Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Willie with Another chance to show he has balls

And as usual, he shows he doesn't.

Good job not benching Castillo, Willie.

You know, I feel the need to expand on this. He set a precedent in Houston when he properly benched Reyes for not even trying. So now Castillo does the exact same thing, but because he's a pwecious wetrun, Willie turns tail and will probably offer up some half assed fucktard excuse like "his knees are bad" or some such drivel. You know what, Willie? Man up or shut up.

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  1. this is metsandsox aka jon aka STOPIGNORINGKEPPINGER aka i'm not signing into my blog account thingy because it would take way too long but yet i type this and....

    louie! you're killing me. you're blazing fast, first of all, and second of all you run until you hear a foul call. a brain cramp, i'm sure of it. but he better have gotten a nice lecturing for it. he knows better than that.