Saturday, April 03, 2010

Why Are The Mets So Stupid?

Is there not one smart person in this organization with any common sense? Besides Omar and Jerry playing for their respective jobs this season, is there any reason to put a 20 year old Mejia in the bullpen?

The answer is no there isn't.

Putting Mejia in the pen is as horrible horrible move. Here are just a few reasons

1. Stretching Out His Arm:
Every year a pitcher is supposed to increase his work load 20-30 innings, eventually building up his arm strength to get ready to pitch 200 innings in the big leagues. Instead, Mejia will be get 60-70 innings. And then the Mets will ask him to take the ball every 5th day next year, have a huge increase in his inning count, and wonder why he hurts his shoulder. O, and remember how Jerry abused Putz and K-Rod last year? Using them for no reason when we were already down or had a big lead, and then was forced to pitch them in 3-4 straight games? Yea, get ready for that with Mejia.

2. Developing Pitches:
Remember all the hype around Mike Pelfrey and how we had to get him to the majors as soon as possible? Yeah, well look at him now. A few years later and he still can't throw anything but a fastball. Mejia's secondary is already much stronger, but when you're pitching 1-2 innings a game and it's a big spot, you aren't going to be messing around with some breaking balls that you aren't comfortable with. Putting him in the minors would give him a real chance to work on his off-speed stuff. Right now they have the potential of being "plus" pitches, but as of now their average or worse.

Taking a kid who has been a starter his entire career and making him pitch everyday when he's not used to it is a recipe for disaster.

So, basically, the Mets are overlooking the injury concerns that come with him being a relief pitcher, overlooking that it's going to stunt the development of his secondary, and probably don't even believe that a huge increase in innings from one season to the next has any correlation with shoulder/elbow injuries.

Only the Mets.


  1. whozgotnext4/4/10, 12:27 PM

    No one in baseball would think that this was a good idea. It just gets harder and harder to root for this organization.

  2. Dusty Baker would.

    Wait - that's another reason this is stupid.

  3. Rangers have Feliz in the bullpen. Red Sox put Papelbon in the bullpen. The Mets have decided that Mejia is a reliever and not a starter. Also, thats what happens when you have a GM and manager in jeopardy> They want the best available people to help them win.

  4. u r absolutely right.

    by all accts he has talent. he should be in AA learning to be a starter. Jerry is an idiot.

    look what he did to parnell ( also a one pitch minor leaguer ). 6 inning guy to 8th inning guy to starter to pen.

    jenrry needs to be as far away from sybill as possible.