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MPH System Audit IV: Part V: Starting Pitchers


1. RHSP Jenrry Mejia R/R 10/11/89 (A+ St. Lucie 4-1, 1.97 era, 9 GS, 50.1 IP, 41 H, 18/11 R/ER, 16/44 BB/K, 2.21 GOFO, .217 BAA, AA Binghamton 0-5, 4.47 era, 10 GS, 44.1 IP, 44 H, 28/22 R/ER, 2 HR, 23/47 BB/K, 2.95 GOFO, .263 BAA, AFL Surprise 1-3, 12.56 era, 6 GS, 14.1 IP, 25 H, 21/20 R/ER, 13/16 BB/K, 3.50 GOFO, .362 BAA)

Total 2009 Stats: 5-9, 4.38 era, 25 GS, 109 IP, 110 H, 67/53 R/ER, 2 HR, 52/107 BB/K, 2.681 GOFO, .255 BAA, 1.486 WHIP, 4.29 BB/9, 8.84 K/9

Mejia was signed in the 2007 IFA signing period for $16,500, and played that season for the DSL Mets. He was brought stateside in 2008, first appearing in the GCL, then Brooklyn as an 18 year old. The Mets then sent Mejia to St. Lucie for the 2009 season, where he was flat unhittable, then Binghamton, where he proved to be human. Mejia ended his season in Arizona pitching for Surprise.

Mejia leaped onto the prospect scene this year, annihilating the FSL to the tune of a 1.97 in 50 innings, before moving on to the Eastern League, where he struggled some. He struggled with command after returning from a finger injury suffered in late June. Prior to the injury, in 4 starts, he was 0-3 with a 3.82 era, and walked only 9 in 21.2 innings (3.82 per 9), along with 24 Ks. After the finger injury, in 6 starts, he was 0-2 with a 5.16 era, along with 14 walks in 22.2 innings (5.56 per 9), and 23 strikeouts.

Mejia possesses one of the best raw fastballs in the system, sitting comfortably 93-95, and at times touching 96-98. He can cut or sink the fastball, giving him basically 2 different pitches. He also at times has slider-esque action on his fastball, prompting hitters to actually mistake it for a slider. Mejia also throws an actual slider/changeup in the mid 80s (84-87) with great late break on it, this pitch is yet another plus pitch for Mejia. He rounds out his arsenal with a curveball which at times flashes plus, this pitch is in the 75-79 range. With his arsenal, if the Mets resist Jerry Manuel's retarded ideas, Mejia should grow into a #1/#2 starter in the majors.

THE FUTURE: Again, if the retard managing the Mets doesn't get his way (we all hope he doesn't, since he is, in fact, a retard), Mejia should open 2010 in Binghamton, before ending in Buffalo. That should put him on track to claiming a rotation spot in 2011. If, however, the moron gets his way, Mejia likely will only pitch 75-80 innings this season, and will not be able to exceed 125 the next, so his timetable would be delayed by a season. :( :( :( :( :(

2. LHSP Jon Niese L/L 10/27/86 (AAA Buffalo 5-6, 3.82 era, 16 GS, 2 CGSO, 94.1 IP, 95 H, 47/40 R/ER, 7 HR, 26/82 BB/K, 1.81 GOFO, .258 BAA, MLB New York 1-1, 4.21 era, 5 GS, 25.2 IP, 27 H, 12 ER, HR, 9/18 BB/K, 1.38 GOFO, .276 BAA

Total 2009 Stats: 6-7, 3.90 era, 21 GS, 120 IP, 122 H, 59/52 R/ER, 35/100 BB/K, 1.718 GOFO, .262 BAA, 1.308 WHIP

Niese was drafted in the 7th rouud of the 2005 draft, and has since made a steady trek through the system. After being pressed into emergency service in 2008, Niese opened 2009 in Buffalo, and got off to a dreadful start, with a 7.44 era through his first 9 starts, including a pair in New York. However, Niese was working on incorporating a new pitch into his arsenal, partially explaining the horrible numbers, and his BABIP was somewhere in the .400s. In June, he put up a 2.43, and followed that up with a 0.41 in 3 Buffalo starts in July, then a 3.38 in New York (1.53 overall). Unfortunately, Niese succumbed to the rash of injuries that crippled the Mets in 2009, suffering a horrible looking complete tear of his hamstring in August.

Niese features a 4 seam fastball that sits 88-92, and can hit 94 at times, and he recently (over the last season), incorporated a cutter which is in the mid 80s to give him a moving fastball (his 4 seamer is lacking in that department). Niese, of course, is best known for his over the top 12-6 curveball, a true plus pitch that he uses to register strikeouts. He has two types of curveballs, a harder one and a loopier one. He also throws a changup in the 76-79 range, but this is clearly his 3rd best pitch.

THE FUTURE: Niese is coming off a horrific injury, but he should either open 2010 in Buffalo or New York. Either way, this will be Niese's last season as a prospect.

3. RHSP Kyle Allen R/R 2/12/90 (A Savannah 9-6, 3.45 era, 25/19 G/GS, 2 SVs, 125.1 IP, 109 H, 57/48 R/ER, 8 HR, 51/111 BB/K, 2.18 GOFO, .234 BAA)

The Mets stole Kyle Allen in the 24th round of the 2008 draft, and after signing, he was assigned to the GCL, then played all of 2009 with Savannah as a 19 year old. After pitching awfully in April (7.47 era in 15.2 innings), Allen rocketted up the charts the rest of the season, pitching to a 2.87 era over the other 109.2 innings of his season, with a 1.222 WHIP and 7.715 K/9.

Allen features a fastball which sits 91-93, and at times can touch 94-96. He generates good sink on the ball, leading to a high number of groundouts, and also gets a high number of strikeouts, a very good combination for a starter. Allen also has a plus changeup which he throws in the 83-85 range, but he's working on taking even more off the pitch. Allen rounds his arsenal with a 84-87 slider which is clearly his third pitch, but he's making significant strides with it.

THE FUTURE: Allen should open 2010 in St. Lucie, but it wouldn't be a shock to see him end it in Binghamton, and then go to Arizona. He should be in position to crack the 2012 rotation.

4. RHSP Brad Holt R/R 10/13/86 (A St. Lucie 4-1, 3.12 era, 9 GS, 43.1 IP, 34 H, 16/15 R/ER, 5 HR, 13/54 BB/K, 0.97 GOFO, .215 BAA, AA Binghamton 3-6, 6.21 era, 11 GS, 58 IP, 58 H, 42/40 R/ER, 9 HR, 23/45 BB/K, 0.77 GOFO, .270 BAA)

Total 2009 Stats: 7-7, 4.88 era, 20 GS, 101.1 IP, 92 H, 58/55 R/ER, 14 HR, 36/99 BB/K, 0.84 GOFO, .247 BAA

Holt was drafted in the 1st round (33rd overall) of the very impressive 2008 draft by the Mets, and he utterly dominated the NYPL that season. He started off the 2009 season in the FSL, where he was good, posting a 3.12 era in 43.1 innings. Holt had a very good first start in Binghamton, then twisted his ankle walking down the dugout steps and was never the same after recovering.

Holt features a fastball which can reach as high as 97 MPH, comfortably sitting 91-95. Holt also features a mid 80s hard curveball which can flash plus at times, but he's inconsistent with this pitch. When he's right, this pitch is a strikeout generator with overhand break. Holt's third pitch is his changeup, which is in the 82-84 range.

THE FUTURE: Holt will open 2010 in Binghamton, and performance should dictate when/if he's moved up to Buffalo. A late season cameo ouf of the Mets bullpen cannot be discounted, but Holt's arrival as a starter is probably in mid 2011, at the earliest.

5. RHSP Jeurys Familia R/R 10/10/89 (A Savannah 10-6, 2.69 era, 24/23 G/GS, 134 IP, 109 H, 49/40 R/ER, 3 HR, 46/109 BB/K, 1.40 GOFO, .221 BAA)

Familia was signed as an IFA during the 2007 season for $100,000, and he spent the next season in the GCL, before being assigned to full season Savannah in 2009.

Familia never faltered in the SAL, outside of a start or two where he was decimated (5/31, 4 ip, 13 h, 6 er and 7/9, 4.2 ip, 9 h, 6 er), he was flat out dominant. He didn't post an ERA over 4 in any month, and had two months of sub 2 ERAs (April 1.37, and August 1.71).

Familia features a fastball that sits 91-93, and can touch the mid 90s. His second pitch is a 78-82 slider which he gained confidence in throughout the season. His third and final pitch is a changeup which is still a work in progress.

THE FUTURE: Familia should open 2010 in St. Lucie, but there's a very good chance, like with Kyle Allen, he finishes the season in Binghamton, and then perhaps Arizona. The same ETA holds true for both, Familia could be in position to crack the 2012 rotation.

6. LHSP Robert Carson 1/23/89 L/L (A Savannah 8-10, 3.21 era, 25 GS, 2 CG, SO, 131.2 IP, 139 H, 68/47 R/ER, 4 HR, 45/90 BB/K, 1.68 GOFO, .270 BAA)

The Mets drafted Carson in the 14th round of the 2007 draft, and after signing, he pitched in the GCL. He pitched across 2 levels in 2008, the GCL and Kingsport, before spending all of 2009 in Savannah, where he had a stellar season. More then anyone else on the Gnats staff, Carson was victimized by Jefry Marte's 300 error season, leading to 21 UER against him.

Carson is a groundball pitcher who doesn't look to get many Ks, he stays within himself and doesn't try to overthrow. Carson sits 89-91 with his fastball, but there was a report late in the season of him touching 94-95, which, if true, would be extremely encouraging news. Carson also features a 82-85 slider which is a very good pitch, though not plus, yet. This pitch is his out pitch, he buries it in on righties and away from lefties to get weak contact, or strikeouts. His third pitch is a changeup which is 77-80 mph, he needs to further refine this pitch if he's going to remain a starter, which he began to do during the 2nd half of 2009.

THE FUTURE: Carson will start 2010 in St. Lucie, and unlike the higher ceiling Allen and Familia, he should spend the whole season there. He will ascend a level per season, cracking the big league roster sometime in the 2012 or 2013 season.

7. Eric Niesen A+/AA LHSP Eric Niesen L/L 9/4/85 (A+ St. Lucie 3-4, 3.28 era, 11 GS, 57.2 IP, 52 H, 25/21 R/ER, 5 HR, 16/49 BB/K, 0.87 GOFO, .237 BAA, AA Binghamton 4-7, 4.66 era, 16 GS, CG, 83 IP, 75 H, 46/43 R/ER, 6 HR, 41/85 BB/K, 0.81 GOFO, .246 BAA, AFL Surprise 0-0, 24.55 era, 4 G, 3.2 IP, 8 H, 10 ER, 2 HR, 3/2 BB/K, 0.14 GOFO, .444 BAA)

Total 2009 Stats: 7-11, 4.61 era, 31/27 G/GS, 144.1 IP, 135 H, 81/74 R/ER, 60/136 BB/K, 0.817 GOFO, .247 BAA, 1.351 WHIP, 3.74 BB/9, 8.48 K/9

The Mets drafted Niesen as a reliever out of Wake Forest with their 3rd round pick in 2007, and began the process of converting him to a starter that season. He was not effective starting for St. Lucie in 2008 (6-12, 4.64), but turned that around in 2009, making it to Binghamton.

Niesen began the season in St. Lucie where he pitched very well, with a 3.28 era in 57 innings. He was bumped up to Binghamton, where his K rate went up, but along with that, so did his walk rate. After allowing a .286 BAA in 2008, Niesen kept that to .237 in the FSL, and .246 in the EL in 2009. Niesen got off to a very slow start in Binghamton, going 1-6 with a 6.95 in his first 9 starts, but then turned it around big time, going 3-2 with a 2.53 in his final 8 starts, with a 17/45 BB/K in 46.1 innings.

Niesen is armed with a good low 90s two seam fastball, he also uses a 4 seamer at times, which cuts in on righties. Niesen's secondary pitches include an average slider in the mid 70s which he uses to register strikeouts, against both lefties and righties. He also has a developing/improving changeup which is around 78-82 MPH.

THE FUTURE: Niesen will be opening 2010 in Binghamton, and likely will finish it in Buffalo, but there exists an outside shot of him at some point showing up in the Mets bullpen as a crossover reliever. If that doesn't happen in 2010, it definitely will in 2011.

8. A+ RHSP Scott Moviel R/R 5/7/88 (GCL (rehab) 0-0, 1.00 era, 2 GS, 9 IP, 10 H, 2/1 R/ER, 10 Ks, 1.83 GOFO, .270 BAA, A+ St. Lucie 4-5, 3.92 era, 13 GS, 64.1 IP, 61 H, 37/28 R/ER, HR, 24/46 BB/K, 0.99 GOFO, .250 BAA, AFL Surprise 1-0, 2.45 era, 8 G, 14.2 IP, 14 H, 7/4 R/ER, 8/9 BB/K, 1.20 GOFO, .250 BAA)

Total 2009 Stats: 5-5, 3.38 era, 23/15 G/GS, 88 IP, 85 H, 46/33 R/ER, 32/65 BB/K, 1.111 GOFO, .252 BAA, 1.33 WHIP, 3.27 BB/9, 6.64 K/9

The Mets drafted Moviel in the 2nd round of the 2007 draft, and he's made a slow ascent through the system, slow due to the fact he twice tore his knee meniscus last year. He spent the majority of 2008 in Savannah and pitched decently, with a 4.43 era over 120 innings.

Moviel spent the first half of the season rehabbing, then the second half in St. Lucie. After a handful of starts middling around, Moviel came on strong over his last 7 starts, posting a 4-1 record with a 2.65 era, and gathering 35 Ks in 37.1 innings, while allowing 31 hits and walking 15.

Moviel sits 90-92 on his fastball, touching 93-94, but he prefers to keep it in the low 90s. His height enables him to get downward run on his fastball, generating groundballs. Moviel began throwing a low to mid 80s slider after returning from his knee injury, and it's rapidly becoming his goto pitch. He also throws a changeup (73-76), and curveball (77-80), two pitches he had prior to 2009.

THE FUTURE: Moviel will begin 2010 back in St. Lucie, but should end it in Binghamton, putting him on track for a late 2011, or more likely 2012, callup to the majors.

9. LHSP Juan Urbina

The Mets signed Urbina as an IFA during the summer of 2009. Reportedly, Urbina sits in the upper 80s to low 90s with his fastball, but observers note he really sits 84-86. Either way, he's still 16 years old, and there's plenty of time for more velocity to come. He also flashes an above average curveball. And remember, he's just 16 years old, there is a TON of time for him to develop.

THE FUTURE: Urbina should start 2010 in the GCL, but could end up in Kingsport. Either way, he'll then spend at least 4 years developing in the system, before the earliest possible callup date, sometime in 2014, more likely to be 2015.

10. LHSP Steven Matz

The Mets drafted Matz with their first pick in the 2009 draft, 2nd round overall.

Pre-draft scouting report from Baseball America:

Matz offers plenty of projection as well as good present stuff. For most of the spring, he sat in the 89-91 mph range, but he routinely ran his fastball up to 93-94, and the pitch has some glove-side life. Scouts particularly like the way he attacks hitters inside with his heater. He also shows a solid-average changeup with good deception that sometimes rates as plus. He began throwing a slider midway through the season, but most scouts prefer his 73-75 mph three-quarters curveball, which flashes average to plus but more often rates as a below-average offering at this stage. Matz has a big, projectable frame at 6-foot-3, 185 pounds.

THE FUTURE: Matz should start 2010 in the GCL, but could end up in Kingsport. Either way, he'll then spend at least 4 years developing in the system, before the earliest possible callup date, sometime in 2014, more likely to be 2015.

11. RHSP Dillon Gee R/R 4/28/86 (AAA Buffalo 1-3, 4.10 era, 9 GS, CG, 48.1 IP, 47 H, 22 ER, 5 HR, 16/42 BB/K, 0.77 GOFO, .253 BAA)

The Mets drafted Gee with their 21st round pick in 2007, and he's enjoyed a meteroic rise through the farm system, and definitely would've been in line for starts in 2009 if he, too, hadn't gotten injured. Gee spent the majority of 2008 with the St. Lucie Mets, before making a 4 start cameo in Binghamton, and then 10 more starts in Puerto Rico, where he won Pitcher of the Year honors (2.22 era in 48.1 innings). However, 48.1 innings into his AAA career, Gee suffered a torn labrum, derailing his season.

Gee features 5 pitches, a 2 and 4 seam fastball, with his 4 seamer reaching into the mid 90s, sitting comfortably in the low 90s. His 2 seamer has good down action, sitting between 89-91. He relies most heavily on his changeup when it comes to offspeed offerings. He added a curveball to his repertoire last season (2008), turning it into the more effective of his 2 breaking pitches. He throws the pitch 76-80. Finally, he also has a slider he relies on a good amount, it's harder then his curve, with 12-6 break on it.

THE FUTURE: Gee, when he's pronounced fit to play, will open back in Buffalo, and injuries/ineffectiveness by any SP in New York should see him as one of the first arms called up. Gee also has the advantage of needing to be placed on the 40 man roster after the season, to protect him from the Rule V.

12. LHSP Zach Dotson

The Mets took Dotson with their 13th round pick in the 2009 draft, and much to the shock of everyone who follows their drafts, signed him for significantly overslot (500k).

Pre-draft scouting report from Baseball America:

"Scouts had seen steady improvement from Georgia signee Zach Dotson, who sat from 87-88 mph with his fastball and touches 91. Both his curveball and changeup have flashed potential. Dotson tightened up his body thanks to a distance running program that helped him lose 25 pounds. He didn't show the same velocity this spring that he showed last summer, but he has athletic ability and has three average pitches, so he stands out among the state's pitching prospects."

THE FUTURE: Much like Urbina and Matz, Dotson should open in the GCL, then perhaps take a trip to Tennessee (Kingsport), before spending 4 years in the minors, putting him in line for a 2014-2015 callup.

13. RHSP Eric Beaulac R/R 11/13/86 (A Savannah 7-7, 2.95 era, 26/19 G/GS, 2 SVs, 116 IP, 110 H, 53/38 R/ER, 6 HR, 41/133 BB/K, 1.25 GOFO, .250 BAA)

The Mets drafted Beaulac in the 9th round of the 2008 draft, and he spent time with 3 teams that season, Brooklyn, Kingsport and Savannah, getting the bulk of his time in the Sally League.

Beaulac made the transition to starter this season, getting 19 starts and 7 relief outings. As a starter, Beaulac had a 3.42 era, while as a reliever, it was 1.13. Many believe Beaulac's ultimate destination will be as a power reliever, but for now, the Mets are content to let him start.

Beaulac features a good fastball which ranges anywhere from 87 to 95 MPH, depending on if he's sitting 88-91, or 91-93. He also features a slider, which is his primary secondary offering, sitting in the low 80s, he uses this pitch to get strikeouts. His slider is very close to beign a plus pitch for him. He also features a changeup he throws between 78-81, but this is clearly his third pitch, it's a definite work in progress.

14. RHSP Elvin Ramirez R/R 10/10/87 (A Savannah 3-7, 4.09 era, 15 GS, 72.2 IP, 73 H, 40/33 R/ER, 2 HR, 39/48 BB/K, 1.16 GOFO, .261 BAA)

Ramirez was signed during the 2005 International Free Agent signing period, and made his pro debut in 2006 with the DSL Mets, posting a 0-1, 2.63 line in 11 games, 6 starts, spanning 27.1 innings. He was jumped to Kingsport for the 2007 season, where he struggled, posting a 1-4, 5.52 line in 12 starts over 45.2 innings. He's spent the past two seasons in Savannah, suffering injuries halfway through both.

Ramirez features one of the best sinkers in the organization, a devastating mid 90s sinker with sharp down break and great side to side movement. Much like Bobby Parnell, he's cleaned up his mechanics and can maintain velocity deep into games now. He can dial a 4 seamer up into the 95-97 range, but very rarely uses this pitch. Ramirez also owns a very good slider, which he throws in the mid 80s, again with a sharp down break. he tops off his arsenal with a still developing changeup which he is inconsistent with.

THE FUTURE: Ramirez will be moving up to St. Lucie for 2010, and is expected to be part of one of the best bullpens in the FSL. In a pen role, he should move quickly, and could end in Buffalo, but we'll be conservative and say Binghamton. That should put him in position to crack the majors in late 2011 or early 2012.

15. LHSP Angel Calero L/L 9/25/86 (A+ St. Lucie 3-11, 4.61 era, 22 GS, CG, 107.1 IP, 119 H, 68/55 R/ER, 10 HR, 46/93 BB/K, 0.81 GOFO, .283 BAA, VWL Magallanes 3-1, 7.04 era, 18 G, 15.1 IP, 17 H, 12 ER, 3 HR, 10/18 BB/K, 1.00 GOFO, .293 BAA)

Total 2009 Stats: 6-12, 4.92 era, 40/22 G/GS, 122.2 IP, 136 H, 80/67 R/ER, 56/111 BB/K, .834 GOFO, .284 BAA, 1.565 WHIP

16. RHSP Scott Shaw R/R 8/3/86 (A+ St. Lucie 8-8, 3.73 era, 26 GS, CG, 149.2 IP, 140 H, 69/62 R/ER, 13 HR, 57/118 BB/K, 0.82 GOFO, .253 BAA)

The Mets drafted Shaw in the 13th round of the 2008 draft, and sent him to Brooklyn where he performed very well (2.80 in 74 innings). He was jumped to St. Lucie for the 2009 season and performed well, posting a 3.73 era in 149.2 innings. Nothing about Shaw really jumps out at you, he's an average righty with average stuff, and profiles as a backend of the rotation starter.

Shaw features 4 pitches, a fastball in the low 90s, which can sometimes dip to 87-88, and two breaking pitches, a slider (which he relies on more) which he throws in the upper 70s (77-80), and a curveball which sits 74-76. He rounds out his arsenal with a very good changeup which sits 77-80, the same as his slider.

THE FUTURE: Shaw will open 2010 with Binghamton, and should spend all year there, before moving to Buffalo for 2011. He should be in line for a spot somewhere, in 2012.

17. LHSP Jim Fuller L/L 6/1/87 (A- Brooklyn 3-6, 2.86 era, 12/11 G/GS, CG, 63 IP, 58 H, 24/20 R/ER, 4 HR, 15/67 BB/K, 2.08 GOFO, .250 BAA)

Fuller was drafted in the 21st round, 644th overall, out of the sister college of my alum, Southern Connecticut State. After he was signed, he was sent to Brooklyn where he posted a 1.00 era in 18 innings, his season was bisected by a shoulder strain.

Fuller spent a second season in Brooklyn where he pitched very well, despire a 3-6 record. He's got average velocity from the left side, upper 80s to low 90s, and features a good changeup.

THE FUTURE: Fuller will be pitching for Savannah in 2010, which is curious. The Mets are being very conservative with him, despite results in Brooklyn. Still, we'll say he forces his way up to St. Lucie at some point this season, then opens 2011 in Binghamton, setting him up to crack the Mets as a reliever sometime in the 2012 or 2013 season.

18. RHSP Eduardo Aldama R/R 12/23/89 (R Kingsport 5-1, 3.79 era, 12 GS, 61.2 IP, 59 H, 31/26 R/ER, 4 HR, 23/57 BB/K, 1.39 GOFO, .253 BAA, A Savannah 0-1, 21 era, GS, 3 IP, 9 H, 7 ER, HR, 2/3 BB/K, 0.50 GOFO, .500 BAA)

Total 2009 Stats: 5-2, 4.59 era, 13 GS, 64.2 IP, 68 H, 38/33 R/ER, 5 HR, 25/60 BB/K, 1.33 GOFO, .271 BAA

Aldama was signed by the Mets during the 2006 IFA signing period, and after toiling in the low rookie leagues for the last 3 seasons, he made it up to Savannah in 2009. He spent the vast majority of the season with Kingsport, pitching very well on what was otherwise a pitching staff to forget. Aldama made 12 starts and compiled a 3.79 era and 5 wins, and earned a final start in Savannah (which went awfully). Still, he is one of the handful of very intriguing pitchers who will toe the rubber for the Gnats in 2010.

Aldama features 3 pitches, an average 90-92 MPH fastball that he has good command of, a very good changeup in the in the low 80s which is his goto offspeed offering, and then a 74-76 curveball which he began throwing in earnest this season, for now, this is a total work in progress.

THE FUTURE: Aldama will open 2010 in Savannah and likely move a level per season after that, and be in a position to make the major league team sometime in 2013 or, more likely, 2014.

19. RHSP Armando Rodriguez R/R 1/28/88 (R Kingsport 3-1, 2.96 era, 9 GS, 45.2 IP, 39 H, 20/15 R/ER, 2 HR, 20/36 BB/K, 0.58 GOFO, .227 BAA, A Savannah 2-1, 2.16 era, 3 GS, CG, 16.2 IP, 5 H, 4 ER, 9/24 BB/K, 0.44 GOFO, .094 BAA)

Total 2009 Stats: 5-2, 2.74 era, 12 GS, CG, 62.1 IP, 44 H, 24/19 R/ER, 2 HR, 29/60 BB/K, 0.55 GOFO, .196 BAA

Rodriguez was totally unknown to most prospect enthuaists until a breakout season in 2009, including a dominant 3 start stretch with Savannah. Rodriguez was also an unheralded signing in the 2006 IFA class which featured Francisco Pena and Ruben Tejada. Rodriguez spent the 08 season in the DSL, before coming stateside in 2009 and lighting up the Appy League and then the Sally League.

Rodriguez features a really good mid to upper 90s fastball, which sits comfortably 92-94, and touches 97-98. Rodriguez also has a good slider in the 83-87 range that is a rapidly improving pitch for him. He rounds out his arsenal with a 81-84 changeup that is lagging behind his slider, though it, too, is becoming a better pitch with time.

THE FUTURE: Rodriguez will begin 2010 in Savannah, but it wouldn't be surprising, at age 22, to see him end in St. Lucie, and then open 2011 with Binghamton. That would put him on track to make his MLB debut in either late 2012 (as a reliever) or 2013 (in a starting capacity).

20. LHSP Jhonathan Torres L/L 3/20/90 (R GCL 4-0, 0.82 era, 4/3 G/GS, 22 IP, 6 H, 2 ER, 5/22 BB/K, 1.26 GOFO, .085 BAA, R Kingsport 2-4, 4.87 era, 9 GS, 40.2 IP, 51 H, 35/22 R/ER, 7 HR, 17/33 BB/K, 1.32 GOFO, .309 BAA)

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