Saturday, September 12, 2009

Farewell 2009 post

As I told M4L on AIM, I needed a few days to sort of catch my breath (this happens every season - writing up 125 some odd MLRs a night gets so monotoneous...), before focussing on what's going to happen with the blog during the winter.

Obviously the minor league season is over, and all our affiliates were brutal except Brooklyn (for reasons I refuse to get into again). Winter League action should start up in a month, and late word is Jenrry Mejia will be joining Ruben Tejada in Arizona (I hope this isn't to prep Mejia for an assignment to Buffalo next year).

Daniel Murphy will be DHing and playing 1b for Escogido in the DWL, he'll be there with Tobi Stoner.

Of course the 2009 BWC is going on right now and Ike Davis is continuing to abuse pitchers. Stefan Welch is hitting well for Australia (please don't jump him to Binghamton for 2010...).

I'll be doing my 2009 series of updates for my prospect focuses (focii, I believe, is the correct pluralization). MPH System Audit IV sometime next February or March, and a whole lot of randomness until then.

I think 2009 was MPHs best year, so thanks to all of you guys and gals for making it such!


PS: Lets root for the 4th pick, eh?


  1. If Mejia is really going to afl it's for a reason: such as a trade. He's 19, doesn't need to be there and there's a catch to him going as is Tejeda. Ike on the other hand is old enough to be there and is for the purpose of getting to the big leagues.