Thursday, May 20, 2010

Jerry Manuel

Is the worst manager in baseball. Hands down.

At this point the Mets are getting hard to watch. We should have cleaned house a long time ago, yet they've still been making the same mistakes since 2007.

I feel like Jerry is almost trying to get fired with the lineups he puts out there. It's almost comical how he refuses to put his best hitters at the top of the lineup, and has to have his 2B hit second. Too bad that same thought process doesn't go along with his 3rd baseman.

This organization from top to bottom is a joke. We've actually developed some good prospects, but just like Mejia now, I have no confidence in the Mets developing any of them correctly.

It starts all the way up top with the Wilpon's. I don't care how high our payroll is. They are still shitty owners. Their refusal to cut people because of the money they are on the books for continues to take a toll on the team.

Then there's Omar. He's just stupid.

And I don't have enough time to rip apart Jerry Manuel. But, Lets not leave HOJO and Dan Warthen out of this. They suck too.

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  1. I agree with everything your saying but if you read what some of the idiots say on the ESPN board it's not Jerry's fault but the players and Omar's fault unbelievable.Jerry according to them is getting a raw deal, they all have to go from Omar on down but what changes if our moronic owners continue to hire people who are kiss ups and aren't competent at their jobs.