Tuesday, August 11, 2009

DSL Mets Roundup

We don't usually talk about the VSL and DSL teams here on the blog, mainly because Tej thinks that it is far too low of a level to start worrying about what goes on down there. The theory is "Call me when he produces stateside". It really isn't all that far off base. I mean, how many guys come from the DSL and become legit prospects? Very few Mets prospects have done this, I can count them on one hand(Ruben Tejada and Jenrry Mejia are the only ones that comes to mind, I'm sure there were some more). But how many actually make it to the majors? It is tough to find guys who started their baseball careers in the VSL or DSL, mainly because legit prospects usually come stateside from day 1. This year, however, I feel like we need to pay a little attention to what the baby DSL Mets are doing down south. They are playing some good baseball and have quite a few intriguing guys that most likely will come stateside next year and could become the next wave of prospects for us.

Let's start off with one of the top hitters in the DSL this season, 1st baseman Alexander Sanchez.
Sanchez' DOB is 11/28/1990, meaning he is still only 18 years old, and it is his first year playing professional baseball. Did I mention that he is 6 foot 3, 200 pounds. 6'3 200 at 18...anyone think he could fill out another inch and put on even more pounds of muscle? He sounds like a monster. The numbers he has put up so far are pretty darn good, scratch that...really really good. So far he has posted a line of .391/.425/.557/.982, with 13 2b, 2 3b, 4 hr, 41 rbi, 1 SB, 9 BB, and only 19 strikeouts in 174 at bats. He doesn't walk a whole lot, but he doesn't strike out either. He is showing good ability to make contact, and hit for some power, all at 18 years old. Keep an eye on him.

Next up we have another 18 year old, first year player Yucarybert De La Cruz, 2nd baseman for the DSL Mets. His DOB is 10/23/1990. De La Cruz is reasonably tall, at 6 feet, but sounds very lanky at only 160 pounds. Again, at 18 he still has room to grow and fill out. His stats have been impressive so far this season, putting up a line of .308/.394/.425/.819, with 19 2b, 2 3b, 2 hr, 40 rbi, 24 SB/5 CS, and 30 walks to only 27 strikeouts in only 246 at bats. Any 18 year old walking more than striking out, with a .400 OBP, hitting doubles at a sick rate, and showing plus speed sounds like a legitimate prospect in my book. He is another one to keep an eye on.

Next up we have a guy that just turned 17 five months ago...right fielder Gilbert Gomez. His DOB is 3/08/1992 and is in his first year of pro ball. He is another speedster with an awesome walk rate, putting up a line of .287/.411/.412/.823, with 14 2b, 2 3b, 3 hr, 40 rbi, 35 SB/6 CS, and a 41 walk/51 strikeout ratio in 216 at bats. Again showing some nice pop, awesome speed, and a good eye. I've heard reports of him having an absolute GUN out in right field as well, so he is projected as a 5 tool prospect. Yet another guy to keep an eye on.

The last hitting prospect I will cover is yet another super speedster. Randoll Santana, 18 year old shortstop, has been stealing bases at will. His DOB is 11/12/1990, and is in his first season of pro ball. On the year so far he has hit .278/.343/.392/.735, with 10 2b, 5 3b, 2 hr, 33 rbi, and 41 SB!!!! He has been CS 10 times, but he obviously has blazing speed. Reports out of the D.R. are that he has a strong arm, but is still very raw defensively. His speed alone makes him really intriguing. He hasn't quite shown the plate discipline as the other 3 I covered, but he has a chance to come stateside next year if he improves his hitting a little bit.

Next time I will cover a couple pitchers who are really standing out down in the DSL for the Mets. Stay tuned for that, when I post it I will also post some updated stats on the hitters I went over in this article.

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