Monday, October 01, 2007

MPH Mailbag Volume 4

Usually Anderson Hernandez goes to winter ball hits about .400 wins a batting title then comes back to the states and shows he can't hit at all, but this year was different he hit over .300 and had an amazing second half. Will Anderson Hernandez now 24 years old ever learn to hit MLB pitching?

Tejesh: Not sure he'll get the chance with us. Ruben Gotay's passed him on the depth chart (with good reason). I'd trade Hernandez while I could.

Carlos Gomez or Lastings Milledge?

Tejesh: Uhhhhhh





Gomez. Barely.

Humber For Chad Cordero? yes or no

Tejesh: Straight up? In a nanosecond. Adding anything of value? No.

Any guys you think will burst onto the prospect radar next year?

Tejesh: The "main" prospect radar? Or the "OCD prospect radar?" I'll assume you mean the main prospect radar.

I think Bobby Parnell is still not a household name as far as prospects go, so I'll go with him, and Jon Niese.

As far as the "OCD prospect radar" (for guys like me, David, etc...), I'm going to go with...well...I mean we've got 6 rosters memorized. There's not much in the system we don't know about! Pedro Zapata (OFer with the VSL Mets), Gabriel Zavala (OFer with the GCL Mets), Ruben Tejada (IFer with the GCL Mets), Juan Lagares (IFer with the Savannah Gnats) are 4 guys I think will make their way onto the top 20 lists.

Charlie from Long Island


What is your ETA for Kevin Mulvey?

Tejesh: Mid 2008. It is telling that of the three advanced pitching prospects, Mulvey's the one who has had the best introduction to the AAA level.

Do you think Eddie Kunz can be a major leaguer in 2008?

Tejesh: Maybe at the tail end, during September callups. He's got the stuff, but the command is a question, as is the stamina (witness Joe Smith)

Do you think Fernando Martinez sees any time with the Mets in 08? Maybe even just a cup of coffee?

Tejesh: No, simply because if they don't need him on the 40 man, he won't be put on it.

What prospects can take rosters spots for the mets in 08?

Tejesh: I think Joe Smith will lockdown a spot in the bullpen, Lastings Milledge gets RF/LF, and Carlos Gomez will split time/fill in for Moises Alou when Alou takes his traditional 4-5 weeks for injuries. Mike Pelfrey should get the 5th spot in the rotation, and I'd honestly take a hard look at Philip Humber in the bullpen. If we don't resign Castillo/sign ARod/get a 2b, Ruben Gotay should get the bulk of the time at 2b, assuming we can find a RH platoon partner for him. Or convince him to give up switch hitting.

Stephen from Brooklyn


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