Wednesday, July 21, 2010

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How bout we try to have a minor league gameday chat over on our new Java chat room? We'll slowly phase in the new site, in place of the chat boxes. Come on over to MetsProspectHub, and enter in a nickname in the Java applet, and join the fun. We'll start the chat at 7pm, and go until 9:25 (you guys can go til whenever, lol). If you use an IRC client, the server is, and the channel is #MetsProspectHub. Look forward to seeing you all there!

Also, don't forget...PS: For those who are wondering, we will officially make the move to our new site on the 27th, when I return to doing the MLRs. This site/blog will not be deleted or removed, but it will be abandoned, no updates will occur here. Everyone who's developed a widget or RSS feed or whatever, update your information to point to the new site, which is HERE. While there are kinks left to be worked out over there, it's functional enough to the point where we feel comfortable in moving over there. As usual, email us (, Tweet at us (@MetsProspectHub), make use of our two chat boxes, or just comment this post, if you want to tell us something.

BMets lost 6-5 this morning.
St. Lucie lost 6-1 this afternoon.

**All Games @ 7pm unless noted**

Buffalo Boxscore
St. Lucie

Buffalo Gameday

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