Saturday, May 12, 2007


be considering Carlos Gomez for a promotion, if in fact Moises Alou heads to the DL (he pulled his left quad today). Gomez should spend the full season in AAA, he is just now getting his power swing, he's had 2 homers in the last few games. He's got a very good BB/K ratio, you need to let him stay in AAA, so he can fully develop these skills.

Assuming Alou's DL bound, Chip Ambres is hitting decently in AAA, he should be the one to get the call. Not Gomez.

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  1. Ben Johnson is the man to promote if Moises goes on the DL . He is a good defender with a plus arm and plus speed. He can give us good defense and even platoon with Endy a little .

    He has ML experience and has a little pop ! He might not be a star but he will be solid . And it will allow Gomez the time he needs to develop for the future