Friday, July 02, 2010

IFA 2010 News...

For the Mets, Badler writes:

"The Mets have typically held to slot recommendations in the draft and made up for it in Latin America, including last year when they spent more than $1 million to sign Venezuelan lefty Juan Urbina, who has been brilliant in two Gulf Coast League starts. They should be one of the top players on the international market again this year, though unlike last year it's not clear who their top sign will be.

"Several sources have said the Mets were prepared to offer Dominican outfielder Edwin Moreno a seven-figure bonus, but after a positive steroid test that's likely not happening any more. The Mets are expected to sign Vicente Lupo, a power-hitting outfielder from Venezuela, for a low to mid-six-figure bonus. The Mets have also shown interest in two other power hitters: Dominican third baseman Elvis Sanchez and Colombian third baseman Pedro Perez."

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