Monday, May 24, 2010

Does ANYONE in this organization have brains? ANYONE!

I'm beginning to think the answer to that is clearly NO. Obviously Jerry is an absolute fucking retard, so we won't even talk about him. Danny boy Warthen is a dumb fuck, as well. Howard Johnson...what have you done to David Wright?

Now, lets get down to specifics. Why exactly is Jenrry Mejia in the major leagues? Is it his brilliant 1.70 WHIP? (20 ip, 22 h, 12/15 bb/k) He's not nearly as dominant as he should be, considering his stuff. He can get his fastball up to 98 MPH, cut it, sink it, make it look like a slider, a splitter, he's got a curveball in the high 70s, and an actual slider in the mid 80s. Yet, he's got a 117 ERA+, and 3.60 era overall, with more hits then innings pitched. Hmmm...why is this...oh yeah. HE'S 20 FUCKING YEARS OLD YOU FUCKING MORONS! HE SHOULD BE IN THE MINOR LEAGUES STARTING! For this alone, Jerry and Omar should be fired/hanged/put to death or whatever.

How about our stellar bench? Has anyone seen/heard from Chris Carter? Mr. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha's buried him already in favor of his favorite go to pinch hitter Gary Matthews Jr (he of the terrific .182/.250/.212/.462 line in 55 ABs. I lied when I said I wouldn't talk about how fucking retarded this piece of shit in the dugout is, sorry. I hate him MORE then I hate the Philthies, this motherfucker's sabotaging us from the inside, at least that team's JOB is to beat us.

What would I do if given unilateral power right now?

1. FIRE Jerry
2. Option Mejia to Binghamton, recall Bobby Parnell
3. Opton Dessens to Buffalo on 5/26, 60 day DL Beltran, purchase Dillon Gee
4. Exile GMJ (thus removing him from the 40 man), purchase Jesus Feliciano
5. DFA Fernando Tatis (thus removing him from the 40 man), purchase Mike Hessman
6. DL Luis Castillo, recall Ruben Tejada
7. Use Carter/Francoeur in a RF platoon, Feliciano defensive replacement for Carter

Santana, Pelfrey, Niese, Gee, Takahashi
Dickey, Valdes, Parnell, Igarashi, Feliciano, Nieve, KRod
Reyes, Pagan, Bay, Davis, Wright, Pagan, Carter, Tejada, Barajas
Hessman, Cora, Feliciano, Francoeur/Carter, Blanco

By the way, if Omar's really been cut off from his power, and he can't do a thing about this Mejia garbage, he needs to go, as he is totally and utterly USELESS. And whoever is running the show (Ricco, Jeffy boy) is a fucking moron.


  1. I agree with almost all of this, but what's your problem with Tatis? He's a perfectly serviceable utility guy. The Mets should keep him and cut Francoeur.

  2. The answer to that question is a simple answer: NO and we all suffer because of it

  3. Sylvan: For what Tatis is supposed to bring us, righty pop, he fails. Hessman would be a true power threat off the bench.

  4. Tatis has hit .285/.349/.458 with 21 homers, 40 doubles and 101 RBI in 655 AB since joining the Mets. I'm not sure what more you could realistically want from him. Hessman might be better, I couldn't say...but Tatis is certainly better than Francoeur and shouldn't be DFA'd.

  5. My friend you haven't said anything different than what i feel for Jerry the even bigger moron is Omar and Jeff who controls his puppets bottom line they all should be fired. I LOL everyday how some idiots still say on the MetsMesmerized page and ESPN it's not Jerry's fault what do you want him to do? How about not burning out the bull pen every night? How about trying to push your starters to go more innings? If Omar doesn't have the power he supposedly has why doesn't Jeff the village idiot fire him then. There only so much you can do to hide behind your people before it becomes obvious that he's running everything into the ground.

  6. You know you're addressing these comments to the Wilpons so that should answer your own question no.

  7. Sylvan, I didn't know the numbers were that good, wow. It just feels like everytime he PHs, he grounds into a DP.

  8. Francouer and GMJ are replacement players; neither belongs in MLB. The Mejia situation is beyond retarded and hitting Jose Reyes third is another dumb ass move. Omar and Jerry should both be canned, but Omar is really the bigger problem, and that's really saying something because Jerry really blows. Please kill me.