Saturday, September 22, 2007

MPH Mailbag Volume 3: Minor League Pitching

1.Are the Mets just simply waiting to trade Philip Humber? They are basically avoiding him at all cost, maybe trying not to get him hurt and ruin his trade value.

Tejesh: I don't know if they're "waiting to trade Philip Humber". That to me implies that they'll trade him for anything they can get. As if Omar would get a call that would be "We want Humber for..." and Minaya says "YES!" before the other GM can say "Nook Logan", you know?

I don't know why he's not pitching in September. But I have to think it's on Willie, who as we know, dislikes inexperienced players a ton.

2.Kevin Mulvey a chance to start for the Mets next year? or traded this off-season?

Tejesh: Neither. In AAA next year and 2nd in line for a callup, assuming Humber's down there. I think Humber should make the team as a setup man next season, though, but you know the Mets will sign some bum who sucks and he'll get a spot start ahead of Mulvey.

3.Over/Under 3.5 ERA in St.Lucie for Dylan Owen?

Tejesh: Over first half, even second half. I think he'll end up with an ERA between 3.8 and 4.2, but his second half should get him to Binghamton, I'd think, in 2009.

4.Where does Guerra go next season back to A+ or AA?

Tejesh: AA


  1. It'd be nice if Kevin Mulvey continues to progress well in the minors and turns into a top-notch starter for the Mets in the not too distant future.

  2. Yes it would. However, with Maine and Perez here, and Pelfrey most likely joining the rotation in 2008, I'd say Humber and/or Mulvey could be trade bait this offseason (get us 2 relievers and a prospect, maybe?).