Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Mets Announce AFL Roster

Courtesy 'sluger11787' on NYFS

C Mike Nickeas
1B Mike Carp
OF Caleb Stewart
RHP Carlos Muniz
RHP Eddie Kunz
LHP Adam Bostick
LHP Eddie Camacho

The only big surprise there is Eddie Kunz. With Brant Rustich in Hawaii, it seems the Mets would like one, or both, to open next season in Binghamton. Mike Carp - the AFL and then the 08 season is going to be 'put up or shut up' time for him. Carlos Muniz may get a look next spring, but it's likely he's being showcased as trade bait. Mike Nickeas is nothing special at all, neither is Caleb Stewart. Adam Bostick may be an intriguing guy to look at as a lefty specialist, same with Eddie Camacho.

At any rate, it takes your mind off the disaster occuring with the big club for a few minutes, right?

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