Tuesday, May 29, 2007

A few thoughts on Mike Pelfrey

Pelfrey's biggest problem is Perez' biggest asset.

Rick Peterson. He preaches "take a little off for accuracy". However, in Pelfrey's case, his exploding up 97 mph FB is his biggest asset. Peterson's taken that away from him. Peterson's taken Pelfrey's curveball away from him. Also, the problem with Pelfrey's changeup is, it's geared to be 10 mph slower then his 97 mph FB. When you only throw a 92-93 FB, that change turns into a BP FB, which really renders THAT pitch useless. So basically, this is nothing like the pitcher we drafted.

If I were Rick, I'd tell Mike to go back to throwing that exploding 97 mph FB, use the sinker as well, go back to your curveball, and sprinkle in sliders and changeups.


  1. you should call in on any of the radio shows such as mike and maddog and ask if thats true. who knows, maybe people hearing that will generate a little buzz as to why pelfrey struggled and it may soon be answered by someone in the mets organization!! long shot i know lol but still, itd be worth a shot. p.s. he shouldnt go back to throwing his curveball, it was more of a slurve and couldnt get it to be a full curve so the switch to a slider is the best idea. and he should be working on his breaking and offspeed pitches down there in NO. i read an article the other day where pelf stated that he was throwing mostly fastballs.

  2. I absoultely agree he should be throwing nothing but sliders and changeups in New Orleans. I don't care if he puts up a 0-15, 14.29 era line, if he gets those two pitches up to average, or better, he'll be a very good pitcher on the MLB level.