Monday, September 03, 2007

To those who want more "analysis"

We keep getting complaints by way of comments that we don't do enough "analysis" on Mets Prospects, but theres something that those people have missed/are missing. A while back we created an email ( and made a post saying we were gonna start a little MPH mailbag and answer questions once a week, about any prospect or anything. Well guess what, we got no emails. Folks, if you want to know about a prospect, or want analysis on a player, ASK US! Thats what we have the e-mail addy for! You ask the questions, and we post them on here with our responses. It is really quite simple, and should tone down the kicking and screaming for more analysis. Seriously, e-mail us with any questions you have, and we'll gather them all to create a weekly mailbag and answer all of your questions on this site.




  1. Interested in seeing you guys do some rankings.......

  2. Mid-season?

    I wish people would use the email address, that's why it was created.

  3. like top 50 mets prospects

  4. lol top 50? after the top 15 will be guys you never heard of and never will hear about