season, hitting to a .540 OPS in 146 ABs. Shields also suffered a tear in his UCL, resulting in Tommy John surgery and expectations that he will miss the bulk of the 2010 season.

Shields has a short compact swing which generates some good pop, though he displayed none of that in his short stint in Brooklyn. He, like Reese Havens, profiles better as a 2b. Many (including me) called Shields the righty Havens when he was picked, the scouting reports are similiar.

THE FUTURE: Shields, when he does come back off the injury/rehab/surgery, will likely play in Brooklyn again, and then jump to the FSL in 2011, putting his ETA around late 2013 or 2014.

8. AAA/AA SS Jose Coronado S/R 4/13/86 (AAA Buffalo .141/.240/.165/.404, 12 for 85, 4 runs, 2 2b, 3 RBI, 11/22 BB/K, 2 SBs, AA Binghamton .271/.322/.330/.651, 98 for 361, 37 runs, 16 2b, 3b, HR, 40 RBI, 27/66 BB/K, 11/15 SBs, VWL Caribes .235/.335/.301/.637, 32 for 136, 14 runs, 5 2b, 2 3b, 16 RBI, 19/32 BB/K, 5/9 SBs)

Total 2009 Stats: .244/.313/.299/.612, 142 for 582, 55 runs, 23 2b, 3 3b, HR, 59 RBI, 18/26 SBs, 57/120 BB/K, .206 K rate, .4750 BB/K ratio

9. R SS Wilfredo Tovar R/R 8/11/91 (R VSL .289/.364/.421/.785, 11 for 38, 3 runs, 3 2b, 3b, 2 RBI, 5/3 BB/K, 1/2 SBs, R GCL .243/.294/.318/.611, 36 for 148, 21 runs, 5 2b, 3 3b, 14 RBI, 8/19 BB/K, 16/24 SBs)

Total 2009 Stats: .253/.309/.339/.648, 47 for 186, 24 runs, 8 2b, 4 3b, 16 RBI, 13/22 BB/K, 17/26 SBs

10. R 2b Ray Van Gurp R/R 1/2/89 (R GCL .252/.361/.305/.666, 38 for 151, 25 runs, 6 2b, 3b, 21 RBI, 27/22 BB/K, 16/21 SBs

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