Thursday, September 17, 2009

Ideal World: Savannah Sand Gnats 2010

This one's harder, because the Mets like to do alot of stupid things and push people ridiculously hard. But this is 'ideal world' - so in this world, they don't.

1b Jefry Marte
2b Alonzo Harris
ss Robbie Shields
3b Richard Lucas
lf Kurt Steinhauer
cf Pedro Zapata
rf Cesar Puello
c Juan Torres/Juan Centeno

sp Armando Rodriguez
sp Eduardo Aldama
sp Yohan Almonte
sp Jhonathan Torres
sp Brandon Moore

In the air: RJ Harris (of), Aderlin Rodriguez (E), Charlie Hinojosa (DH/1b/3b), Julio Concepcion (of), a quartet from the DSL, and many others. Michael Hebert and Brian Valenzeula, to name a couple.


  1. The lists are great. One suggestion where does Jeff Flagg exist in your Savannah World 2010?

  2. Not there, lol.

    On the bench.

  3. superpitcher9/19/09, 2:46 AM

    Nelfi Zapata should be there.
    and did anyone know that Charlie Hinojosa was drafted as a catcher?
    you think theyre going to change him to one?

  4. Brooklyn's Sterling award winner Mark Cohoon?