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MPH Mailbag Volume 5: Hope following Disaster

With the late season collapse (was that real, or just my own personal nightmare?), it is obvious that some major changes need to be made. The bullpen is in shambles... what was always a weak unit that overachieved for two thirds of the season, seemed to be exposed late in the season by the lack of a true innings eater in the rotation.

Looking to the next year, I am feeling a little distressed. Mota and Schoenweiss are both owed big bucks next year, so I guess we will have to stomach them again next year. Who knows which Feliciano and Sosa will show up next year? Joe Smith didn't exactly look dominate (or even competent) in the second half. Heilman and Wagner both put up fine numbers this year, but seemed to choke at the worst moments possible. From the current projected starting rotation, it seems doubtful that we can expect 200 innings from Pedro, Maine, Perez, Hernandez, or Pelfrey. It looks like a formula to repeat this disastrous finish. Changes need to be made.

The names I've come across among the free agent class and rumored trade bait do not excite me. So, where do we turn? Is there any help on the way from the farm system? Is there reason to believe that Duaner Sanchez, Padilla, or Burgos can contribute anything next year after major arm trouble this year? In the meltdown in September, we didn't see much of Muniz or Collazo, can either emerge next year? Will Pelfrey, Humber, or Mulvey come into their own and emerge as our savior? Please, give me some reason to be hopeful.


Tejesh: Andy, everything looks bleak right now. Trust me. Gaining some perspective on this disaster (and I wish it was a nightmare, but sadly, it really did happen) - will do us all a great service. Right now, there can't be too many Met fans who are thinking rationally or objectively. Me included. (written on 10/1 - the day after)

Quite honestly, the recurring theme the past few weeks as everything fell apart was "how could this happen?" and the answer was "I don't know." I have no answers as to how, or why, or what happened. I'm lost, stunned, depressed, and disgusted.

However - I say you're wrong with your assessment of next season's pitching staff. Mota most assuredly will be gone (he better fucking be gone). Have you seen Show's numbers as a lefty specialist? 0-2, 0.68 era, 64 games, 26.1 ip, 19 h, 2 er, 11 bbs, 21 ks. If Willie could ever figure out how to properly use him (for a string of 2 or 3 lefties, with a righty sandwiched in), and not use him against righties by choice - we'd have a plus reliever on our hands.

Wagner and Heilman are locks for the pen next year. Feliciano and Smith should be as well, and Show. That's 5 good relievers, used properly. Smith with a full season under his belt should not succumb to what befell him this season.

The bullpen needs a drastic overhaul, throw money at Izzy, Cordero and/or Linebrink, and perhaps one of the Japanese closers, if you can get them to agree to a 1 year incentive laden deal with an option to send them to the minors if they suck the big one, and a 3 year MLB option worth serious money if they don't suck the big one.

John Maine also should benefit greatly from pitching a full season, and I wouldn't discount his last start, 7.2 ip, 1 h, 2 bbs, 14 Ks is ridiculous considering he looked GASSED for two months. Oliver Perez took monumental strides forward this season, these 2 are the bridge to the future, much like Wright, Reyes and Milledge are for the offense.

We don't need a savior. We need consistency. A full season of Pedro, a full season tested Maine, a Perez who's turned the corner...that is a formidable 1-2-3 punch for any rotation. Duque as a 4, and Pelfrey/Humber as a 5 is good.

But, Andy, the biggest disappointment this season is one you didn't name. Jose Reyes. I don't know what happened, but whatever it was, he was a void in September, and that was about 75% of what befell us.

We'll have hopefully a contrite and hungry Reyes next year, a firey Milledge everyday, and Alou for 80-100 games. Unless we sign ARod if he opts out, I don't see where the offensive upgrades are coming from.

So basically, the team is coming back as is, but hopefully with 2 mmonumental upgrades in over Sele and Mota (Sosa? and) If you say no to Sosa, then you sign Cordero/Linebrink/Iwase/other Japanese closers (pick 2).

This team doesn't need much. A few better bullpen arms, a full season of Pedro, and away you go.


Hi guys,

First, I went to the site to get the Wakiki Beachboys link - Thanks Tej for putting it there.

Second, there's a poll on there about you guys taking an offer.... um... what's the offer? I can't vote if I don't know, and I didn't see anything that made it clear what it was.

Thirdly, I check out your site about twice a month, and I gotta tell you... I like the use of the mailbag to help generate content. Great idea. Is it taking off?

Rachel Laudiero
Content Manager/NYFS

Tejesh: Heyyyyyy Rachel! I see how it is - we pimp NYFS and you pimp MPH, lol.

Well, the offer was for us to take over the Mets blog for the MVN (Most Valuable Network) - but David wanted to start his school year first, and he's really overwhelmed with that, so we've decided not to do it.

It's sort of taking off with the mailbag, but we started it so late in the season...I think we're doing pretty well for a) not having a clue and b) being less then a full year in. Overall, for just being one year in, I'd say we've made enormous strides.

Thanks for stopping by, Rachel. Keep on rockin NYFS ;)

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