Sunday, May 27, 2007

May 27th Gameday Links and Times

New Orleans (3pm EST)
Binghamton (7pm EST)
St. Lucie (1pm EST)
Savannah (2pm EST)


  1. amazing some of the things you guys let go by without even mentioning it..

    Andy Tracy is tied for 4th in the PCL in RBI's (37) and his 12 homeruns are in the top 10.. I don't even know who this guy is thats your job to fill us in

  2. Andy Tracy is among the throngs of players on our AAA team who is 30+. Those types of players don't warrant any mentions on this blog.

    He was born 12/11/73, making him 33 years old. I honestly could not care less that he's put up a .281/.370/.553 line. He's nothing.