Monday, November 20, 2006

Mets trade Owens, Lindstrom to Marlins for 2 young arms

Jason Vargas-R- Mets Nov. 20 - 6:01 pm et

Mets acquired LHP Jason Vargas and LHP Adam Bostick from the Marlins for RHP Matt Lindstrom and RHP Henry Owens.
Mets GM Omar Minaya thought it was worth giving up two guys who throw in the mid-90s to see whether Vargas can regain the form that made him look like a future No. 3 starter entering the season. We think it's a pretty good gamble. Odds are that one of Lindstrom and Owens will turn out to be a quality reliever for a few years, but Vargas is the one pitcher here with a chance of having a 15-year career. The 2004 second-round pick out of Long Beach State will probably open next year in Triple-A Norfolk's rotation. If he bounces back, he'll be an alternative for the Mets come May or June.

Jason Vargas

Low-mid-90s heat and strong slider and change-up, backed by impressive poise and command for a young pitcher. That slider is killer against left-handed hitters.

Still needs to work on his approach to right-handed hitters, as well as his endurance.

Career potential
Good mid-rotation southpaw.

Bostick looks like he could be a solid bullpen arm, possibly a back of the rotation starter and should start the year in a crowded AAA pitching staff.

Great trade by Omar, Vargas is still very young and has very good stuff, but had a disappointing 2006 season. He dominated in the minors in 2004 and 2005, and had a very nice stint in 2005 with the Marlins big league club. He should start out in AAA, and possibly have a shot to crack the rotation if he rebounds nicely.
I'll give this trade a B+ and the MPH seal of approval
Great trade Omar.


  1. This trade really is a one sided affair, in my opinion. The Marlins gave us a pair of 23 year old lefty starters, and we gave them a pair oi 26 and 27 year old AA relievers. No brainer. Owens and Lindstrom will BOTH probably make their bullpen next year, which is scary in Liddy's case.

    For us, we now have 6 or 7 YOUNG pitching prospects in AAA, alone, depending on where Kevin Mulvey goes (AA is my guess now). We also have Deolis Guerra, Jon Niese, Jacob Ruckle, Michael Devaney and Nelson Portillo among others in Wave 2. Can you say LOADED? We have such an embarassment of young pitching prospects, it should be illegal.

    This opens up all sorts of avenues, including *possibly*, a trade of Pelfrey or Humber for Crawford.

    This trade gets the MPH seal of approval, and a grade of B from me. Good going, Omar.

  2. all i know is, that lesbian/tranny vargas can pitch. he can be a good number 3.