Wednesday, August 08, 2007

MPH Draft Database Part 3: Rounds 14 to 19

I am waiting on a reply back from Dylan Owen's college coach, which is why today's update stops at Round 19.

Round 14, Pick 453: Robert Carson

Carson features 4 pitches, a fastball, changeup, cutter and curveball. His fastball sits 90-92, and has topped out at 94. His changeup sits around 75-80, while his curveball is low to mid 70s. He feels his curveball needs more bite to it, and he is also working on developing a fifth pitch, a slider.
Round 15, Pick 483: Jefferies Tatford

Jefferies Tatford (C - University of Louisiana)

2007: .351/.484/.586, 78 for 222, 62 runs, 18 2b, 2 3b, 10 HR, 46 RBI, 42/51 BB/K, 4/5 SBs
Round 16, Pick 513: Christopher Fournier

Christopher Fournier (LF - George Mason University)

2007: .369/.461/.668, 60 runs, 20 2b, 3b, 14 HR, 53 RBI, 34/29 BB/K, 13/18 SBs
Round 17, Pick 543: Brandon Efferson

Brandon features 3 pitches, a fastball which sits in the 93-95 range, a curveball in the 73-77 range, and a splitter which sits 83-87. He feels his curveball is his best pitch, which he can throw at anytime. His splitter is the pitch he feels needs the most work, and he is also working on developing a 4th pitch, a slider, which sits around 78-82. Other people have compared him to Roy Oswalt.

Thanks to Jesse Cassard at Zachary High School for this scouting report:

Fastball ranges from 91-94. He has a power curve and a split finger as his third pitch. He needs to work on keeping his fastball down in the zone to translate to the next level but I feel he will move up quickly. He has signed a scholarship to Southeastern La. and is in the process of negotiating his contract with the Mets. I feel as if he gets the money he is looking for he will sign.
Round 18, Pick 573: Michael Antonini

Michael Antonini (LHP - Georgia College & State University)

Antonini features 5 pitches. A two and four seam fastball, slider, change and curve. He feels his slider is his most dominating breaking pitch. He likes to throw his changeup, but it needs work. His fastball sits between 88 and 92, while his slider is 78-81, and his change is 78-80.

Thanks to Coach Chris Calciano from Georgia College & State University for this scouting report:

Antonini is a winner first and foremost!! Tough kid, very ballsy. Velocity is 87-91, fastball has some life. Cutter is a solid secondary pitch for strikeouts and is 79-81. Has an average curveball which he typically just uses as a first pitch get me over. Has a feel for the change with decent run and sink. Solid strike thrower. Slightly above average pickoff move. Average athleticism and fields his position very well.

2007: 7-6, 3.97 era, 15 GS, 90.2 IP, 89 H, 19 BBs, 89 Ks, BAA .254
2006: 11-1, 2.93 era, 16 G, 15 GS, 101.1 IP, 102 H, 20 BBs, 63 Ks, BAA .271
Round 19, Pick 603: Ernesto Gonzalez

Ernesto Gonzalez (ss - Wallace CC)

2007: .316/.349/.466, 61 for 193, 41 runs, 8 2b, 3 3b, 5 HR, 46 RBI, 10/12 BB/K

2006: .321/.340/.474, 44 for 137, 7 2b, 3b, 4 HR, 35 RBI, 4/6 BB/K

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