Saturday, May 05, 2007

5/5 Gameday Links


St. Lucie

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New Orleans

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  1. Great day for Mulvey today . He is really hitting his stride now . If he keeps this up he will be in New Orleans before the end of the year and might get a cup of coffee with the big club in September !

    With his four quality pitches and his improving command of them he has a good chance to be making a case for himself in the Mets rotation by the middle to end of next year !

  2. I think the organization has Pelfrey and Humber ahead of Mulvey on the depth chart, and with Maine and Perez already on the big league roto and performing well, Mulvey, as well as my favorite pitching prospect, Niese, will find themselves on the outside looking in. Guerra's an obvious exception because he's elite.

  3. I can't say for sure how it will work out bro . But every pitcher you mentioned from the guys in our rotation now to all the way down to Niese and Guerra are worth keeping as far as I am concerned .

    With the way pricing for decent starters is at the moment I would think long and hard about moving any of these guys unless it was a complete no brainer .

    It seems to me that you can always find an Alou or a Green , Valentin , Easley or Chavez to plug in between the Reyes , Wright's , Delgado.s and Beltran's reasonably cheap .

    But even slightly under 500 starters are going for 50 mil nowadays . I would keep them all and the one that don't make the rotation get bullpen duty if they all pan out . Which I doubt they all will but I can dream , right ?

    Here is a heads up for you buddy . I have been reading about the White sox starting a rebuilding program soon because they are struggling and the rest of the division is so strong . Some say they might start a fire sale in the next month if they don't turn it around .

    If they do and Omar can get the right price on him watch for him to make a run at Contreras ! He would be a great addition to the staff !

  4. No to Contreras. With the way our pitching is performing, we don't need any more old pitching. I'd try to swing a trade for a top catching prospect and a top 2b prospect.

  5. Catching I can see but we have plenty of middle very good middle infield prospects . At best we need a stop gap in The Stache is done !