Tuesday, November 25, 2008

11/24 Winter League Report + 11/25 Links! Fernando may be sick?

Why can't someone come up with a good webpage translator? Once more, this'll be good for a laugh or ten:

In the seventh entrance of from Leon one, double pushers of two races each connected by Batista and Guzmán were the most productive batazos for from Leon one, in whose opening alignment they did not only bat hit Fernando Martinez (1-0) and Abraham Núñez Adames (3-0).

Martinez, who wrote down a race, was replaced by Alex Fernandez, that she batted of 3-2, with a written down race and two pushed. ***Martinez been has affected of a strong gripal virus***

Edit 1215pm: Gripal means flu-like, so Fernando IS sick.

Yahoo Babelfished Article


lf Fernando Martinez 0 for 1, run, BB, .338
pr, 2b Argenis Reyes 0 for 0, run, BB, .207
cf Ezequiel Carrera 0 for 4, K

3b, 1b Edgardo Alfonzo 0 for 2, RBI, BB, .356
dh Saloman Manriquez 0 for 2, BB, .118
1b Michel Abreu 1 for 4, run, 2b, K, .257
Ambiorix "The Murderer" Burgos 0.1 IP, 2 ER, 2/1 BB/K, 54 era

11/25 Links

Comprehensive Winter League Scoreboard

PRWL (all games @ 730pm unless noted)
Caguas Boxscore

Arecibo Boxscore

Mayaguez Boxscore

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