Saturday, September 15, 2007

Things to expect from now to April 2008

Yes, the 2007 Minor League Season has come to a close. However, there are still several things to look forward to between now and the start of the 2008 season.

Obviously, first and foremost is the big club as they march towards a World Series title. To that end, there need not be much coverage here.

Secondly, the winter leagues are about a month or so away. Arizona Fall League, Hawaii Winter League, Dominican Winter League, etc, and several of our prospects should be at each. Expect full coverage of those leagues here.

Thirdly, a few more editorial type articles on various topics, such as draft philosophy, aggressive promotion, determining how a prospect is 'ready' for the majors, and more.

And lastly, the second annual MPH System Audit, which should be out sometime in late January 2008.

So just because the regular season is over in the minors, doesn't mean this place is going to go dark. It won't, it'll just be a little quiet around here for the next 3 weeks.

But keep sending in your questions to, and we'll keep answering them throughout the winter.

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